FutureLearn Review

What Is it and How Does It Stand Out?

FutureLearn is a digital educational platform. Itis an educational platform for audiences and learners around the world.
FutureLearn is an open university that is also an online educational platform. It has worked with some of the best universities in the UK.
To date, the company has worked with over 143 universities in the UK and other countries.

Some of the amazing benefits of Futurelearn are explained below:

  • Lessons are free
  • Anyone can register
  • Learning and participating in the course are flexible

Flexibility allows you to work as usual during the course.

  • It helps you advance your career
  • You can get accreditations. diplomas, and diplomas
  • Itis the most cost-effective way to continue your education

Site features

Bookmarked comments allow you to mark comments that you find particularly interesting and that you want to come back to later.
Step to filter and sort comments

You can filter stage comments in the comments feed so you only see comments from learners you follow or based on the comments you like
the most.

Follow other learners

If you see a comment from a learner you’re interested in, possibly from someone with a similar experience or opinion, you can follow it by
clicking the prompt next to the learner’s name.

Types of Courses Offered on FutureLearn

FutureLearn offers a variety of courses. He started his classes in October 2013.
Classes range from business and management to history, health. psychology, and law, education, literature, and many other materials

Here are some of the other courses on offer:

  • Creative arts and media
  • Science, engineering, and mathematics
  • Technology and coding
  • Guidelines & Modern World
  • Languages & amp; Cultures
  • Learning techniques
  • nature and environment

There are short courses as well as extensive programs. Different universities created these courses

When you have completed all programs and passed all exams. you can eam an internationally recognized degree

How Much Does FutureLearn Courses Cost

Most courses are free to review. However, the audit doesn’t include certifications that cost about $ 39 to $ 99 more. Premium courses are not free to review and cost between $ 100 and §$ 400. Online partial accreditations and degree programs are the most expensive, starting at $ 600.

When taking a course at FutureLeam, students have three payment options to choose from:
Free: Non-paying students using the “free” plan have full access to course materials but cannot be certified.

Promotion: The upgrade plan allows you to receive a fully recognized certificate after completing the course. It also gives you access to course
exams if available.

Unlimited: The “Unlimited” plan is an annual subscription that gives you unrestricted access to all FutureLearn courses and tests. It also
includes all of the benefits of the upgrade plan

ls There a Money-Back Guarantee?

FutureLearn money-back guarantee. While you can get discounts on futurelearn com, FutureLearn goes a long way: a money-back guarantee
within the required days from the date of purchase. FutureLearn believes in the quality of its products and services, and so do you


Sense of community

Simon Nelson, CEO of ee te out that FutureLeam is focused on creating a sense of community among students. Student interaction is encouraged in all courses. This was also evident when | checked their online courses. I have never seen this type of interaction between students from online courses, which impressed me so much have highlighted social isolation as one of the greatest obstacles to e-learning in the past, and I applaud any effort to address the e-learning

Using this online approach to student isolation, you may have successfully increased the student retention rate to a staggering 22%.

Very active discussion forums

The FutureLeam benefit is closely related to the previous benefit. Almost every task in FutureLeam courses uses peer-to-peer knowledge
sharing, In the mindfulness course I took, people from different backgrounds shared their skills and experiences. Retired doctors, home
mothers. and adolescents participated in the discussion forums. It was like everyone wanted to learn from one another, and the discussions that
sometimes came up overshadowed even the content of the course itself.

An excellent choice for online degrees

As mentioned earlier, FutureLearn currently offers the best online selection of degrees in the world, At least when comparing numbers. Many
study options available to online students remain impressive and are a big plus for the platform.

Free certificate courses

FutureLearn offers high-quality. accredited certificate courses to students for free. While these free courses’ choices are relatively small (28 at
the time of this writing the FutureLeam review). They remain a great opportunity for anyone who can’t afford to pay for their course certification

Excellent user interface and navigation

Another component of FutureLeamn that | really liked was the overall user experience. Easy mobility means you can easily return to the course
after a break. This means that even if you missed some lectures and are late, you can get back on track very easily

Besides, the course catalog is easy to navigate, and the introductory course pages contain all the information you may need. By that, | mean
the topics covered in the course, start dates, requirements, trainers, price, etc. At FutureLearn, all the information you always needis easily


There are no iOS or Android apps.

This is a fairly straightforward but important shortcoming, For instance, | enjoy listening to online classes when I’m out and about, walking my
dog, jogging, or going to the gym. An app specially developed for a smartphone works more efficiently in this regard than just using the website.
Turning off the screen closed the conference and wasted a lot of battery power while taking FutureLearn lessons.

I hope FutureLearn will create a custom smartphone app in the future. This gives learners like me more freedom in choosing to continue their
online courses.

The course catalog can be bigger.

While the FutureLearn course catalog has seen significant improvements over the past few years, there is still room for improvement. Almost
430 courses currently available do not match the 4000 courses on Coursera or the nearly 3000 courses. | would like to see more FutureLearn
courses on design and programming topics. Hopefully, over time, the course catalog will contain a variety of courses

Will FutureLearn Help You In Your Career?

There are several courses at FutureLeam that allow you to acquire academic and credentials. You can continue your studies with them and
possibly get the diplomas that will be made available to every other student at the university

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