How to set up postback in Telegram from any affiliate network

What is postback in CPA, in affiliate program?

Postback is a service that gives an arbitrator the opportunity to get more information about the traffic, to track and analyze it, receiving reports on the targeted actions of users on the selling site in the tracking system. Usually, postback can be installed only if the arbitrator uses a third-party tracking system. But we will use just a simple messenger to track your new leads.

We noticed that marketers are usually more productive when they see more results from their work. So, today you will learn how to create postbacks from any Affiliate network that supports this function.

1. We find a bot @userinfobot in Telegram. We write it /start, and get our own id back, write it down in a notepad.

We find a bot in Telegram @botfather, write to it /start and then /newbot (create a new bot) @botfather will ask you to include the name of the new bot. Call it whatever you want, for example my_aff_bot.

Then you will need to come up with username. Username should end in Bot or bot. For example @my_affiliate_bot. That’s how any username can find our bot later.

In reply, you should receive a message about creating a bot with a token. That’s what we need. Save it in a notepad, where we have id.

In Telegram we find our bot from step 2. We press “Run” and write him anything to create chat.

Copy the link:<token>/sendMessage?chat_id=<id>&text={sum}:{cid} Where – token of your bot (API) your id < > – remove the brackets.

It should be: {sum}:{cid} (bot_token and id in the link should be yours) where {sum}:{cid} are macros from the API of your Partner program. You can see them in the help or ask the manager. Usually, they are written right next to the field where the postback is set up. For example, this is what it looks like in Los Pollos.

Checking: Follow the link that you build up in the browser. If a message has arrived in the bot, it means everything works. If there is no message, try to write to it again and then click on your link again. Such a message should come:

5. Now let’s go to the postback settings of your program and insert your link there.

6. Enjoy endless notifications about new leads.

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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂


    How do I add lines to a text message?

    1. Oleg Cher автор

      Try to add %0A

  3. chotu

    i want to make a bot to send conversion to my postback so whenever a new user joins the group a conversion parameter is sent to my tracking platform. Kindly help .