Envyus Media review – The network with vast experience!

While searching for an affiliate network, it is better to look at not just the offers but the history of the affiliate network. You have to look at what other affiliates are saying about it. The size of the affiliate network matters a lot as well. It is not possible to manually check these factors for every affiliate network which you come across. That is why the alternative is to go through our reviews to understand more about such affiliate networks.

Today, we will highlight of Envyus Media review. Our Envyus Media review will go into the details of not only the network with the type of offers it has and also the pros and cons. That is why; you will get a holistic view once you go through this review.

About Envyus Media:

Envyus Media has been around for ten years. One thing is pretty clear that the network has extensive experience in the affiliate marketing industry. It has gone through the thick and thin the industry and still stays strong. During this time, the network is consistently grown. It speaks volumes about the network.

When you look at the previous track record of the network, you will realize that during this time, it has always paid on time. Due to this reason, when you’re going with this network, you will not have to worry about delayed payments. Also, it is expanded its offerings across many different verticals as well. It ensures that irrespective of the niche in which you are offering, the network can provide you with a wide array of offers. However, without looking at the features of this affiliate network, you cannot make a decision.

Envyus Media features:

Envyus Media has a few things which stand out for it.

  1. Over 400 offers:

The total numbers of offers available on the affiliate network are over 400. These offers are increasing at a rapid pace. They are across many different verticals. It ensures that you can get into any niche by using the offers available in this network.

Not only that, but the offers are plenty of different types. It ensures that you can use different monetization models as well. With so many monetization options, it is tough to ignore this affiliate network. The affiliate offers are available for visitors from various geographies as well. In terms of choice, you have plenty when you’re going with this affiliate network.

  1. Flexible payment methods:

One of the advantages of this affiliate network is that it offers flexible payment methods. When you look at the schedule, it offers net15, biweekly, and weekly. The more volume you have, the higher will be the payment frequency. Initially, by default, you’re put on the net 15 payment basis. Once the traffic is proven, you would be placed on a biweekly basis. If you increase the volumes, even more, you will be put on weekly payment.

The payment options available are:

• Wire Transfer


• Paper check

As you can see, the payment options are pretty flexible. You can choose the payment option, which is more convenient for you. It ensures that once you earn, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands on that money.

  1. Higher payouts:

When you compare the offers available in this network with others, you will realize that the payout is on the higher side. That is because there are no brokers in between. The network has direct relationships with most advertisers available on the network. So, you need not worry about any delay in payouts either.

Also, once you bump up the traffic, the network is likely to bump up the payouts even further. Keeping this factor in mind, the ROI which you will get will be on the higher side. If you’re currently on break-even on any campaign in the network, this one can help you in putting it into the green. Due to this reason, there is no point in running traffic to other networks that pay out less. You have to keep this factor in mind while deciding about this affiliate network.

  1. Fast support:

Another point of convenience that you have when using this affiliate network is that the support is pretty fast. Due to the fast support, it is easy to resolve your questions and queries. Also, the network is pretty active in getting you the offers that you want. If you’re looking for a particular offer or wish to contact the support, they will revert to you pretty soon. Considering this, it is easier for you to get the offers which you want. The fast support ensures that you need not wait for a long time before you get some help.

  1. Low payout threshold:

What is the usual payout of other networks which you are a part of?

Most of them have payout thresholds like $ 50 or $ 100. While many affiliates can make over that amount in a specific period but when you’re just starting out, chances are you might not be able to. However, this network has a payment threshold of only $ 25. It ensures that right from month one, you will get the benefits. It is one of the primary advantages of this affiliate network.

The convenience which this affiliate network offers is much higher than others. Keeping this factor in mind, ignoring this network will be a mistake.

Envyus Media Interface:

The signup process of the network is pretty simple. It is a one-step process. It requires you to submit your personal information and payment information and traffic information. Once you provide this information, it becomes easy for you to fill out the entire form. Also, the network is quite responsive to all the applications. As a result, it becomes easy for you to get your application approved. You have to ensure that you are submitting the most accurate information possible. Once you do so, it is easy to get approved.

Envyus Media Main Menu:

The main menu of this network is pretty self-explanatory. Also, with the help of larger buttons and tabs, switching from daily earnings to detailed reports to campaigns to support is quite easy. Once you log in, you would not need any learning curve. You can go from one section to another.

Envyus Media Offers:

The types of offers available are:


• Revshare


Thus, you can decide the monetization model which you want to use for your website.


• Vast experience

• Fast payments

• Excellent support

• Numerous offers

• Different types of offers available

• Simple interface


• Limited FAQ section


Envyus Media is a reliable affiliate network that you can go with. Considering the fact that it has numerous offers and different types of offers as well, once you sign up with this network, finding relevant offers is not going to be a difficult task. The credible track record of this affiliate network ensures that there is nothing to worry about.

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