Shopify affiliate is one of the popular and largest affiliate platforms trending in today’s market. It is one of the best e-commerce platforms where many business entrepreneurs have considered improving their online and e-commerce businesses to promote more sales and in turn grow their businesses. There are more than 2500 apps running on the Shopify platform and therefore the program becomes one of the best choices that every company would consider to promote their online businesses. If you are thinking of joining an affiliate program and wondering whether Shopify should be your best option then this article is worth reading. The article provides a detailed review of the Shopify affiliate program to help you make a wise decision on whether to join the program.

How the Shopify affiliate program works

The Shopify affiliate program is open and free for all people who are interested in subscribing to the channel. The program is usually based on referrals after which the affiliate earns a commission based on the Shopify plan that they have subscribed to. All the clicks made on the referral links are tracked for 30 days. Usually, the commission earnings are arrived at through the formula; 2 × the price of the Shopify subscribed plan. Affiliate subscriptions to Shopify Plus will, however, increase your sales by $2000.

Once you subscribe to the Shopify plans, you need to refer more new subscribers to the program to increase your earnings. Once a person clicks and subscribes to the program, you immediately qualify to earn a commission based on the Shopify plan that you have subscribed to. The earnings are credited into your PayPal account by every 14th and 25th of every month. To increase your earnings through the Shopify affiliate program, you should, therefore, convince more people to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program as well.

On the Shopify affiliate program, therefore, affiliates make money by promoting the company services by sharing referral links to other interested parties. Once someone clicks the click and joins the program or rather acquires the service being promoted through the link, then the affiliate increases their commission earning.

Parties involved in the Shopify affiliate marketing

The Shopify affiliate program is a process that involves major 3 parties, usually the merchant, the Shopify platform and the affiliate and the audience as well. The merchant is usually the entrepreneur who is interested in joining the Shopify platform. The merchant is one of the major parties in the affiliate program that is very significant in increasing your profits.

The Shopify software is the platform that ensures the smooth running of the online affiliate marketing. The affiliates are the people who promote the Shopify services while inviting new affiliates to the program. For you to be a successful affiliate you need to actively engage in promoting the Shopify services and convincing more people to subscribe o the affiliate program as well. The major audience on the Shopify affiliate is usually the Shopify platform developers who manage and ensures that the entire program runs and operates successfully.

Types of Shopify affiliate stores

Shopify avails a range of online stores giving you an opportunity to market your products to various customers across the globe. The stores vary in sizes and therefore you can easily choose your ideal choice based on the affiliate plan that you are interested in. the various Shopify affiliate plans are reviewed herein.

  1. Shopify basic

This is usually the basic affiliate plan that avails 2 staff account and an unlimited number of products to market on your blog. The plan also provides 24/7 support to all members and a 2% fee is charged on all transactions. Discount codes are also available on the affiliate plan.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is usually the common affiliate plan that provides a maximum of 5 staff accounts. A 1% fee is charged on all the transactions made. It supports everything that is availed on the Shopify basic plan. With Shopify however, fraud analysis and professional reports are availed.

  1. Shopify advanced

This is the biggest Shopify online store availing a total of 15 staff accounts and a 5% fee on all transactions made. Everything that is availed on the other plans also provided on the Shopify Advanced plan. Advanced professional reports are also supported on this plan.

Selecting the best plan may not be a great challenge. All you need to do is simply keep in mind the number of users that you may be able to access based on the size of your online store.

Commission earnings

There are quite a number of ways to make some earnings from the Shopify affiliate program. This includes the development stores, the affiliate referrals and Shopify plus referrals. There is no specified amount on the commission to earn as this is based on the number of subscribers that you have successfully convinced to join the program. The Shopify plus account, however, offers huge commissions to the subscribed partners.

To effectively promote your Shopify affiliate links you need to create quality content in your blogs, engage your audience, provide in-depth tutorial videos and also post regularly on your social media platforms.

The Shopify affiliate program is one of the largest affiliates growing and very efficient in helping various affiliates make more money from the referrals made. If you are planning to join the platform then you need to ensure that you create quality content that grabs your audience’s attention and convinces them to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program.


•The Shopify affiliate program is open and free for all

•The application process is simple and there are no complicated procedures in the registration process.

•Features high ticket sale conversion

•The Shopify affiliate program supports a 24/7 live chat

•It offers the highest commission based on the successful referrals made by the affiliate


The commissions earned are not recurring and therefore your earnings could fluctuate from month to month.

The Shopify affiliate is rated among the best programs to earn huge profits from referring other subscribers to the site. The registration process is not only simple but also free for all.

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