Viglink – The Network with a unique monetization model!

In today’s competitive environment, it is always better to go with unique monetization methods. However, most of the affiliate networks provide you with the same monetization method. When you’re using the same monetization methods, there is no difference between yourself and your competitors.

There are still some networks that can help you stand out by choosing a different monetization method. One such network is Viglink. It helps you in monetizing your content by placing contextual, relevant links. However, is it any good?

Today, our Viglink review will help you get that answer. Once you go through this review, it will become easier for you to know if this network is up to the mark or not.

In December of 2018, Viglink was acquired by Sovrn. It worked in favor of Viglink. Over the years, Sovrn has dealt with over $ 1 billion consumers. Also, the parent company caters to 250 million+ daily consumers through the offers, which it has, and it caters to more than 50,000 affiliate sites. It means that the affiliate network has only grown bigger over the years. With such revenues and extensive collaboration with affiliates, you can be sure that it is a legit affiliate network.

Moreover, the network offers the ability for publishers to integrate links on relevant keywords in their context. Also, the publishers need not change the links manually. There is an automated process for that. This methodology of monetization has undoubtedly helped it stand out among other affiliate networks. All in all, the credible reputation, acquisition by an established parent, and a unique business model has made it quite famous.

When you look at the features of this affiliate network, you will realize that it has quite a few things on offer that are missing out on other affiliate networks. Some of these features include:

1. Publisher leverage:

The publishers have to embed the code to their website once. After that, the advertisers will compete for that advertising space. It means that automatically due to the auction method, your yield will keep on increasing if you have good quality traffic. You need not do anything manually to increase your earnings. You can focus on publishing more content rather than choosing the right offers. That is why; this affiliate network is such a perfect option.

2. Consistent improvement in earnings:

The network also offers insights. With the help of it, you can look at the best and worst-performing content. You can modify your content strategy accordingly. It means that your website will only consist of content performing up to the mark.

When you keep on improving your website according to the insights on offer, you can be sure that the yield which you are getting will undoubtedly improve as well. It is one of the main reasons why this affiliate network can help you earn more with each passing month.

3. Automated processes:

Once you embed the code to your website, the entire process is automatic. If you ask any affiliate what is the biggest challenge, to make money through affiliate marketing, they would tell you that the cumbersome work of identifying the offers and are getting affiliate links integrated into the website.

That work is tedious. However, with this affiliate might network, you will not have to deal with that. Rather than getting links and integrating it with your website, you need to just focus on creating quality content. It will allow you to become more productive and make more money.

4. Reputed Merchants:

VigLink has many reputed merchants like:

  • eBay
  • Nike
  • Amazon
  • Aliexpress
  • 123flowers
  • And so on

It means that the offers on your website will all lead to reputed merchants. As a result, you need not worry about the customer experience. At the same point in time, these reputed merchants pay handsomely. As a result, your earnings per visitor will increase dramatically with this affiliate network.

5. Relevant offers:

The automated algorithms and the bidding by the merchants automatically determine the appropriate offer for your website. If the merchants think that your website is for their offers, they will automatically bid higher. It means that by default, you will only get relevant offers on your website. You will not have to worry about filtering the offers by geography or traffic.

The merchants will do all the hard work for you. It means that once you embed the code on your website, you need not worry about anything at all. You have to just work on increasing your traffic.

When you look at these five advantages, you will realize that seldom does any other affiliate network offers the same benefits. It ensures that when using this affiliate network, you’re using a monetization method that is unique to your website. That is a big advantage.

Viglink has another advantage. The signup process is pretty simple and easy. The information which the network asks is your email address and password, which you want to choose. Also, you can sign in with Google. It means that rather than having to go through an elaborate signup process and then waiting for the approval, you can sign up instantly and start using the network. It is one of the reasons why this network has grown at such a rapid pace.

Viglink Main menu:

The dashboard of this affiliate network is such that whether you’re new to this affiliate network or whether you have been in the affiliate marketing industry for long, you can use the dashboard quite easily. It will list down attributes like:

  • Revenue
  • EPC
  • Clicks
  • Sales
  • CTR
  • Pageviews

It means that you get all the metrics in a single dashboard. It will allow you to track the revenue by day. As a result, you can view your earnings and growth, which you are experiencing when you’re using this network. As a result, it will not at all be difficult for you to keep track of all the numbers about this monetization method.

Viglink essentially has two types of offers. These are:

Cost per acquisition:

These offers pay you whenever the merchant gets a conversion. The advantage of such offers is that the earning per acquisition is on the higher side.

Cost per Click:

The cost per click offers are pretty simple. When a visitor clicks the link, you get paid.

With these offers, it can become effortless for you to monetize the content and your website.

We will now go into details of the pros and cons of this affiliate network to help you understand more.


  • Unique monetization model
  • Stellar track record
  • Reputed merchants
  • Simple to understand interface
  • Easy to integrate with your website
  • Automatic monetization process


Support channels could be faster


Viglink will not give you a reason to complain when you use it for the monetization of your main website. It makes the process so easy that you can end up saving a lot of time. Since the yield also improves over some time, you can earn a significant amount of money. All these features make this affiliate network one of the best options out there.

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