Copyscape Review

The service has been working since 2004 and is a tool for detecting unauthorized use of unique content of user’s sites on the Internet. The resource is English, but suitable for working with texts in Russian. It is one of the first and most popular tools for checking duplicates. Google is used as a search engine provider.

Why it is so important to find and remove duplicate content

Let’s talk about what the use of duplicate content on the site leads to:

  • Loss of site positions in the search output.
  • Exclusion of the site from indexing.
  • Reducing the efficiency of SEO-optimization.
  • Loss of customer and reader trust.
  • Decrease in the number of visitors.
  • Decrease in competitiveness.

You have to admit, nobody wants to face such things. Technologies are developing, search services are constantly developing new powerful filters. At best, your site loses its position in the ranking, and at worst it will be blocked at all.

What issues does the service solve

Unique marketing articles, author’s posts on a blog or materials in an online publication are powerful tools for promoting websites in search engines. Using helps to detect illegal use of these copyright materials by third parties in time.

The report indicates Internet resources with a content match of 5% or more. The service settings allow choosing a criterion, which will be considered as borrowing (from 1 to 4 duplicated phrases). The material is monitored for plagiarism using Googl or Yahoo search databases.

Free services involve manual verification of site articles for reprinting on the Internet (no more than 10 times a day). The number of paid checks worth 5 cents each is not limited. Paid tariff allows you to check for plagiarism material that is not published on the Internet, and also assumes the issuance of more results to the user.

Copyscape API

Copyscape has a manual search function, but the Copyscape API can automate the search. The API allows you to connect to Copyscape, scan the internet for duplicate content, and displays a list of sites with content identical to yours. The API fully supports the PHP programming language, and this simplifies many of the manual searches you do for your site. The automation saves you time when you have multiple people copying your content, and when you publish content from third party untested copywriters.

The Copyscape API is not something complicated or difficult. The API returns XML code to the calling application. The answer includes the sites with the most copied content, the copyright infringer URL, and the percentage of words that match your content.

Before you can use the CopyScape API, you will need to create an account. You can create a new account from the home page. The creation of the account itself is free, but you need to add money to the account to use the API. This costs $0.05 for each API call, so you must consider these costs in your application to determine your budget and the number of API calls to be automated. Unfortunately there is no sandbox to test the code, so you will have to spend money to create an application that calls the API. In most cases this should not cost more than $5.00 to encode and test the application, because the API does not have many functions called. Once you get the syntax, the testing process itself will cost about $1.

Automatic site protection from plagiarism

The service offers webmasters a subscription to the Copysentry service. Service users receive a weekly (cost 5 $ per month) or daily (for $ 20) automatic resource check for attempts to borrow content. In case of illegal use of copyrighted texts by third-party sites, the user receives a notification by e-mail.

How to use the service

To check the website for reprints, you need to enter the resource address in the search string and start the system.

To use paid services and automatic site protection you will need to register, create a personal account and top up your account. Payment is made by plastic cards with MasterCard or Visa payment systems.

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