Affiliate Marketing by Michael Ezeanaka Review


“Affiliate Marketing: Learn How to Make $10,000+ Each Month” is a business guide by Michael Ezeanaka. It is the first part of the Business & Money series.


The book by Michael Ezeanaka features a step-by-step guide and practical tips on how to become successful in affiliate market and generate a lot of money on autopilot. Michael’s Affiliate Marketing book covers eight important subjects necessary to get started: niche selection, e-mail list building, mistakes to avoid, backend services, website traffic, social media marketing, low ticket vs. high ticket programs, tracking results. The main focus lies on getting things done without creating your products or having a massive start-up capital. There’s a quiz included at the end of each chapter.


Affiliate marketing is not as easy as it seems. It’s important to start out wisely. The book starts with an introduction describing what affiliate marketing is all about. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to make money without much experience and without producing your own stuff.

The most important thing, perhaps, is choosing your niche, which is the next section of the book. You will learn how to choose your niche properly so that it is profitable enough and has a sufficient interest from the users.

The book contains plenty of information about how to actually start using affiliate programs. Michael Ezeanaka talks about 20 affiliate programs in total. There also exists an important difference between low ticket and high ticket affiliate marketing that one should keep in mind. This is covered at length in the book. Some affiliate programs pay more, some less. You will learn how to choose between them wisely.

Mistakes are costly and sometimes unavoidable, so it’s best to learn from other people’s mistakes if you can. The book has a special section on common mistakes in affiliate marketing. You can learn how to avoid them. In the end, it’s all about getting a complete picture.


The Affiliate Marketing book by Michael Ezeanaka is a thorough, comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of affiliate marketing. The material presented in the book is sufficiently diverse to give you a clear understanding of many different topics at once. You will finally understand how the whole process works and how to profit from it. Overall, this book is a great source of information and it is perfectly suitable for anyone who wants to start making money in affiliate marketing.

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