CannAffiliate review – The best network in the Cannabis Vertical!

Are you looking for an affiliate program in the fastest growing online vertical?

Yes, we are speaking about cannabis and CBD. The increasing popularity of this vertical has propped up many affiliate networks. However, most of these are fly by night operators. Hence, when you’re looking to operate in this vertical, it is essential to go with a reputed network.

The question is, how can you find one?

We will help you out today. Today, we will share with you our CannAffiliate review. Once you go through this review, you can decide whether this affiliate network is the perfect solution for this vertical or not. That is why, instead of spending hours comparing various affiliate networks, it is a better idea to go through our review below.

About CannAffiliate:

The network has been around since 2014. It means that it has been around longer than the gold rush. Also, the long duration means that it is not a fly by night operator. During this time, it has consistently increased the number of offers and the partnerships which it has. So, you can be sure that it is a reliable option.

When you check the about us page of the network, you will realize that it has quite a few cannabis merchant relationships as well. It likes to flaunt that. Just by going through this about us page will provide you with a clear idea regarding the popularity of this network. With so many merchants, along with them, you have nothing to worry about when choosing this affiliate network.

CannAffiliate features:

We will now go into the details of the features of this affiliate network. The features will help you understand whether it is similar to any other cannabis affiliate network or whether it stands out.

  1. Suitable for various traffic sources:

One thing that you cannot ignore about this affiliate network is that it is ideal for a variety of publishers. These include:

• Influencers

• Bloggers

• Affiliate marketers

• And so on

It means that irrespective of the source of your traffic, you can promote the offers available on this network. Cannabis is a fast-growing vertical. That is why; you can spread various traffic sources to generate revenue. The network will also support sources. It is one of the most versatile networks in this vertical.

  1. Compatible with various platforms:

Have you found any other affiliate network compatible with various content management platforms?

Probably not!

This one is compatible with various content management systems like:

• Shopify

• WooCommerce

• WordPress

• Squarespace

• And So on

The advantage of such compatibility is that integrating them with these content management platforms will not be a problem. When you want to promote the offers from this affiliate network, you will not have to put in a lot of effort. The convenience certainly helps it stand out.

  1. Various types of offers:

As we stated above, the affiliate program is suitable for a wide variety of traffic sources. It is perfect for a wide variety of affiliate marketers as well. The screenshot above clearly spells that out.

It does not matter what website you run; if the audience is remotely interested in cannabis, you can certainly use the offers available on this network. The versatility which it has on offer is virtually unparalleled even in its own vertical. So, if you’re not sure about the best offers in the vertical yet, you should go with this network. The sheer number of options will help you find the right offer or the right product easily.

  1. Offers from various brands:

While the type of offers are quite a few, but they vary depending on the brand as well. It means that if you do not want to promote affiliate products of a single cannabis brand, you get many brand options. The numerous brand options ensure that you need not worry about relying solely on a single merchant.

  1. An ever-increasing number of offers:

Currently, in addition to more than 20 brands available, the list of offers is growing at a rapid pace. It is because this industry is growing exponentially. By the time you sign-up and start using these offers, chances are there will be a few more brands available on the affiliate network. Hence, it is easy to experiment with not just offers but also the brands. When you do so, finding the offers with the highest ROI is undoubtedly possible.

In the cannabis niche, you will find any other affiliate networks that offer all of these advantages. It is one of the primary reasons that if you’re working in this vertical, this affiliate network should be on your list.

CannAffiliate Interface:

Did you know that this affiliate network provides you with a $ 20 sign-up bonus as well?

Yes, you read it right!

Not only, as the sign-up process relatively simple and easy, but you also get a $ 20 sign-up bonus. As a result, you will have a head start as compared to affiliates working with other networks. Also, the information which they ask during the sign-up process is relatively limited. You will have to submit your personal details and the traffic source details. Once you do so, you can start using the free affiliate account almost right away. So; it is one of the easiest affiliate networks to sign up with.

CannAffiliate Main Menu:

The main menu of the affiliate network lets you know the type of traffic which you have sent. Moreover, it gives you a glimpse into the earnings. Various tabs allow you to choose advertisers and look at the earnings in greater detail. The simplistic design eliminates any learning curve.

CannAffiliate Offers:

The best factor about this affiliate network is that it has CPS as well as CPA offers. Depending on whether you’re looking for a revenue share or some commission for sending in the lead, you can choose the offers right away. With a variety of dispensary options available, you can easily choose between various dispensaries. You get complete freedom when working with this affiliate network regarding the type of offers that you want to select.


• Suitable for any traffic

• An ever-growing list of offers

• Easy sign-up process

• Compatible with various platforms

• Reliable track record


• Offers only in single vertical


CannAffiliate does not give you a reason to complain if you’re working in the cannabis vertical. Hence, if you’re planning to promote such offers, this is the affiliate network which you should not ignore. The sheer number of offers and the fast-growing merchant list makes it an excellent option in this vertical.

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