The Best Ways to Find Affiliate Products to Promote

How do I find the best product to promote?

When you’re starting with Affiliate Marketing your first question must be – “How do I find the best product to promote?

The key is that you always should aim for the product that your audience wants to buy. It sounds pretty simple, but it can result in very few sales and massive frustration if you fail. Another thing that can possibly boost your product sales is Finding the HOTTEST selling products.

How can I find what the audience wants?. That is also simple, but it definitely is NOT easy. Here are ways to help with your research:

How to Find The Best Affiliate Products

1. Amazon:  Amazon is the largest retail company in the world, and there are ways you can use it:

Check the bestsellers – You can easily check Amazon’s popular products in your niche.

And then Amazon lets us explore other sections:

Amazon bestselling headphones as an example
Amazon bestselling headphones as an example

Hot New Releases: These are the most interesting products, you can find popular, but still very fresh and non-competitive products

Movers and Shakers: These products are something that is already on a burst. If there isn’t enough information– you can easily get some in your mind!

Most Wished For: Might be the best section for you. These are products that people have already added to their wishlists; you cant find customers that close to purchase. Do product research: Check reviews to understand how people reacted, why they bought it, what’s wrong and bad.

Top-rated reviews are very useful
Top-rated reviews are very useful

2. Forums: Online communities can give you crazy view into exactly what is going inside your niche. Watch relevant treads and don’t forget to share yours

3. Answer a Problem: Often you will discover that there are problems that need to be solved. This is a problem that lay inside your customer’s head. If you solve it you’ll definitely get a sale. You can discover these on Q&A platforms like Google Answers, Quora, Ubersuggest, etc.

Common search for getting product advantages
Common search for getting product advantages

4. Personal Experience: Have you ever purchased a product or service that you absolutely love? If so, then you definitely need to find out if they have an affiliate program that you can join.

There’s the easiest way to earn money if you share something that you really love. When someone comes to your site and they read your real review, they’ll know that you’re recommending something you use yourself. This works so well because it is genuine, it doesn’t sound like you are making a profit from your readers. Tell people what’s good and what’s bad in the product don’t be biased, full disclosure, maximum info on the product.

Common advices

If you have several products to promote, get into all of them, learn everything about those things, read as much as you can, and if u got a chance to test it yourself – do it. Earn your trust, become an expert.

Always calculate your possible earnings from sales, calculate your earnings per click. It is that simple, with just one metric you can understand what products deserve a big part of your attention. Better EPC – more attention to its promotion.

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    I never thought that products can have affiliate programs. You buy on the site and do not know who produces the product. The main thing is that it is good. Quality. It turns out that you can get money for advertising a good product.