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Videezy prides itself as one of the biggest video hubs on the planet. It has a steadily-increasing collection of some of the finest and excellent footage in different areas. This content makes life a lot easier for filmmakers and content creators as the platform have both free and paid versions. A good number of the files can be downloaded for free and used by anyone. It also has a decent collection of brushes, vectors, and other graphics.


Videezy has thousands of video files that users from different parts of the globe will find impressive. It is managed by tens of professionals in the Eezy team.


Videezy focuses on the collection of footage, vectors, and brushes. It also includes other kinds of graphics. It then presents these files in a way that is easy even for amateurs and all kinds of beginners to make use of.


High-quality footage and a dazzling array of vectors, brushes, and graphics are the main content types on offer on Videezy. It goes an extra length to ensure that its content is the best.


The specifics of the service content license will depend on the plan that the subscriber is using. Those who go for the free content can only use it for educational and personal use alongside commercial use licenses but that is all. They must give attribution to the content used.

Those who go for the paid versions enjoy a lot more. In addition to the educational and personal applications and the commercial use licenses, they will also be given access to the full library that has the Pro Files. They will also need no attribution on the files used while they will not be exposed to ads. They also get to enjoy unlimited digital reproductions and an Adobe Premier Plug-In Access.


Even though there are free files on Videezy, there are also three paid plans for those who can afford the packages which are known as the Pro Plans. The first Pro Plan costs $19 per file and it has one credit and the second plan comes to $49 with 10 credits. The third plan has 5 credits and costs $39 with five credits and costs $7.80 for each file. Videezy says the second plan is the best offer as it saves the subscriber 74% bringing each file to $4.90. The credits are not free.


  • You can return purchased packs within 14 days if you are not satisfied.
  • There are lots of good content offered for free.
  • Very friendly platform friendly for end users.


  • The Pro plans can be too expensive for some.
  • Adobe Premier Plug-in available only to the paid users.
  • Too many ads for free users.


Videezy can be considered a very reliable and trustworthy platform for those who are interested in getting the very best content for their projects and tasks. Those who can afford it can also try out their paid Pro plans for extra features.

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