PALO review – A network for beginners & experts alike!

Are you new to the world of affiliate marketing?

Are you looking for an affiliate network suitable for beginners as well?

If yes, our today’s review will help you out. We are speaking about the PALO affiliate network. It has become quite popular in a relatively short time. However, it offers quite a few features that help it stand out.

We will not only go into the details of these features but also its overall background to give you a holistic picture of it. Once you go through this review, it will be easy to decide whether you should go with this affiliate network or not.

About PALO:

PALO has been around since 2010. You might have heard about it in the last few years, but it has been around for quite some time. So, you can be sure about its credibility.

Also, a decade of expertise means that they have excellent relationships across various verticals as well. That is why; the offers which you will get on this affiliate network will be superior to many other newer affiliate networks. The excellent track record with these virtues makes it a credible choice.

Let us now look at some of its features to understand better if it is unique or it has the same offerings.

PALO features:

The features of PALO affiliate network are as followers:

  1. Offers in various verticals:

As we stated above, the network has offers in many different verticals. Also, in most popular verticals, it has quite a few offers. That is why; the number of options which you will get will be on the higher side. The best verticals in which it operates are:

• Legal

• Healthcare

• Insurance

• Financial

• And so on

In addition to that, it operates in the newly popular verticals like gaming and e-commerce as well. In a nutshell, once you sign up with this network, there will be no dearth of offers to promote. So, you should think about signing up with this affiliate network.

  1. Low payment threshold:

One of the best aspects of this affiliate network is that it has a payment threshold of $ 50. It means that once you send a few conversions, you will get your payout easily. You need not worry about sending hundreds of leads to make the payout.

  1. Various payment methods:

The number of payment methods on offer is also on the higher side. These payment methods include:

• PayPal

• Wire transfer


• E-check

Out of these payment methods, you’re bound to find a couple of options suitable for you. That is why finding the right payment option while working with this network is not going to be a problem.

  1. Custom-built campaigns:

You can easily customize the landing pages and other details of the link when you’re working with this affiliate network. Rather than promoting the offers which hundreds of other publishers are promoting, you can promote customized offers. It will help you convert at a large percentage. At the same time, it will lead to higher ROI as well, which means that you can outsmart other affiliate marketers.

  1. Experienced account managers:

The account managers working with this network are all experienced affiliate marketers themselves. It means that in case of doubts, you can contact them. You can get the advantage of their experience to clear all your doubts.

  1. One-on-one training:

It is the reason why it is considered to be beginner-friendly. They often organize online workshops with one-on-one training. As a result, if you’re not familiar with the affiliate marketing industry or if you’re stuck somewhere, these one-on-one training sessions help you out.

The one-on-one training sessions also alert you to various techniques that other affiliates are using. The network provides you a glimpse into the techniques which are worth looking for. It is why you should think about going with this affiliate network.

  1. Best offers across verticals:

One thing that you cannot ignore is that it fights hard to get the best offers in every vertical. It means that not only will you have a lot of options, but you will have the best options as well. The best advertisers also ensure that you can scale your campaigns quite quickly. It means that the growth of your business will increase once you are working with this affiliate network.

  1. Exclusive offers:

The network has quite a few exclusive offers as well. Once again, the advantage of exclusive offers is that you can outsmart your competitors. It will help you in increasing your earnings. Some of the exclusive offers include:

• LG

• Insurance Master

• Credit Fixer

• Senior America

• And so on

Also, the number of exclusive relationships that they have with various advertisers is increasing at a rapid pace. It means that by the time you start using the offers, there will be a few more exclusive offers available on this network.

With so many features, it becomes more and more difficult to ignore this network in favor of any other. It is high time that you think about signing up on it.

We will go into the interface details and the main menu details of this affiliate network below.

PALO Interface:

The sign-up process of this affiliate network is pretty easy. The information which they ask for is pretty limited as well. By submitting this limited information, you can submit your application. The network just asks for personal information as well as traffic source information. Also, they revert to you quite quickly, which means that you can know about the application in a fewdays rather than weeks.

PALO Main Menu:

The main menu of the affiliate network will easily help you find the relevant offers and view earning reports and contact the support department. It is self-explanatory in design. Hence, irrespective of your experience, you can use the dashboard to your convenience.

PALO Offers:

The type of offers available in this network are:


• Pay per call

It is one of the best pay per call networks that you will ever find. It is because the sheer number of pay per call offers is higher than many other networks.


• Lots of pay per call offers

• Various payment methods

• Exclusive offers available

• Low payment threshold

• Operates across many different verticals

• Experienced account managers


• The number of offers could be more.


PALO is worth going for it. So, if you’re looking for a network with a stellar track record and offers across many different verticals, this is the one which you should go with. When you couple that with the experience of the account managers, you will have nothing to complain about while working with this network.

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  1. Ditty Bob

    Partner programs, honest partner programs really bring benefits and profit. And I would like to study and work in a good partner program with a long-term perspective. Well, the percentage profit that would be adequate and constant. Training from and to is very important for a profitable partnership. The main thing is that everything would be fair!)
    😉 😉 😉

  2. Eugene

    To be honest, I didn’t understand much. For example, payment, who pays whom? About ways to withdraw funds, I did not find suitable ones for myself. I thought it was a program to promote your company. I came across an investment. It is convenient that there are individual trainings. For me, perhaps as a novice, there is not enough information. Is there an official website? Where you can find even more information. Overall, the description is not bad. But it’s a little difficult for me, who don’t speak perfect English.