VideoMonkey review

SERVICE DESCRIPTION describes itself as a platform of free stock video that can be used for practically anything. The platform allows users to download the videos and the license is 100% without hindrance. It boasts of adding fresh content regularly and it was crafted as the platform that it is now by Motion Array.

SERVICE STATISTICS had its registration done on the 30th of June, 2015 with Tucows Domain Inc. Alexa gives it a global rank of 4,077,504 as of December 2020.

SERVICE FEATURES is a platform that offers high-quality stock video all for free to the users. The videos are arranged directly on the home page and there is an infinite scroll feature. As a user scroll down, more videos keep loading and the user is free to download anyone that catches his or her fancy. One thing that is noticed instantly with these videos is that they are of the highest level of quality possible.

But the service features are not as sophisticated as the other platforms. For example, there is no way you can search for videos that match your preferences and that can make the experience hellish for many users. There is just no way for you to search for clips based on keywords or entries that are relevant to the work you are doing.

WHAT TYPES OF CONTENT DOES SERVICE OFFER is all about videos, free stock clips that anyone from any country can download and use for their purposes. There are no photos, icons, vectors, or other graphics as seen on some other platforms. It makes it abundantly clear that it is all about videos.


The service content license on VideoMonkey is a very simple and straightforward one. It allows all the users to make full and unfettered use of all the videos on the platform. There is no need for attribution or even giving credits, just modify the clips as you wish.

SERVICE USAGE PLANS is free and no payment whatsoever is needed before anyone can make use of the platform. There are no paid or service usage plans of any kind. Just go on the platform and start download without any issues.


  • You can download it easily without any need for signing up.
  • The videos are of excellent quality.
  • The interface is user friendly.


  • It does not provide a lot of content about itself as a brand.
  • Users cannot upload a video directly. If you want to submit a video as your contribution, you will have to do that by sending them an email from the contact page and that is not the best of options.


VideoMonkey is a hub for free and high-quality stock video that can be used for practically any task. Users are free to modify the videos and the license allows for 100% free usage. Fresh content is added from time to time. It may not have as much content as others but it is cool.

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