Awin review – The Network with thousands of Affiliates!

Have you heard about the Awin affiliate network?

In Today’s world, when you have the option to choose from hundreds of different affiliate networks, it becomes essential to conduct due diligence on them. Only when you do so, it will become easier for you to choose the right one.

That is why, even if you have heard about Awin before, it is time to check Awin reviews before joining the affiliate network. We will today share with you all there is to know about the affiliate network. It will help you understand whether you should go for it or not.

About Awin:

Before we go into the details of Awin, it is essential to know its history. While the domain has been around for 18 years, the network in its current form is online for more than eight years. That is why you are joining an organization that has a credible background. It is a business that has been going strong for quite a few years. Moreover, it has offices in multiple countries around the world. As a result, you can be sure that the company is credible.

Awin features:

Now that you are aware of its background, it is time to look at the features to understand more about this network.

1. Hundreds of affiliates:

The affiliate network displays the count of daily people joining the network. It is in the hundreds. Therefore, you can safely assume that the total number of affiliates in the network is in the thousands. It means that you are joining an affiliate network used by thousands of individuals. It provides excellent credibility to the affiliate network. So, if you’re looking for a credible network, this is the one which you should join.

2. Excellent support team:

One of the main advantages of this affiliate network is that it is an expert support team. These are individuals all over the world of affiliate marketing like the back of their hand. Due to this very reason, when you have any queries, they will be able to help you out in detail. These experts also have extensive experience in different demographics like travel, telecommunication, and fashion, and so on. That is why they are not just ordinary affiliate managers but rather experts in their niche. It is one of the reasons why you should join this affiliate network. You will get much more help than any other ordinary affiliate network.

3. Easy to use the platform:

The design of the platform of the affiliate network is quite easy. Also, it has detailed reporting features as well. It means that irrespective of whether you’re running a campaign worth thousands of dollars are whether you are a small blogger, the platform is the perfect option for you. It offers scalability and accurate reporting, which means that you will be able to access all the stats in no time.

4. Faster payments:

As you increase the revenue and establish your credibility, the network puts you on faster payments. It means that you won’t have to wait for a full month. Also, the network is known for its timely payments. Due to this very reason, you can be sure that you will always get the payment on time. You need not worry about any payment delays. It will enable you to run your campaigns without any problem with working capital.

5. Reputed advertisers:

One of the reasons why you should go with this network is because of its connection with reputed merchants. Reputed merchants only go with the network when it is credible enough. Some of the reputed merchants include:

• Vodafone

• Retailmenot

• O2

• British Gas

• Expedia

• Techradar

• And So on

It means that when it comes to credibility, this is one of the most reputed networks out there. Also, the offers from the reputed networks suggest that the offers will remain live throughout. You need not worry about switching the offers in between. Thus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this network.

6. Multiple niches:

By looking at the reputed merchants above, you will realize that this network caters to various niches. It means that irrespective of the demographics of your audience, you can find a suitable offer on this network. Not only that, there are offers available for people from all over the world. It ensures that irrespective of the type of traffic which you have, you can use this network to monetize it.

One thing which is amply clear by going through the features of this affiliate network is that it is as credible as an affiliate network can be. You have nothing to worry about when you’re going with this affiliate network. We will now help you understand whether the network has an excellent Interface and main menu or not.

Awin Interface:

When you sign up on the network, you will have to go through a 4 step process.

• Account setup:

The account setup process requires you to submit your personal details.

• Promotional type:

Under this section, you have to include the websites or the apps which you have.

• Promotional space:

In this section, you have to list the type of traffic you get.

• Verification:

Under the verification section, you just need to verify all the information which you have submitted and proceed with the submission of the application.

The 4 step process requires just a couple of minutes. It means that you can complete the entire process in no time.

Awin main menu:

Once you are approved, it is easy for you to switch between the offers available, reports as well as the support section. The navigation of the network is self-explanatory. When you’re looking for offers, you can easily find them by choosing the category or the type of offers. So, you have nothing to worry about using the main menu of the affiliate network.

Awin Offers:

Till now, this network has green flags. However, it is essential to also look at the type of offers that it has before making your decision.

• CPS offers:

The network has CPS offers that pay a lot. These stand for cost per sale. You will get a commission dependent on the price of the product. It can help you make above $ 25 on each conversion.

• CPA Offers:

CPA offers a stand for cost per action. These are some of the easiest offers to convert. The visitor only needs to complete an action, and you can get the conversion. The action can be submitting the ZIP Code or email id for completing a survey.

• CPL Offers:

CPL stands for cost per lead. The offers work best with targeted traffic. When you send traffic to targeted CPL offers, you can expect to make upwards of $ 3 per conversion.

These are the three types of offers that are available on this network. As you can see, you have options not just to choose between different niches but also the different monetization methods as well.


• Credible history

• Multi-niche offers

• Different types of offers

• Simplistic platform

• Excellent support


• No PPI of Pay per call offers


Awin network has gained the trust of thousands of affiliates over the years. Since it has been around for quite some time and has a perfect record, it is an affiliate network which you should check out. With numerous offers spread across various niches, it will be easy for you to monetize your traffic using the offers from this network. It is worth a try.

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