Target Affiliates – Your Opportunity to promote countless products!

A large number of consumers these days prefer to shop online. Wouldn’t it be great if an affiliate network allows you to promote virtually any kind of product?

One such an affiliate network is target affiliates. It is associated with It means that you can promote almost any product sold in the target stores. As a result, the number of products which you can promote is in thousands.

The question which arises is, is it really lucrative to join target affiliates?

Can you make a good deal of money by joining target affiliates?

We will answer this question today in our target affiliates review.

About Target Affiliates:

Target affiliates help you in virtually promoting any product from the target store or the website. It means that you can promote products across categories. Since the parent target company is reputed, you have nothing to worry about. Also, the signup process of target affiliates is relatively simple, as well. With the Fortune 500 Company having its affiliate program, you shouldn’t worry about anything when you’re joining target affiliates.

Target Affiliates features:

Let us now look at the features of this affiliate network/program to understand more.

  1. High commissions:

One of the prime advantages of this affiliate program is that in specific categories, you can make as much as 8%. The higher commission rate is generally on popular categories. Since you can make more money on popular categories, it is easy to increase your ROI. Also, it is easy for you to gain more conversions for these popular categories. All in all, you can make a significantly higher amount of money when using this affiliate program.

  1. Long duration cookie:

The duration of the cookie plays an important role when it comes to any affiliate program. The higher the time duration of the cookies, the higher will be your chances of getting paid.

The duration of the cookies refers to the time during which the customer purchases to get a commission. Target affiliates have a cookie duration of 7 days. It means that after going from your website to the store if the customer makes any purchase during the next seven days, you will be getting paid. As a result, it is easier for you to make money with this affiliate program.

  1. Easy to find the best products:

When you’re dealing with a company with so many different products, at times it can be challenging to find the best products. However, target affiliates provide you with promotion details, Qantas, sales opportunities, and more. It does so through its weekly newsletter. It means that when you subscribe to the weekly newsletter, it is easy to know about the best products available to promote.

When you know the best products, integrating them with your website is not going to be a difficult task. You want to browse through thousands of products to find the right one to promote. It can help you save a significant amount of time when dealing with target affiliates.

  1. Reputed company:

You are associated with the affiliate program of a Fortune 500 company. You won’t have to worry about not getting paid on time or the terms and conditions changing suddenly. You’re dealing with a reputed company. As a result, you can make long-term plans to promote these products as well. You won’t have to change the products or switch the links intermittently.

The reputation of the company will work to your advantage. You can create content plans according to the products on offer in this affiliate program. All in all, dealing with a reputed affiliate program rather than a newer one certainly has its advantages.

  1. Wide variety of products:

We all know that Target sells a lot of stuff. The stuff is categorized across many different categories like adults, kids, babies, shoes, home, furniture, men, women, and so on. In each of these categories, there are thousands of products. You can promote any product, and you can encourage the entire category as well. The choice is yours.

It means that when joining target affiliates, you have thousands of options to choose from. It is easy to find a product suitable for the visitors of your website. As a result, promoting the right product and finding the relevant product is not going to be a problem due to the wide variety.

When you look at these features, you will realize that seldom does any other affiliate network provides you with all of these features. Due to this reason, if you want to promote direct products rather than any other type of offer, the target affiliates program is a perfect choice.

Target Affiliates Interface:

The signup process of target affiliates is pretty straightforward. You have to submit your account details. After that, you have to provide personal and additional information. Once you submit the details, you have to review the application and submit it. The approval time is relatively short. It means that soon enough, you can access all the products and link them via your affiliate links.

Target Affiliates Main menu:

When you’re looking for products, you can search for them on the target website. If you’re logged into your affiliate account, you can generate the links quite easily and quickly. It means that the interface to create the links is relatively simple. When you log in to the target affiliate program, you can view the earnings report as well.

All in all, the simplicity of the main menu certainly works to your advantage.

Target Affiliates Offers:

The affiliate program pays you on a per-sale basis. The commission can be as high as 8%. The commission varies from one product category to another. Once you login to the dashboard of target affiliates, it is easy to understand the commission structure. Also, with the help of a 7-day cookie, you can be sure that getting a conversion is not a difficult task.

Since you can virtually promote any product from the thousands of options available, finding the right product is not going to be a difficult task when using target affiliates.


• Thousands of products available to promote

• Reputed company

• Transparent affiliate program

• 7-day cookie duration

• Simple interface


• Only CPS offers


With Target Affiliates, you will have no reason to complain if you want to promote actual physical products. Since the target keeps launching new products, the options which you will have to encourage are virtually unlimited. Due to this reason, it will become easy for you to promote any product.

The simple interface, as well as an easy signup process, means that using this affiliate program is not going to be a problem. These features help this affiliate program stand out.

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