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The number of affiliate networks available these days is plenty. However, you cannot spend time signing up on every network. You have to be quite selective. Only when that is the case, it will become easy to select the right affiliate network. The one that we are researching today is TopOffers & ProfitSocial.

Our TopOffers & ProfitSocial review would help you understand what precisely this network has on offer. At the end of the review, we will also share the pros and cons so you can make a well-informed decision regarding this network.

About TopOffers & ProfitSocial:

TopOffers & ProfitSocial, as the name suggests, consist of 2 different platforms. We would go into the details of these platforms to help you understand more about them.


TopOffers is a CPA network. It consists of over 1500 offers. While most offers are focused on dating but there are quite a few other offers as well. Due to this reason, if you want to promote dating offers, this is the perfect network for you. It has in-house offers in that niche as well. That is why, if you like to work with exclusive advertisers, it is certainly a possibility when you’re signing up with this affiliate network.


ProfitSocial is the SmartLink platform of this affiliate network. If you do not want to choose and test different offers, you can directly use the SmartLink platform. It will direct your visitors to the best possible offers. It will create funnels automatically. As a result, it will become easy to maximize your revenue from your visitors.

The dual-pronged network ensures that you can use it for all your marketing needs. That is why; this network has become so popular in such a relatively short time.

TopOffers & ProfitSocial features:

We will now go into the features of TopOffers & ProfitSocial to help you understand more about this affiliate network.

  1. Over 1500 offers:

TopOffers has over 1500 offers. The offers are also growing at a rapid pace. Most of the offers cater to the dating niche. The advantage is that there are various verticals and dating which the offers are available in. That is why, irrespective of the type of audience you have, these offers will be relevant to them. At the same time, they are suitable for Webmasters, social marketers, bloggers, and a variety of other publishers. That is why, when using this affiliate network for finding dating offers, there will be no dearth of the same.

  1. Smartlink platform:

The network has its SmartLink platform. The advantage of this is that it does not rely on any third-party vendors for the same. As a result, tracking is pretty fast and efficient.

The SmartLink platforms can redirect your visitors to the right offer. It can handle traffic from over 150 different countries. As a result, you won’t find any reason to worry about the country of origin either.

Moreover, the SmartLink platform can redirect visitors to funnels as well. The advantage of funnels is that the revenue which you would get on each conversion will be on the higher side. With a dedicated SmartLink platform, you can be sure that the earning per click will be much higher than the other affiliate networks. It is another advantage of this affiliate network that certainly sets it apart.

  1. Multiple payment methods:

Did you know that this affiliate network offers you various payment methods?

Yes, you can get your payments in your preferred payment mode. These payment methods are:

• Paxum

• Wire transfers

• ePayments

• Bitcoin

• WebMoney

Moreover, the payment threshold is just $ 100. As a result, making money in every earning cycle is quite easy. It also ensures that you can get your hands on your earnings quickly as well. In terms of payment, you will have no complaints.

  1. In-House platform:

Another advantage which this network offers is that it consists of an in-house platform. The in-house platform provides it with complete control over the tracking. Therefore, you will not experience glitches. Also, if there is any problem with the tracking, the network can rectify it right away.

It also offers excellent support. That means that if you’re experiencing any problem with tracking or offers, you can contact the support department and they will sort it out quickly for you.

The amount of data that they can provide you because of their platform is enormous. The data will help you in making the right decision. It is another reason why you should go with this network. With vast data, you can make better decisions than other affiliates. Using this extra data, you can outsmart other members to make more money online.

  1. Plenty of International offers:

With over 1500 different offers, you can be sure that this network has quite a few International offers. Most other networks just focus on US, UK, and Australian traffic. While the network has quite a few offers from those countries as well, but the majority of the offers accept international traffic.

International offers can be rotated easily to find the best ones. It will help you increase your ROI immensely. It is one of the prime features of this affiliate network.

  1. Excellent targeting:

With the help of the SmartLink platform, you can send all your traffic to a single link. The link will detect the parameters of your visitor, and accordingly, redirect them to the best offer. It will all happen in real-time. The link can create funnels as well. As a result, the money which you would make from each visitor will be on the higher side.

If you want to use the standard affiliate links, it is a possibility as well. With their in-house platform, there will be no delay in the loading of the landing pages or the redirection of the visitor. That is why; the visitor loss or the visitor drop will be on the lower side.

The excellent targeting, as well as the fast affiliate links, certainly work to your advantage.

As you can see, due to the dual-pronged platform of this affiliate network, it is much better than many other options out there. That is why; it is better to go with this platform, especially when you’re in the dating niche.

We will now go into the signup process as well as other details of the network.

TopOffers & ProfitSocial Interface:

You need to sign up on both the platforms separately. However, the signup process is relatively simple. You have to submit your details and the type of traffic which you have and then apply. The network is pretty fast in approving the applications and processing all your information.

TopOffers & ProfitSocial Main Menu:

In TopOffers, the main menu will quickly let you know about the earnings in the past week. Also, it provides you links to the offers available, detailed reports, and support.

ProfitSocial Main Menu lets you know about the offers that are converting best for you. At the same time, detailed reporting will also let you know about the country of origin for the visitors and other such information.

Both platforms have a simple main menu. That is why; understanding the main menu and using the data to your advantage will not be a problem.

TopOffers & ProfitSocial Offers:

The types of offers available are:





• Revshare

With over 1500 offers spread across these categories, you can choose one which will make you the most amount of money.


• Excellent targeting

• Dual pronged approach

• Over 1500 offers

• Fast support

• In-house proprietary platform

• Easy approval process


• Focuses mostly on dating offers


TopOffers & ProfitSocial is one of the best affiliate networks if you want to work in the dating niche. Moreover, their dedicated SmartLink platform ensures that converting traffic is comparatively easy. With these features, it is one of the most competent networks in the dating niche. You shouldn’t skip it if you’re working in that niche.

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