CPABeko review – A premium content locking Affiliate Network!

Are you looking for an affiliate network that has content locking offers?

If yes, it is time to look at CPABeko. It is an affiliate network that specializes in content locking offers. While it has other offers as well but primarily, it caters to the affiliates looking to use content lockers. The advantage of content lockers is that they can increase your earnings per click or per visitor significantly. As long as the content is up to the mark, your profits will go up.

Before you go with this affiliate network; however, it is essential to understand if it is up to the mark or not. Only through proper due diligence, you can determine that. Our CPABeko review below will go into all the details of this affiliate network to help you understand if it is worth signing up for or not.

About CPABeko:

CPABeko was launched at the start of 2018. It had a slow start in the beginning, but it picked up steam since then. These days, the total number of offers which it has is in hundreds. Also, it has expanded from content locking offers to other offers as well. That is why, once you enroll in this network and get approved, you can monetize your website in more ways than one.

On the Internet, you will find reviews by multiple affiliates, clearly stating that they have been paid on time. It means that it has a credible track record, as well. Due to this very reason, in terms of credibility, there will be no problem at all. Let us now look at the features to understand if it is good enough or not.

CPABeko Features:

We will highlight some of the salient features of this affiliate network, which will help you understand why hundreds of affiliates trust it.

1. Content locker on offer:

CPABeko primarily started as a network offering premium content locking offers. Due to this very reason, to date, there are quite a few offers that you can include in its content locker. It provides you with control over the content locking gateway. It means that you can add and remove the offers from the locker. It allows you to customize the content locking gateway according to your preference.

Another advantage of the same is that you can include only the highest converting offers. It will help you in increasing the amount of money which you make per visitor.

The robust content locking gateway, which it offers along with complete control over the offers which you can include and exclude, makes this network an excellent option.

2. In-house platform:

Many affiliate networks rely on a 3rd party platform. The problem with 3rd party platforms is that when they go down, affiliate networks can hardly do anything about it. Similarly, for security, the networks are dependent on the 3rd party to close the loopholes and enhance security.

On the other hand, CPABeko has an in-house platform. The advantages of an in-house platform are plenty like:

• The in-house platform can facilitate real-time stats. The in-house platform means that the affiliate network has complete control over the platform.

• The affiliate network can enhance the security of the platform without having to rely on anyone else.

• The affiliate network would be able to make announcements when using an in-house platform.

With so many different advantages, it is pretty clear that CPABeko has a distinct advantage over other networks. While these advantages might not be visible from the outside, but once you start using the affiliate network, you will surely experience them.

3. Convenient payment schedule:

The affiliate network initially offers Net30 Payment. Once you go the credibility of the traffic, they reduce it down to Net15. It means that you can get your payments much sooner.

Also, if you can generate volumes, they can put you on weekly payments as well. You will not have to wait for a long time.

The payment threshold is just $ 50, which means that you can get paid every cycle. Also, it supports not only PayPal but various other payment processors. You can easily choose the payment processor, which is convenient for you and save on the fees as well.

When you look at the payment schedule and the payment terms on offer, you will have no complaints at all. CPABeko offers one of the most flexible and convenient payment terms which you can get.

4. Unique monetization types:

The monetization types on offer by this network are what help it stand out. While CPS, CPI, and CPA offers are available on every other network, but this network specializes in content locking offers. Due to the same reason, it offers different types of offers like:

• Upgrades

• Credits

• Guides

• Downloads

• And so on

In addition to the usual offers, it has these as well. Due to this very reason, you can easily use unique ones rather than using the same ones as your competitors. It will help you gain an edge when it comes to earning per visitor. As a result, you can increase the ROI which you get.

5. Reliable support:

Most of the affiliate managers of this network are available on instant messengers as well as on email tickets support. It means that you will get a quick response. Also, the affiliate managers are knowledgeable, which means that irrespective of your doubt, they can certainly help you out. As a result, it becomes easy to solve all your doubts.

6. Easy approval process:

CPABeko has one of the easiest approval processes. They do not discriminate on the country or the promotion method which you want to use. Due to this very reason, once you apply for this network, getting approval will be super smooth. It is one of the prime advantages of this network.

Due to this very reason, they have been able to grow at a brisk pace in a relatively short time.

7. Smart affiliate links:

The affiliate network also offers smart affiliate links. So, when a visitor arrives on a landing page, which is not demographically suitable for the visitor, he/she automatically directs to another offer according to their geographic location. It means that you will never lose out on traffic. Irrespective of the country from which your visitors are, they can see the most relevant offer. As a result, you can increase your earnings manifold.

With hundreds of offers, you can be sure that there will always be something relevant to the visitors.

When you look at all of these features, it is not that difficult to understand why this network is so famous. If you’re looking for a system that offers content locking offers, this one is a pretty good choice.

CPABeko Interface:

The CPABeko signup interface is pretty simple. It asks you only for the most basic information. It does not go into the intricate details of your application, and therefore, you can fulfill it and submit it in no time. Since the approval process is also relatively simple as well, there is nothing to worry about the approval process either.

CPABeko Main Menu:

The main menu of the affiliate network will allow you to browse through the various offers. There is an earning step or a report step on offer as well, which will help you instantly monitor your earnings. Since the user enrolls on the platform, it will be effortless for you to track the earnings in real-time.

The content blocker allows you to add the offers which you want. You can remove the ones that aren’t performing well. It means that you will always have the best combination of offers when using the content blocker of the CPA network.

Let us now look at some offers which it has so that you can decide whether the affiliate network will be useful for you or not.

CPABeko Offers:

The best thing about the offers on this network is that they are available for a worldwide audience. It means that you can always find something suitable for you.

• Content locker:

The highlight of this affiliate network is the content locker. You can mix and match the offers on the content locker. Moreover, you can customize it for the mobile audience as well as the desktop audience. It means that the offers will be entirely relevant to the visitors reviewing the content locker.

Through trial and error, you can mix and match the offers to include only the best ones or the highest-earning ones. It will ensure that the earning per visitor increases significantly.

• CPA:

It is not always necessary that you use the CPA offers through the content locker. You can use them on an individual basis as well. If you want to promote only a particular offer, you can do so by getting the direct offer link. It will allow you to use the one which is most relevant to your audience. Thus, it is not always necessary to use the content locker when using this affiliate network.

• CPS:

It is cost-per-sale. If you want to make big money per conversion, these are the offers which you should go with. The merchants can share up to 75% of the total sale amount with you as commission. That is why; the ROI which you can get is on the higher side.

• CPI:

CPI is the latest addition to the network. They are particularly suitable for the mobile audience. They require the visitor to install an app on their smartphone. Since the installation procedure is pretty simple, you can monetize easily using these offers, as well.

• Incentive Offers:

One of the advantages of this network is that it has incentive offers as well. It means that you can convert a higher percentage. The incentive offers can help you make a significant amount of money as a bonus to complete the offer.

With so many different offer types, you cannot go wrong with this network.

Now that you are familiar with the network, it is time to look at the pros and cons.


• Content locker on offer

• In-house system

• Worldwide offers

• Excellent support

• Real-time stats

• Contains Incentive offers

• Flexible payment schedule

• Lots of different type of offers


• A small team of affiliate managers


CPABeko is an affiliate network which you should go with if you prefer smaller CPA offers. While it has CPS offers as well, but smaller offers like CPA and incentive offers are its forte. With the help of excellent support, you can be sure that using this affiliate network will not be a problem for you.

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