Skimlinks review – Your one-stop network for thousands of offers

How many affiliate networks do you use?

What if a single affiliate network provides you with offers from all others?

Yes, there is such a network. It goes by the name of Skimlinks. It syndicates offer from various other networks. While the offerings might be quite good, but it is essential to conduct some due diligence before choosing this affiliate network.

You would help you out with the same today. Our Skimlinks review will help you decipher if this network is up to the mark or not.

Skimlinks synchronizes offers from over 50 different affiliate networks. As a result, the number of offers which it has is one of the highest in the industry. The network has been around since 2008. Ever since then, it is at a stellar track record. Moreover, due to its excellent relationships with other affiliate networks, you can count on its credibility. It means that when you look at the reputation of the network itself, you will realize that it is a stellar reputation.

The affiliate network has quite a few features that help it stand out. We will go into these features below to help you know more about this affiliate network.

  1. Over 45000 merchants:

As it syndicates offers from different affiliate networks, it has over 45,000 merchants. It means that finding the right merchant is not going to be a difficult task. Moreover, it offers an automated mechanism for the syndication of affiliate offers as well. It further reduces your effort to monetize your website.

With 45,000 different merchants, you can be sure that there will be no dearth of relevant offers when using this affiliate network.

  1. Automated affiliate link generation:

The best point about this affiliate network is that it offers automatic affiliate link generation. It means that if you’re reviewing a book on your website and link it to the store that sells that book, it can convert it into an affiliate link. It will happen if the store is one of the 45,000 merchants listed in this affiliate network.

The best thing about this affiliate network is that it is all of it is automated. It means that you will not have to manually worry about getting the affiliate link and then embedding it on your website. When publishing a lot of content online, this can save you a significant amount of time. It also makes this affiliate network suitable for publishers having large websites. The automated process is an advantage.

  1. Network Compilation:

The affiliate network compiles offers from over 50 different affiliate networks. It means that you need not worry about signing up on these networks individually. Once you sign up, you can get offers from all of those networks as well.

Have you ever thought, is it possible to sign up and get approved by 50 affiliate networks?

Even if you manage to do so, it will take a lot of time and effort on your part. On the other hand, when you simply sign up with SkimLinks, you get offers from all those affiliate networks. It means that there is no need to sign up on all of those affiliate networks manually.

With such a vast inventory of offers and automatic integration with your website, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this affiliate network. Also, it means that the new offers that come online on any of these affiliate networks will be available for you. It means that the number of offers available will go on increasing consistently.

Due to this reason, this network on a single-handed basis can cater to all your website monetization needs.

  1. Resourceful insights:

Any affiliate network that provides you with detailed insights ensures that you can optimize your revenue. It means that increasing your revenue will be easy.

This affiliate network provides quite a bit of data as well. It includes things like:

• The list of URLs that generate the most revenue.

• The merchants providing maximum revenue.

• The most sold products.

• The breakdown of affiliate revenue according to the country, link, as well as, device.

• URL wise earnings report.

In addition to that, there are many ways in which you can segment the data. It means that getting the most accurate data is quite easy. Based on this data, you can make decisions regarding your website and affiliate marketing campaign that you are running. It means that you can increase your ROI.

The insightful reports and data which this affiliate network has on offer make it a perfect choice.

  1. No merchant approval process:

One of the advantages of this network is that you do not have to go through the approval process for different merchants. It means that when you want to run a particular offer, you can do so without having to apply for the approval and then getting the link.

It means that you have access to over 45,000 different merchants without going through the approval process. It will save you time. As a result, you can find relevant offers easily.

When you look at these features, you will realize that this affiliate network is designed to provide you with ample convenience. The convenience that it has on offer and a wide variety of merchants means that you need not worry about anything when using this affiliate network.

When you look at the signup interface of this affiliate network, you will realize that it requires you to share the name, email address, and password. It implies that it will not take a long time to go through the signup process and get approved.

When you look at the interface, it offers you the option to look at the snapshot that includes learning snapshot, the offers which you are running and so on. If you want detailed reports, you can visit the performance tab. In the merchant’s step, you can go through the many offers as well.

There are a toolbox and setup tab to provide you with integration. The entire dashboard is simple and easy to understand. That is why; there is no learning curve when going with this affiliate network.

The affiliate network primarily has a cost per sale offers. It means that whenever you send the visitor which converts, you will make money from this affiliate network. These are some of the most lucrative offers available since the amount of money that you can make on each conversion is on the higher side.


• Over 45,000 different merchants

• Simple interface

• Easy signup process

• Great insights

• Tie-up with over 45 various networks

• Credible history


• Only CPS offers


Skimlinks is one of the best networks on offer if you want to just sign up with one network which provides you with the whole host of offers. Also, the resourceful insights mean that you can work towards increasing your earnings when you go with this network. Keeping these factors in mind, you should sign up with this affiliate network to increase your earnings.

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