Videvo review

VidevoService Description

Videvo is a platform for music tracks, motion graphics, stock videos, and sound effects. It takes time to curate all the content by members of an in-house team and this way, users can be sure they are getting the very best of quality and safety when it comes to content.

Service Statistics

Videvo takes pride in being a huge library of stock media content with more than 15,000 motion graphic clips and stock footage – all available for free. It is also constantly adding new content regularly.

Service Features

There are several content files arranged neatly in sections, searching on Videvo is very easy – its service features involve various kinds of content.

What Types of Content Does Service Offer

Videvo offers the finest of music tracks, stock videos, sound effects, and motion graphics. There is an easy search bar that allows users to get all they want in seconds. The content files are also categorized neatly thus making for an outstanding user experience.

What is the Service Content License?

Videvo is very interesting in simple and user-friendly licensing. It is for this reason that a vast majority of the content is licensed under the Videvo Attribution License and Royalty-Free category. Whenever a user downloads Royalty-Free content, the user is free to utilize the content as many times he or she desires and in any kind of project without any time limit. There is no need to give credits or any attribution in the eventual production.

The Videvo Attribution License on the other hand gives room for unlimited application in the same way just like the Royalty-Free content but there is a difference. Using content under the Videvo Attribution License means the user must add credits or attribution to the creator in the final production – this is without any exception. Hence, a user has two main options when it comes to licensing, people usually go for the one that suits their needs the best.

Service Usage Plans

Videvo has an extensive library of content that is free for everyone to use. However, the content will only be available for licensing if you do a subscription for the Videvo Plus or the Videvo Pro plans. Videvo Plus costs $14.99 every month and subscribers to the package can get 25 downloads every month from the Premium Video Library complete with the Royalty-Free Licensing.

Then there is the Videvo Pro plan which costs $24.99 monthly and it gives access to a total of 50 downloads from the Premium Video and Audio Library complete with the Royalty-Free Licensing offer. You can also choose to get unlimited downloads if you go for the Videvo yearly plan – which will cost you $240.


  • Diversity of content.
  • Excellent quality of files on the platform.


  • Some features are not free.
  • A limited number of downloads even for monthly subscribers.


Videvo is dream come true for so many content creators. It is an expansive digital library with thousands upon thousands of materials and they are all available for use – free of charge. One of the coolest things about Videvo is that it has a dedicated team that is responsible for the curation of content all to ensure that the users get nothing but excellence on the platform.

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