The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

What are guest posts?

In the classical sense of promotion are materials or articles posted by third-party resources to get backlinks to the author’s site or blog. This method of advertising has both advantages and disadvantages.

Guest post advantages

This is mutually beneficial cooperation. You will get an additional post for yourself, and the author will receive either mutual advertising or money.
Blog readers will learn about something new and useful.

Guest post disadvantages

It is necessary to make regular guest posts. In turn, this can hit your wallet. But there is another way: be friends with content-makers.
Sometimes it’s more useful to place the material at your place than to give it to another.

What should the guest posts be like

The material should be interesting. Followers are the best to perceive useful articles and videos. Forget about water. Let the material be shorter, but each letter is helpful.
The themes of the posts should coincide with the resource. Agree, it will look stupid if you are studying abroad, and in your blog, there will be an article about the Oriflame. Create content so that it becomes one with the blog material.
Content has to be unique. Do not duplicate it on your website! At the most, share it in social networks. You should not publish as a guest post some old material.
On average, the guest post is present from 1 to 3 links. If you agree to 1 – put it closer to the beginning. Otherwise, the reader may simply not get to it.
The owner of a blog can write a short review-impression, where he briefly talks about the author.
Before you send a guest post to a blogger for publication, be sure to systematize and check it. Believe us, checking someone else’s text is the last thing a blogger wants to do. Prepare pictures and videos in advance so that they can be easily downloaded and inserted into your blog. Insert tags – you will noticeably simplify the blogger’s work.
Give the blogger the opportunity to correct the post. Do not be afraid of it! He knows all the “sore spots” of his audience, so he can make the perfect material. Make sure that the main message of your content does not change.
Follow the comments of the post and respond. The blogger does not know the peculiarities of your business. So be prepared to answer all additional questions yourself.

Why it’s so important to guest posting?

  • It will attract thematic traffic and interested visitors.
  • You will get additional external links.
  • Your product will already appear in the spotlight of the blogger’s audience.

Where to find sites for accommodation

It happens that bloggers themselves call on their readers to become part of a blog. If this is not possible, almost every one of them sells advertising. If the idea of your advertising campaign does not contradict the basic mood of a blog, then they will gladly write about you. Sometimes 2-3 bloggers with an audience of 100,000 can give more conversion than millions.

Before mailing, make a list of the 100 most desired resources for yourself. This way, you will not be distracted but will start working with the right people at once.
Remember that you need some real case, data, numbers. Everything that you can check or see with your own eyes. Do not spoof the data, because, besides the fact that you spoil your reputation, you spoil it for the blogger.

Start posting when you get at least 3-4 confirmations. Publication with only one blogger is a drain of money.
Evaluate the involvement of the viewer. Look at the number of likes, reposts, and comments. Check the blogger for clues.

Possible mistakes in guest posting

Subject Mismatch

You can write the best article in the world about marketing. But no one will read it if you post it on a blog about cosmetics.

In principle, you can attract anything to anything, at least Christmas trees to marketing (how to sell Christmas trees on the Internet), but it takes a significant share of luck, talent, and understanding of the needs of the target audience of the media.

But in general, you can publish on any site, if you understand its audience. On sites about handmade, say, well come marketing topics, strange as it may seem. It’s just that handy masters not only produce their products, they also sell them. And this is already marketing.
Think how you can interest the audience of this particular site.

Other people’s monastery

Even in one subject, the audience may be different. Some bury SEO, others drown for traffic arbitration. Some study history, others – conspiracy theories. Some are used to serious and useful articles, others like gags and memes.

To get to the target audience of the site, you need to spend a lot of time studying it. And the keywords here are “a lot of time”. And time is an irreplaceable resource, unfortunately.

Owners of the sites

They may not reply to your letters and will be in their right.
They can edit an article for several months and then refuse to publish it.
They can set any conditions – these are their site and their rules.
There is no need to be afraid of this and forever give up the idea of guest posting, just be prepared for it.

References, clickability

Write a guest article – half the case. We need people not only to read it, but also to click on the link.
You don’t have to come up with anything if you have a cool story: a catchy, useful, and well-written one. If it is not, read this section.

We had quite bad materials. Like the article “7 reasons why your child can not find his place in life”. Most likely, the topic did not come up, but an unsuccessful link also plays a role.

So, there are several types of links:

  • A link in the author’s signature. This is a typical link in guest articles. Usually, the site owners do not object to it. It is on these terms that a conditional deal is usually made between you: you provide quality material, and the owners of the site allow you to put the link in the signature.
  • A link with a call to action. There is another option when you say that only your product can solve the problem of the reader. It seems to be not a call, but still a shade. This is a bad type of reference. Too outspoken advertising; most likely, such links will be removed or denied to be published at all.
  • A “read also” type of link. In short, “read also” are links that extend and complement your material. They are not necessary to understand the topic, so most likely the editor will delete them.
  • Prooflinks. These are links to a source of information: news, research, interviews, etc. Here they are very likely not to be removed: Proof links make your material stronger, confirm that you have taken information not from the ceiling, but from a reliable source. Let’s talk about it a little bit more below.

Thoughtful editors of large media are usually not idiots. If they see additional and unjustified links to your site, they remove them. It is understood that the guest article should have one link – in the signature of the author. And do not think that they will be lazy to go to the links.

In order not to delete a link, your site itself must be a source of reliable information. There are three ways to achieve this:

  • If you agree with your own article, they may or may not delete it. Depending on the value of information and liberality of the editor.
  • Reprint someone else’s article into your blog and confirm that you are right. In general, this is a bad tone, but it may go through.
  • Translate from a foreign article that proves you are right. Now, this is quite a win-win situation. If you are not lazy to translate and publish the study on your blog, the editors usually have nothing to dig into.

How do the Proofs work in general

Let’s say I’m making some statement: “The human brain better perceives pictures, not words”. If it is left like that, it will only be my personal opinion. I am not a neurobiologist, so the weight of my opinion is small. The statement needs to be proved: either to explain in detail or to give a reference to a scientific study to confirm

This is what Wikipedia does, and so do journalists of high-quality media. This is a feature of fact journalism.


Be sure to sign the guest articles. Do not think that the editorial staff will do it for you.

In the signature, tell us your name, who you are, and why we can trust you.

Signatures can be at the beginning and end of the text, they are a bit different:

It is up to you to decide what to write about yourself. Initially, the signature should confirm your expertise. But you can also ironize yourself or the content of an article. Here We do not dare to advise anything.

Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

Business, Finance & Marketing

The following list consists of websites like general business, strategy, finance, and general marketing topics. We would suggest not jumping onto Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and the gang before you secure some guest posts from publications with lower barriers.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Business Insider95292Extreme
Survey Monkey Blog94610Hard
Fast Company923,960Extreme
Harvard Business Review912,739Extreme
Venture Beat902,886Hard
Small Biz Trends8414,272Hard
Seeking Alpha831,888Hard
Business 2 Community819,237Hard
All Business8034,112Moderate
Wise Bread7425,908Moderate
Money Saving Mom6650,207Moderate
Customer Think6590,204Moderate
Startup Grind6562,916Moderate
Startup Nation64105,448Moderate
Killer Startups6492,514Moderate
Accounting Web6350,559Easy
Training Zone62272,612Easy
My Customer61111,294Easy
My Corporation60170,531Moderate
Business Zone59121,293Easy
Tweak Your Biz5867,256Moderate
HR Zone56160,606Easy
Inc 425241,644Moderate
Women on Business52405,645Moderate
E Secret34235,758Easy

Digital Marketing, SMM, SEO Sites that Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

This list is more for those who have in-depth knowledge and experience in either digital marketing, SMM, content marketing, SEO. The majority of these websites/blogs cover all aspects of digital marketing.

Again, I would not recommend jumping onto sites like Hubspot or Adweek until you get covered by less demanding ones.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
GoDaddy Garage97131Hard
Outbrain Blog95177Hard
Search Engine Land914,256Extreme
Copy Blogger8922,600Hard
Search Engine Watch8810,799Hard
Content Marketing Institute8624,329Hard
Social Media Examiner866,276Hard
Social Media Today8416,001Hard
Marketing Land8419,485Extreme
Media Post8435,519Hard
Crazy Egg8419,105Hard
Search Engine Journal839,089Hard
Search Engine Roundtable8224,321Extreme
Convince & Convert8046,408Hard
Smart Insights8012,224Hard
Marketing Profs7926,869Hard
Duct Tape Marketing7472,347Moderate
Social Media Explorer73138,065Hard
SEO Chat7124,057Hard
Advanced Web Ranking6773,210Moderate
Search Engine People6483,969Moderate
Social Nomics63230,109Moderate
The SEM Post6163,405Moderate
Income Diary5635,916Moderate
Sociable Blog54555,761Moderate
Twelve Skip5139,390Moderate
Guerrilla Marketing49149,813Moderate
Social Media Sun43488,836Moderate
Daily SEO Blog401,027,440Moderate
Social Media Impact35745,360Moderate
Tricky Enough29313,756Moderate
Solvid Blog28687,960Moderate

Blogging, Lifestyle Websites that Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

This list is more diversified than others. They generally cover most topics mentioned in the title, but ensure that you check out every blog on a case-by-case basis.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
The Huffington Post98177Extreme
A List Apart9029,485Hard
How Stuff Works881,631Hard
Self Growth7727,055Moderate
Daily Blog Tips7578,228Moderate
Pick The Brain6753,852Moderate
The Blog Herald67174,557Moderate
Wonder How To653,745Moderate
Dumb Little Man6556,657Moderate
Tech Wyse61107,125Moderate
Shout Me Loud604,110Moderate
Specky Geek60358,374Moderate
Write To Done5998,284Moderate
The Write Life5849,276Moderate
Freelance Writing54113,398Moderate
Live Write Thrive54401,584Moderate
Matthew Woodward5150,821Hard
Famous Bloggers51145,412Moderate
Blog Engage5166,474Moderate
Basic Blog Tips51128,991Moderate
The Digitel47144,595Easy
Blog Dash45204,042Moderate
Successful Blogging44173,162Moderate
iBlog Zone43375,359Moderate
We Blog Better43376,100Moderate
All Blogging Tips4151,762Moderate
HellBound Bloggers4153,478Moderate
Bloggers Passion4059,762Moderate
Intense Blog38275,572Moderate
Career Metis33297,341Moderate

Technology Websites/Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

These websites cover anything from general tech news and innovations to in-depth software reviews.

As you can see, there are some very high-profile publications on the list, such as Wired and Tech Crunch that are very picky to what they publish.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Tech Crunch 94523Extreme
The Verge93600Extreme
The Next Web911,960Hard
Read Write9022,707Hard
Tech Republic883,295Hard
New Atlas855,283Hard
GSM Arena83359Extreme
Techno Buffalo7312,571Hard,613Extreme
Tech Vibes69130,108Hard
Addictive Tips6114,235Moderate
I Love Free Software4945,839Moderate
iAM Wire4460,733Moderate
Technically Easy41509,485Moderate
Geek Estate Blog41497,054Moderate
Tech Walls3471,681Moderate
Martech Today28186,085Hard

Web Development Websites that Accept Guest Posts

The majority of these sites cover more or less all topics related to web design, coding, web development.

Some of these sites offer the financial compensation they offer for quality articles.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Smashing Magazine903,914Extreme
Creative Bloq872,482Hard
CSS Tricks841,474Hard
Theme Isle8210,930Moderate
Envato Tuts+821,607Hard
Android Central791,499Hard
Web Design Depot797,889Hard
Six Revisions7843,295Moderate
Android Authority741,953Hard
Specky Boy7313,156Hard
Web Design Ledger7231,447Moderate
1st Web Designer7117,064Moderate
UX Booth6879,775Moderate
Instant Shift6637,511Moderate
Design Shack6415,061Moderate
WP Tavern6439,222Moderate
Vandelay Design6428,227Moderate
Onextra Pixel6440,854Moderate
WP Lift5761,038Moderate
Men With Pens56341,956Moderate
Code In WP5622,564Moderate
Designr Fix5455,023Moderate
WP Arena53742,375Moderate
Crazy Leaf Design53300,253Moderate
WP Mayor4956,713Moderate
Creative Overflow48238,190Moderate
Usability Geek48101,212Moderate
Design Beep4767,598Moderate
WP Eka42177,044Moderate

Magazines and Diversified Sites that Accept Guest Posts

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Smashing Magazine903,914Extreme
Small Biz Trends8414,272Hard
Business 2 Community819,237Hard
All Business8034,112Moderate
My Customer61111,294Easy
Business Zone59121,293Easy
Tweak Your Biz5867,256Moderate
Outbrain Blog95177Hard
Search Engine Land914,256Extreme
Social Media Examiner866,276Hard
Marketing Land9419,485Extreme
Specky Boy7313,156Hard
Search Engine Journal 839,089Hard
Solvid Blog201,432,132Moderate
The Huffington Post98177Extreme
Tech Crunch94523Extreme
The Next Web911,960Hard
Martech Today28186,085Hard


Though the guest post is the good way to get traction, reputation and brand building, but do not post links anywhere, it is very important to follow the guidelines.

Hope you’ve liked enjoyed this article. We’ll try to keep this list updated.

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