FaceBook Spy Services Selection and Review

In this article, we have made for you a juicy chunk of the most popular Facebook spy services. Of course, we will describe them in detail and tell you what kind of tools they can give.

Spy services: what is it?

Spy services are the necessary tools for the webmaster. You need them in order to view and analyze your competitors. Why waste time and money if it is possible to look at already good templates.


Adplexity is one of the leading services for mobile, desktop and native advertisement analytics. The tool is able to detect the most relevant campaigns of your competitors.

The tool enables you to search (by key requests, links, platforms, partners, GEO, devices, sources, etc.) in the following formats:


With Adplexity, you will have access to this list of opportunities to work with mobile advertising.

The cost depends on the format you choose. Specifically for mobile advertising is 199 dollars/month. Unfortunately, the service does not provide a free period, but you can return your money within 24 hours.


Adsector is another effective monitoring service that gives you the ability to make great creatives by analyzing what your competitors are doing.


  1. Advanced search and filtering
    Search/filter by age, gender, relationship, interest, keyword, or filter by what happens on the target page itself.
  2. Reservation and organization of announcements
    Browse hundreds of landing pages and ads that relate to your business; then bookmark and organize the most productive ones into a personal collection from which you can create your own effective ads.
  3. Deep analysis
    Find your target audience at the touch of a button. When you use AdSector, you can see the target market segments for each ad you are interested in. View ad coverage, social activity statistics and weekly trends on a single page.

Cost is $249 per month.


SocialAdScout is a rather popular spy service, with the help of which you will be able to monitor FB. The tool can analyze ads from more than 21 countries.


  1. Detailed search filters
    Search by text, URLs, redirects, GEO, ad type, performance indicators, views, device type and much more.
  1. Detailed observations
    The tool provides extensive analysis; when and how often an ad was shown, how it was rated, who saw it and how many times, the devices on which it was viewed, etc.
  2. Download landing pages
    No more “dead” or hidden pages. The service stores all target pages – including their files such as images, videos, scripts and style sheets – in a compressed file for uploading.

The cost is $147 per month.


AdEspresso is another service for analyzing Facebook ads.

The tool includes a wide range of creatives to give you an idea, as well as an intuitive interface and easy search.

This service is suitable for you if you are just starting to work with ads on Facebook.

Cost from 58 to 499$/month, depending on your tasks.

Very nice bonus: the tool will give you 14 days of the free trial period. Not everyone can give such a long trial.


PowerAdSpy – no matter what niche you work with, PowerAdSpy will help you increase your budget quickly, forcing others to spend money on testing.

The tool will allow you to monitor more than 50 million ads in real-time mode. And more than 1 million updates every month. GEO: over 15 countries worldwide.

The results are definitely powerful.


  1. Stop guessing.
    PowerAdSpy will show you which ads are currently (and which are not) live, so you don’t have to spend money on ads that are not working. The service will give you the ability to search by keywords, niches, competitors and even domains to see which ads are shown and, more importantly, generate revenue;
  2. Competitor analysis
    The tool will show all competitors who place ads with their target page in 1 toolbar so you can see what works and copy.

The cost depends on your tasks and your chosen plan. The service gives you a trial for 5 days for $7 for regular and premium rates. And a trial for 1 day for $1 for the basic package.


ConnectExplore is all solutions that advanced marketers need in one place.

Connect your leading Facebook ads to your CRM / answering machine;

  1. Launch retargeting campaigns based on the behavior of people on your resource;
  2. As well as other similar tools, analyze millions of other marketers and their ads.

The cost of 47 dollars / month.


WhatRunsWhere gives you the digital advertising analytics you need to spend more efficiently and grow your business.


  1. See the best creative ads in your market or niche;
  2. Easily identify high-profile ads to stay in trend and monitor your competitors;
  3. be aware of all activities of your competitors.

The cost depends, again, on the tariff and the functions you purchase


AdSpy is the world’s largest database of ads on Facebook and Instagram. The tool uses the latest search functions, so monitoring the ads you need becomes an easy task.

Features of AdSpy

  1. Improved basic search
    Functions that other spy services use have been improved here. Search by text in the ad, advertiser’s name, number of likes, type of multimedia, etc. Sort the results with the updated filters: when was the last time your ad was shown? How do users react? Which ad lasts longer? AdSpy is as powerful as you want it to be.
  2. Search by comments
    Look for keywords in comments to ads that you think are important: keep track of competitors’ brands, your own brands, or find out what reviews were positive or negative.
  3. Precise targeting
    AdSpy can accurately assess who your ad is targeting based on user location, gender and age. Your competitors may dominate regions and markets that you have not yet considered: AdSpy can show you all of them.
  4. Speed of work
    It’s not an easy task to view millions of ads in seconds. Fast servers, clear interfaces and well-presented data ensure that nothing can slow you down.

It costs $149/month. The service also provides a free trial period.


BigSpy is a service for monitoring and analytics in advertising and Ecommerce.

The tool can collect advertising posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Shopify.

Available filters:

  1. By advertisements
  2. GEO;
  3. By formats;
  4. By sphere;
  5. By date and time.

The cost of 99 $ / month (per PRO-plan). The service provides an opportunity for free use, but with its own limitations.


AdSova is the final in our article, but not the worst spy service.


  1. Mail Browser
    This feature allows you to quickly identify upward and current trends. Just enter a keyword and AdSova will show you all the popular messages and ads on Facebook.
  2. Tracking ads
    Probably AdSova’s coolest feature is advertising tracking. Watch how an ad changes over time and learn from other people’s mistakes.
  3. Interface
    AdSova’s high download speed, high server and infrastructure performance, and easy layout navigation make your work fast and convenient.

The cost depends on the selected option package:


Today we have told you about the indispensable tools for arbitration – Spy services. In the right hands, they will greatly facilitate your work, saving you money and precious time, not to mention a clear understanding of what is now popular in the market.

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    Any good seller wants to know what a competing firm is selling. How the sales are going. Market trends. What goods are bought well this season. What are the prices on the market. For this, there are such servers. If the seller miscalculated with the goods, he can lose money by buying unnecessary goods.