IMOCASH review – A versatile network!

Many affiliate networks take a niche approach. The problem is that if you’re not operating within that niche, then that particular network will not be useful for you. In that case, you might have to look for another network. However, there are quite versatile networks versatile.

Today, we would speak about one such versatile network. We are talking about IMOCASH. Our IMOCASH review would go into the details of this network. It will also highlight the features and various pros and cons. Once you go through all of this information, making the right decision is easier than ever.


The network has been around since 2010. It means that it has close to a decade of experience. During this time, it has grown at a consistent basis. Also, the number of affiliates signed up with the affiliate network is going up. The number of offers is on the rise as well. When you look at its track record, reviews on other websites, you will realize that there is no problem at all. It means that it is a reliable network that has been consistently growing. There are no red flags in this regard.

IMOCASH features:

Without looking at the features of IMOCASH, it is difficult to decide about this laptop. The features will help you understand how it varies from other networks that you can sign up with.

  1. Responsive offers:

The primary advantage of this affiliate network is that it consists of responsive offers. It ensures that whether you’re sending visitors browsing through computers or whether you’re sending visitors browsing through smartphones, the offers will convert for you. As an affiliate, you do not have to worry about missing out on any traffic.

While other networks have some responsive offers, this one has a bulk of the responsive offers. It ensures that you need not have to worry about changing the links again and again on your website. You need to send traffic, and the network will handle the rest.

  1. Extensive experience:

When you deal with the affiliate managers or the network itself, you will realize that it has used its expertise to its advantage. You will not find any glitches in the tracking links or the offers when using this network. The affiliate managers are quite responsive, as well. The extensive experience certainly works in favor of this network.

At the same time, the extensive experience ensures that they can curate the offers quite carefully and provide you with a variety of offers. It is one of the reasons why you should sign up with this network.

  1. Offers across verticals:

Also, the network caters to various verticals. Some of the verticals to which it provides include:

• Gaming

• Freebies

• Health

• Business

• Finance

• Mobile

• And so on

The advantage of so many verticals is that finding relevant offers will not be a difficult task. Instead of using different affiliate networks for various offers, you can use this affiliate network to monitor all your pages and websites. It will make things easier for you.

  1. Multi-channel support:

Which support method do you prefer?

The network offers various support methods like:

• Email

• Messenger

• Social media

• And so on

The advantage of those many support methods is that you can pick the convenient one for you. For example, if you’re already active on a particular platform, you can directly contact the network or the platform rather than having to log in on the dashboard and emailing the affiliate manager. Also, the network is fast, and its response across any support channel. As a result, once you contact the network, you can get an answer in no time.

It ensures that you need not pause your campaigns while waiting for the response of the network. It is a huge advantage.

  1. Monthly payments:

By default, the network puts you on monthly payments. It means that you need not wait for the net 15 or net 30 payment methods. Also, as you increase your traffic, you will be put on faster payouts as well. You need to prove the quality of your traffic before you put on faster payouts. The faster payouts will help you grow your business. Thus, in terms of payments as well, you should have no problems at all.

  1. Extensive tracking:

One of the advantages is that it can provide you with comprehensive monitoring. So, whether you’re looking to calculate your EPC or the type of conversions, you can get that. At the same point in time, it consists of advanced filtering methods as well. These filtering methods will help you with the campaign data available.

With the help of numerous tracking tools on offer, you can keep track of every visitor to whom you sent an affiliate link quickly. When you have so much data at hand, it is easy for you to optimize your campaigns to the next level. It is easier to find the highest converting offers and products when you use such data. The tracking will undoubtedly work to your advantage.

The extensive data which this network provides, along with its vast experience, means that if you have any problem, you can get it resolved quickly. We will now share with you the details of the signup process and also the pros and cons of the network to help you out even more.

IMOCASH Interface:

The signup process of this laptop is pretty simple. In the first step, you will be submitting your personal information. In the second step, you will be providing information regarding pixels. The approval process is pretty quick, as well. In case the network needs more information from the network, it will contact you over email. Generally speaking, if you submit legit information, you should get approved relatively quickly.

IMOCASH Main Menu:

The main menu is pretty easy to understand. With proper criteria for filtering the offers, finding the right one will not be a difficult task. At the same time, the dashboard lets you know about your daily earnings as well. You can contact the support department from the dashboard. All of these tasks are easy to accomplish.


The network has quite a few types of offers like:




• Revshare

Finding the right offer, among so many choices, is quite easy. You can find the most relevant offer that can convert at a higher percentage.


• Numerous offers

• Responsive offers

• Excellent track record

• Faster support

• Simple interface


• Revshare offers can be more


IMOCASH is a pretty versatile network. It will not disappoint you with its collection of offers. Coupled with that, the excellent track record of the network means that there will be no regrets if you go with this network.

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