The Fall of Giants: The Biggest Corporate Companies Collapses in History
The Fall of Giants: The Biggest Corporate Companies Collapses in HistoryArticles
Enron: The Poster Child of Corporate Scandal Enron, a Houston-based energy company, was once considered a major player in the energy industry and a highly
The 8 biggest U.S. market declines in history
A 20% drop in the index from the highs and more is called a bear market. In mid-June 2022, the S&P 500 Index was already losing as much as 24%, falling
3 Strategies to Grow Your Dividend Income
3 Strategies to Grow Your Dividend IncomeInvesting
Stocks are a common form of investment and most investors prefer it because they can result in dividends. Dividends are payments companies give to investors
Avnet, because there is a shortage of chips
Today we have an extremely speculative idea: take shares of high-tech manufacturing services provider Avnet (NASDAQ: AVT) to make money on consolidation in that area.
Redfin, because real estate costs too much
Today we have an extremely speculative idea: take shares in the real estate search and appraisal service Redfin (NASDAQ: RDFN) to capitalize on the boom in this area.
Hackers and a huge price: how the SolarWinds business works
SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) is an American IT management software company. It’s a lucrative business in a promising sector. But in December, the company
Showers, garages, and shelves: how the Installed Building Products business works
Installed Building Products (NYSE: IBP) is an American home improvement company. It has had a great year, despite the problems with the pandemic. And the company’
Cabinets, sinks and locks: how Fortune Brands Home & Security business works
Fortune Brands Home & Security (NYSE: FBHS) is an American manufacturer of home improvement products. The company has been able to capitalize well
Cars, Losses, and Prospects: How Carvana’s Business Works
Carvana (NYSE: CVNA) is a site for buying and selling cars. The company has no P/E, it’s unprofitable. But it seems to be promising.
Bankruptcies and clean energy: how PG&E’s business works
PGE stock-reviewsInvesting
PG&E (NYSE: PCG) is an American utility company. It is unprofitable and has already declared bankruptcy a couple of times. Nevertheless, even it has its strengths.