AffiliateVIA review – The Network with International Offers!

Most affiliates prefer an affiliate network that is targeted and has international offers. When that is the case, you can monetize any traffic. However, such networks are challenging to find. Moreover, the network should be well trusted.

One such network is AffiliateVIA. AffiliateVIA has not only the US, UK, Australia, and offers but also international offers, and it has been around for quite some time. However, still, you need to look at the network and details to understand more about it. We will today review this network. In our review, we would not only highlight the features, but also we will highlight the pros and cons of this affiliate network. Once you go through this review, making your decision about this network will be easier.

About AffiliateVIA:

AffiliateVIA has been around since 2010. It means that it has been in this business for a long time. In its current form, it has been around for the last few years. It offers various digital advertising solutions. Due to this reason, it is used by a large number of affiliates. The international focus means that it is well-liked by the affiliates as well. Also, with the help of features like geo-targeted advertising, single-vendor solution, this network has become very popular. It has always paid on time, and that is why it is so popular.

AffiliateVIA features:

Some of the features of this affiliate network include:

  1. Geo-targeted offers:

The network consists of plenty of geo-targeted offers. It means that the visitors will be shown the offers relevant to them. It will also ensure that you do not lose out on any traffic. When you send a visitor to a geo-targeted offer, it will become easy for you to monitor that visitor. In addition to that, since the offer will be relevant to the visitor, the conversion rate will be higher.

The effect of this is earning per click will increase significantly. In turn, your ROI will increase.

  1. International offers:

Have traffic from developing countries?

Worry not!

This network has plenty of international offers. Usually, when you go with any other affiliate network, there are very few international offers available. It is not the case with this affiliate network. It is widely known for its international offers. Also, the number of such offers are increasing at a rapid pace. Every month, you will find new international offers on the network. Once you sign up with this network, irrespective of the country which you are getting the traffic from, monetizing your traffic will become easy. Considering this parameter, it is an affiliate network which you should sign upon.

  1. Vast Experience:

With the experience of more than ten years in the affiliate marketing industry, this network has pretty robust mechanisms and protocols. When you contact the support department, you can get answers to your questions right away. Whether you’re asking them technical questions or few questions on the dashboard or tracking, they can answer it all. Also, the support is pretty fast. It ensures that you will get the answers quite quickly.

When you’re looking to run campaigns worth hundreds of dollars, such quick support is an advantage. The vast experience of the network is visible in this aspect.

  1. Device compatible offers:

The network primarily has offers compatible across devices. Whether your visitor uses a tablet, smartphone, or a computer, he/she will view responsive landing pages. It ensures that you do not lose out on any traffic.

Also, the payouts across all these devices are on the higher side. Due to this reason, the earnings which you get are not affected. Since the device recognition feature is inbuilt in the tracking, you will not have to do anything on your part. You need to link to the right offers. Once you do so, everything else will be handled by the network. These factors make it easier for you to monetize your traffic.

  1. Excellent support:

With multiple support channels, you will have no problem at all in contacting the representatives of the network. You can do so with messenger, email, or even the phone. All of these support modes are almost instantaneous in response. The network has offices all over the globe. As a result, getting 24/7 support is possible.

You will also get the details of the affiliate manager once your account gets approved. The affiliate manager will be your single point of contact. Whether you need a new offer or a payout bump or have any other query, the affiliate manager can solve all of that for you. The quality of support of this affiliate network is not under any doubt.

The network has all the necessary features. The thrust on international offers means that it is easy to monetize your traffic using this network. We will now highlight some other aspects of this network to provide you with a better view of this network.

AffiliateVIA Interface:

The signup process of this network is relatively simple. It is a one-step process. You have to submit your personal information and your company information. Once you submit these details, the network will review them. Also, the approval process of the network is pretty fast. As a result, if you apply within business working days, you can get going in just 2 to 3 business days.

AffiliateVIA Main menu:

The main menu of this network is pretty simple. You can view your daily earnings, campaigns, reports, or access to the support department. All of this in a single click. You can contact support using the email support feature as well. There is no scope of confusion when using the dashboard of this affiliate network.

AffiliateVIA Offers:

The types of offer available in this affiliate network are:




• PPV Video ads


PPV Video ads are available with very few affiliate networks. Therefore, when you sign up with this affiliate network, you have an advantage of this offer type. In each category, there are multiple offers available. Finding relevant ones is not going to be a difficult task.


• Extensive experience

• Unique offer types

• Many international offers

• Simple interface

• Responsive support


• Need more CPS offers


AffiliateVIA is a network that can help you monetize traffic from any part of the globe. It is the USP of this network. It also has US and UK offers. In a nutshell, it is a network which you should sign up for if you need a versatile network. With excellent support, you will have no complaints at all from this network. It has quite a few unique offerings which make it a perfect choice.

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