What is Duolingo? The Ultimate Review of the #1 Language Learner App

Everyone would love to be able to learn a new language, however, doing so often takes time and money that most of us just don’t have. That is where an option like Duolingo comes in handy and can be a huge help in the language learning process. But what is Duolingo exactly? How does it work and what are some of the pros and cons of its use? Finally, will the site help you advance your career? For the answer to these questions, and more, be sure to read on below for our Ultimate Review of Duolingo.

What is Duolingo and How Does it Stand Out?

There is a pretty good chance you have heard of Duolingo already. The company has the leading language-learning website and application with over 300 MILLION REGISTERED USERS WORLDWIDE.

Duolingo provides instruction in over 35 different languages through 98 distinct courses. Duolingo is famous for its interactive learning method that slowly introduces key vocabulary and sentence structures over time, often through the use of fun match-type games. Students are often tasked with pairing the sounds they hear with the correct word or translating simple sentences.

Duolingo’s Site Features

While there is nothing wrong with the Duolingo desktop experience, the platform is clearly optimized for use through its proprietary app. Thus it’s a good thing that the app is well designed and intuitive to use. The user is never wondering what to do next in their language learning journey or how they are progressing. Another great feature is the portability that is inherent in the app experience.

Normally, a language-learning experience this fully featured would require you to lug around several textbooks and an audio player at the least. With Duolingo, all of this functionality is contained within the platform’s app. This means that you can fit Duolingo into your lifestyle. In fact, the app encourages this kind of learning in its very structure.

What Types of Courses does Duolingo offer?

As mentioned above, Duolingo offers instruction in 38 different languages, including Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, and Japanese to name just a few. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE A FULL LIST OF THE COURSES THEY HAVE AVAILABLE FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS, YOU WILL FIND IT HERE.

The language-learning process on the app is represented by a linear path that branches off as it goes forward into different subjects. Each subject, such as “greetings” or “numbers,” is represented by a circle. Master a subject and the circle is turned gold and you get a crown. Neglect a previously mastered skill for too long?

Your golden circle cracks and can only be repaired by your successful completion of a refresher course. Once inside an individual subject, students are allowed five incorrect answers which are represented graphically by hearts. Once a student is out of hearts, they are unable to progress until a timer has rundown and their hearts are replenished. In this way, the app both limits burnout and also promotes careful study.

How Much Does Duolingo Cost?

DUOLINGO IS FREE TO USE. YOU CAN USE IT ON YOUR DESKTOP COMPUTER AND SYNC YOUR PROGRESS WITH THE CORRESPONDING APP FOR NO COST. One of the founders of the company, Luis von Ahn, was inspired to create Duolingo because of what he witnessed growing up in his native Guatemala. It was there that he noticed the dearth of options available to those that wanted to learn English, let alone any for free. These values are reflected in the platform’s freemium model. Users don’t need to pay upfront but will have to make a purchase later to unlock all available features. Duolingo calls its subscription-based paid option Duolingo Plus.

In addition to the full access to lessons that all users enjoy, Duolingo Plus has the following benefits:

-A 14-day free trial to sample the product, during which you may cancel at any time no questions asked.

-Low subscription cost of $6.99 dollars a month.

-An ad-free experience, which visually declutters your learning environment.

-Access to all of your lessons offline, which is great if you won’t have cell service.

-Progress tracker so you can better keep track of your language learning journey.

-Unlimited hearts, which means you are no longer penalized for your mistakes.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

While you can get started on the platform free of charge, remember that Duolingo does not offer a money-back guarantee for any of its services once paid for. according to Duolingo, once you have been charged for an in-app or online purchase, you may be able to get a refund only if you fall within a 48-hour window from the time when you bought it. if you are trying to cancel Duolingo plus you will need to be sure to cancel your subscription before you can ask for a potential refund.

Pros of Duolingo

-Free, full access to all lessons for everyone and further access and features for Plus subscribers at just $6.99 a month.

-Has a helpful reminder system that encourages students to study regularly.

-Lessons are quick and easy and can often be completed in free time or on the go.

-User interface is straightforward and easy to use.

-Subscribers to Duolingo Plus get access to an ad-free app that allows the download of lessons for offline use.

-Subscribers also get access to a mode that gives them an unlimited number of hearts a day. Thus giving a student an unlimited number of mistakes they can make during lessons.

Cons of Duolingo

-No separate mode for if you want to use headphones or don’t want to speak. For example, if you are on a crowded train commuting.

-No opportunity to speak the language with a native speaker.

-Helpful features locked behind Duolingo Plus subscription.

Will Duolingo Help You in Your Career?

While using Duolingo alone won’t lead to your next big promotion, it very well could help. the platform isn’t designed to help anyone achieve the fluency one would get from full-on immersion in a language. instead, Duolingo provides a stable foundation for the language learner to build upon towards fluency.

Duolingo is perfect for a busy professional who just wants to learn some basic vocabulary for a business trip, or perhaps in preparation for more intensive study or a relocation. it won’t provide the skills to negotiate a legal document in a foreign language, but one can certainly learn enough from Duolingo to aid any business traveler and their career.

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