Skyscanner Affiliate Program review – One of the most versatile Travel affiliate programs!

Affiliate programs in the travel industry are quite lucrative. Quite a few websites are offering their affiliate programs besides affiliate networks having the travel category as well. At times, it can become challenging to choose an affiliate program. However, it is always a good idea to go with ones having a solid backing.

One such affiliate program is Skyscanner. Skyscanner is a price comparison platform in the travel niche, and it has been around for quite some time. So, it can be considered as a credible operator. However, is it good enough from an affiliate point of view?

You would answer this today in our review. We will also go into the pros and cons to help you understand more about it.

About Skyscanner Affiliate Program:

Skyscanner has been around since 2003. Each month, the website receives over 100 million hits. These are from travelers looking for the best deals on offer. Over time, it has become a reliable name in the travel industry. That is why; promoting it is easier than promoting other obscure sites. Also, it is considered to be a pretty reputed name as well. That is why; you will not have to worry about the payments either. In terms of credibility, you will have no complaints at all. Let us now go into details of some features of its affiliate program so that you can make a decision accordingly.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program features:

Some of the features which help this travel affiliate program stand out include:

  1. Recognized brand:

As we stated above, the brand has been around since 2003. Also, it receives over 100 million hits every month. It speaks volumes about the recognition of the plant. When you’re promoting such a brand, you gain the trust of the visitor. The convincing which you need to do is pretty minimal as well. That is why; it is comparatively easier for you to make money with the help of such affiliate programs. It is one of the reasons why this affiliate program can work in your favor if you’re in the travel industry.

  1. Wide offerings:

One of the main advantages of this affiliate program is that it caters to many verticals in the travel industry. These verticals include:

• Flights

• Hotels

• Car hires

You can send visitors to any of these verticals. When they make a booking, you can make up to 50% of the revenue share. Thus, it becomes easier for you to cater to the entire travel needs of your visitors. Moreover, since the website offers them the best deal by comparing the deals across various platforms, the conversion percentage is on the higher side. As a result, making money with this affiliate program is not that difficult.

  1. Excellent support:

The affiliate program is fast and has a dedicated support channel. You can contact them over email or contact us form on the website. The response is pretty swift to solve your questions and queries. In case you’re wondering about a particular product or facing a glitch, the support department can help you out pretty quickly.

The affiliate program has a knowledge base. By going through the knowledge base, it will become comparatively easy for you to get the answers to all your questions almost instantaneously.

  1. Long Cookie length:

The cookie length is generally 30 days. Due to this reason, even if a visitor purchases something 30 days after you first send him/her, you can still get a commission. That is why; you can make money easily and comfortably using this affiliate program.

When you compare the cookie duration with the other travel industry affiliate programs, you will realize that this one has a longer duration. As a result, the chances of getting paid are also on the higher side.

  1. 50% revshare:

One of the main advantages of this affiliate program is the 50% revenue share, which it promises. Whatever sky scanner makes out of the booking, you would be paid 50%. The 50% revenue share on the commission is much higher than many other travel affiliate programs. That is why; the amount of money which you can make on every conversion is on the higher side.

When looking for a credible travel industry affiliate program, this one is a good option. Since it caters to many verticals, it is easy to gain the conversion using this affiliate program. That is why; there are no shortcomings when you’re looking at this affiliate program.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Interface:

The signup process is relatively simple. You have to select the vertical which you want to promote and then contact the website. The website will ask you for the appropriate information. Once they go through the application, you can decide whether your website or traffic is relevant enough for them or not. While you might be thinking that all of this can take a lot of time, but that is not true. It happens pretty fast. Therefore, the signup process is not complicated.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Main Menu:

Once you get approved, linking to various pages of the website is easier than ever. You can opt for deep linking as well. From the dashboard, you can control all of these functions. When you look at the easy to understand interface, you will realize that it is the right affiliate program to join.

We will now go details of the revenue model to help you understand more.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program Offers:

The two revenue models on offer are:

• RevShare


The CPI model is not directly available through the website. You will have to go through another affiliate network to indulge in the CPI model. It is available on Commission Junction. In the CPI model, you will be paid $ 1 for each app install. You can choose your preferred model.


• Reputed program

• Wide variety of offerings

• Excellent customer support

• Easy to gain a conversion

• High revenue share on commission


• CPI available only through affiliate networks


The Skyscanner Affiliate Program can help you make a good deal of money. If you’re in the travel niche, it is an affiliate program that you definitely should not ignore. Since Skyscanner is one of the most reputed websites, gaining a conversion using this affiliate program is not a difficult task. If you’re looking for a credible travel industry affiliate program that caters to multiple verticals, this one is the right choice.

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    The platform has been operating since 2003, so I know it is trusted on the market. Where can I get acquainted with this offer in more detail?
    The travel business has always been beneficial.