Moonrover review – The network with an ever-growing list of offers!

Do you prefer to sign up with a global affiliate network?

If yes, you would find that quite a few affiliate networks are having such offers. The problem is that not all of them are reliable. You do not want to go through trial and error when there is money on the line. That is why; going through our reviews is the best bet for you.

We have taken into account various metrics to review the affiliate networks. Our today’s review of the Moonrover affiliate network. Our Moonrover review will not only give you a glimpse into the type of offers that this affiliate network has but it’s various unique features as well. After going through this review, it would be possible for you to decide whether you should sign up with this affiliate network or not.

About Moonrover:

When you dig deeper into the background of this network, one thing you will realize is that it has more than 700 affiliate offers. As a result, it becomes easy for you to find a suitable offer for your traffic.

The number of advertisers is increasing at a consistent pace. It is due to the excellent platform which this network provides to the advertisers. A large number of offers lead to growth in the affiliates as well. All in all, you can consider this network to be one of the fastest-growing ones.

Also, there are quite a few exclusive affiliate offers which it has as well. It means that if you want to outsmart your competitors, this is the network for you. The network focuses on e-commerce as well as travel verticals. These are 2 of the widest and fastest-growing verticals. So, this affiliate network will not disappoint you with its offerings.

Moonrover features:

We will now go into the features of this affiliate network to help you understand how it stands out among its competitors.

  1. Marquee name merchants:

The first feature which you should know about this affiliate network is that it has quite a few marquee name merchants. The advantage of having marquee name merchants is that you need not worry about reliability. Some of These Merchants Include:

• BestBuy


• Walmart

• Cabela’s

• Evernote

• RentalCars

With such merchants available, this is a reliable affiliate network.

  1. Over 700 offers:

Do you like to choose between lots of different options?

If yes, this network has over 700 offers. As a result, irrespective of the vertical in which you are operating, you will find quite a few offers. It is expanding beyond travel and the ecommerce verticals as well. It means that once you sign up with this network, the number of options that you will have is plenty.

  1. Low payment threshold:

Are you tired of dealing with the affiliate networks with the sky-high payment threshold?

Worry not! You will not face such a problem with this affiliate network. The payment threshold is only up to $ 50. It means that even if you get just a handful of conversions, you will get your earnings as well. It is one of the reasons why this affiliate network is so convenient to work with.

  1. 3 different payment methods:

The choice of 3 different payment methods means that you will be able to find at least a single convenient payment method. It ensures that you will get your earnings quickly. The payment methods which it supports are:

• Wire transfer

• PayPal

• Webmoney

  1. Variety of different offers:

How do you drive your traffic?

Are you an influencer?

Are you a website owner?

Irrespective of the type of traffic you have, this network has offers for everyone. It caters to an increasing number of articles as well. Moreover, it has offers for media buyers, influencers, Webmasters, and so on. It ensures that once you sign up with this network, irrespective of the type of traffic which you have, you will find a suitable offer quite easily.

When you look at these features, you will realize that it is tough to beat these features when going with any other affiliate network. It is one of the reasons why this is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks which you can go with.

Moonrover Interface:

The entire signup process of this affiliate network is pretty simplistic. Even if you do not have any experience in signing up with the affiliate networks before now, you can sign up with this one quite easily. The network just asks you about the personal information and your promotional methods. It also asks you to share ways in which they can contact you. Once you provide these details, the sign-up process is complete. As a result, you need not spend hours just to go through the signup process.

The response time is pretty fast. It means that in a couple of days, you will know about the status of your application. The approval process is simplistic, which means that you can get approval and start promoting their offers in no time.

Moonrover Main Menu:

The network is also known for its simple menu. The advantage of going with the network with a simplistic menu is that there is no learning curve. You can log in and browse through the offers, generate reports or contact the support department. It means that the amount of time which you would spend on finding the right offer is negligible. The network scores in this criteria as well.

Moonrover Offers:

The network started as a CPA network. However, ever since then, it has grown. The three types of offers are:




The CPS offers have one of the highest payouts in the industry. It means that you get to choose the type of offers that you want to run on this affiliate network. As a result, it becomes easy to handpick the offers and increase your earnings with their help.


• Over 700 offers

• Different types of offers available

• Low payment threshold

• Three different payment methods on offer

• Plenty of marquee name merchants


• Support could be faster.


Moonrover network is often known by the affiliates for its low payment threshold and ever-growing list of offers. So, if you need a network that has new offers almost every week, this is the one which you should go with. Moreover, with the low payment threshold, it is easy for you to get hands on your earnings. The global reach is another reason to go for it. These features make it one of the easiest affiliate networks that you can use.

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  1. Juli

    Thank you very much for the detailed review and description of the Moonrover partner network. I think this will help many people not to spend their money in the void, including me. Reliability and confidence in such matters that relate to Finance are the most important aspects. The variety of offers cannot fail to attract potential users. Low payment is another great bonus to everything previously listed. After viewing this article-I think I should use this find myself and the sooner the better. 😉