MyLead review – is it really the best e-commerce affiliate network?

MyLead’s goal is to show people how to make money online through affiliate marketing. It offers thousands of available affiliate programs from various categories with high rates.

The affiliate marketing market is predicted to grow by 10% every year so innovation is the crucial element that the best affiliate networks should focus on. MyLead regularly adds new tools and features to help people keep increasing their profits. 

MyLead in numbers

Tools available on MyLead

MyLead has an offer for both professionals and people who are just getting started. Some available free tools are easy to use, and others require more research, but everyone will find something for themselves. Everyone has access to A/B tests and banner ads, but users can also make use of features like tracking links and content lockers

If you register at MyLead, you also get free access to ebooks that are written regularly and cover the hottest topics in affiliate marketing. There’s a new one available, dedicated to making money on TikTok. 

All the help you need

Getting suitable knowledge sources is crucial in getting started in affiliate marketing and improving your success rates. The best way to go about it is to get your information from experienced professionals. MyLead offers knowledge in several languages with a unique support system that’s available anytime you need help. 

At MyLead, you have free access to:

  • ebooks focusing on innovative knowledge, e.g. about voice assistance,
  • blog with tips and tricks for affiliate marketing,
  • mentorship,
  • industry interviews and guides on the YouTube channel.

Some of the available tools are original ideas that came from MyLead’s talented employees. They introduced an original link cloaking system – HideLink – a free tool that allows you to avoid limits on social media. This type of affiliate link creates a safe page where all the testing bots get redirected. Meanwhile, real Internet users get transferred to the right site with your offer.

Not only does HideLink save you money but it also minimizes the risk of your profits being cut. This tool however requires you to have your own domain and hosting. 

Content Locker

Content Locker is a tool that blocks a part of your site with premium content to your audience. If a user wants to get access to the content, they have to do a specific task. There are four types of Content Lockers available in MyLead: a classic CPA Locker, File Locker, CAPTCHA Locker, and Mobile Rewards. If you want to learn more about what a Content Locker is, and how it works, there’s an ebook available on MyLead’s website.

Mobile Rewards

Let’s take a look at another monetization tool – Mobile Rewards. If you own an app, you can use this tool to start making money off of it. The users receive access to premium features once they resolve one of the listed tasks. This method is gaining popularity as it allows users to benefit while you earn money as well. 

Say bye, bye to boring ads that annoy your audience. Mobile Rewards is a creative way to increase the attachment users have to your app. You can fully customize it so that it fits your aesthetics. You can also create your own list of benefits that your users will receive once they do the task. 

Let’s talk money!

If you join MyLead, you can earn money the way that works for you. You can choose the requirements and the model of payment out of many categories, displayed below. 

Mylead has 14 days to send you the money you made, but it usually happens in just 48 hours. Wherever you’re from, you can start an account, and MyLead will make sure you’ll get paid safely and quickly. There are many ways to get your money – PayPal, Bitcoin and Revolut, just to name a few.

Trust the experts

MyLead is an innovative company awarded the Best crypto network in 2022. It allows users to run global campaigns with a support network and free tools to make it happen. While scrolling through MyLead’s website, you can see why it deserves that title. 

Why wait? Get started and learn how to start making money online with MyLead. 

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