Warrior Plus Affiliate Network Review

Selling digital products online has become a revenue source for many people. Market places such as Warrior Plus has blossomed and become leaders in this industry, attracting hundreds of thousands of people, and facilitating millions of dollars’ worth of transactions. Even with the soaring reputation, Warrior Plus has been at the center of controversy by attracting rotten eggs.

A few concerns regarding the value of some digital products have resulted in triggered mixed feelings regarding this market place. For that reason, we will review Warrior Plus and decide whether it’s the right place for new affiliates and whether you can make money from it.

What is Warriorplus

Founded in 2006, the network was intended to streamline the ad placement on Warrior Forum. Initially, vendors would buy classified ad space on Warrior Forum by paying $20-$40. However, tracking affiliate commissions and managing payment proved to be an obstacle, and thus Mike Lantz decided to create an independent platform currently known as Warrior Plus. There are no restrictions to join Warriorplus, and it’s free for everyone.

How does System Work?

As you would suspect, the network helps to facilitate the collaboration between vendors and affiliates by providing tracking software that helps to credit the commission and sales.

Setting up the ad is straightforward. The vendor is required to have a landing page/sales page which contains information regarding the product.

An affiliate page should contain every tool necessary to help the affiliates promote the product/service adequately. Banners for website placement and email swipes are among the affiliates’ tools that should be contained in this page.

A vendor gets an opportunity of setting up a sales funnel if they have more than one product to sell. Usually, the upsale and downsale pages contain products with a high price tag compared to the front page. Even though a sales funnel is necessary, it’s not mandatory as a single product can suffice.

The percentage of the commission paid out to the affiliates is determined by the vendor on their page. While some vendors prefer splitting the sales in half with their affiliates, there are those that give away 100 percent of the front end sales to their affiliates. This method is suitable if you have a sales funnel, or your sole aim is to build an email list.

The WarriorPlus Platform in a Nutshell

For starters, the design is flawless and easy on the eye. After logging in, the user is taken to their dashboard. The navigation menu is neat and contains a drop-down design. It includes three items; Marketplace, Vendor, and Affiliate.

The marketplace item has a drop-down menu that contains; Top Products, Categories, Alerts, and Deal of the Day. The Vendor option lets you gain access to your product details, which includes the stats, see transactions, set up commission rules, know the number of affiliates, set up affiliate contests, and many more.

The Affiliate navigation option helps the affiliate stay organized and track the products they are promoting. Through this option, they can see their stats, monitor the transactions, and see the available contests.

What Makes Warriorplus Unique?

Compared to other affiliate networks, Warriorplus has managed to stay relevant to marketers. The upward trajectory can be attributed to the platform’s dedication to the Internet Marketing niche. Where other networks accommodate different niches, Warriorplus is known for including internet marketing products. These products range from website traffic generations to email list building.

The lack of restrictions also sets Warriorplus aside from the rest. Setting the account is straightforward, and you can start promoting offers as an affiliate or launch your product immediately.

Deal of the Day is a feature where one new product is selected randomly and promoted by Mike Lantz. This promotion boosts sales and helps to reach more clients fast. Products that have been featured as Deal of the Day are posted at the top of the Warriorplus page. Some vendors have been lucky to have more than one product featured here, which translates to more sales. This feature is not available in any other network, which makes Warriorplus unique.

Warriorplus has an army of affiliates that are ready to promote promising offers and products. These affiliates have thousands of email subscribers prepared to buy your product. It’s common to start seeing results almost immediately after launching your product. The ability to set up affiliate contests also motivates your affiliates to promote your products.

Instant commission payment to affiliates is another benefit of using Warriorplus. The use of PayPal adaptive payment system ensures that you receive immediate payment when a client uses PayPal to checkout.

How can you Make Money Through Warriorplus?

Launching digital products is one way of making money through Warriorplus. Creating these products doesn’t require specialized expertise, as a simple eBook packed with value can qualify as a digital product.

Promoting other digital products as an affiliate is the other method of generating revenue through Warriorplus. To achieve this, you need to have an email list or adapt other marketing methods such as SEO. However, some people have turned to methods such as Solo ads or paid ads. Striking a balance between your expense on paid ads and the revenue generated by this traffic is crucial to your success.

Warriorplus Pros

There are tons of products to promote

Receiving instant commission is an added advantage

Easy to start listing and promoting products

A good number of affiliates ready to promote your product instantly

Being featured as the Deal of the Day

Warriorplus Cons

Some offers require you to have previous sales before approving your affiliate request

Focuses mainly on the internet marketing niche

You might have to compete with hundreds of products posted every day

Is Warriorplus Worth It?

After careful evaluation of Warriorplus, one can only conclude that the affiliate network has its benefits. Despite some challenges, Warriorplus still attracts renowned digital product vendors and affiliates. The owners are doing their best to improve the platform and its usability. The bottom line is that Warriorplus is worth your time.

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