CPAFull Review
CPAFull reviewAffiliate programs
Type of offers Dating, Nutrition, Adult Features Tracking Software, Smartlink Payment options Paypal, Wire Payouts Net-15, Net-30, Weekly Payment of minimal
93K$ of free traffic 18+ adult only case
Adult app caseCases
Most of the time Author specialized in adult traffic and adult offers. Then decided to write this case maybe to inspire someone on non-standard approaches
Leadbit Affiliate Program Review
Leadbit reviewAffiliate programs
Leadbit is a CPA network founded in October 2013. In 6 years they have made themselves a strong brand in such verticals as Nutrition, Adult, Sweepstakes and Gambling.
CrakRevenue Affiliate Network
CrackRevenue ReviewAffiliate programs
CrackRevenue Review –Adult/Dating CPA network