Skillshare Review

Are you looking for a website which not only provides you with theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge as well?

If so, Skillshare promises to help you out with the same. The only bit of the problem is, can you trust its claims?

Today, we will share with you our Skillshare review. Once you go through this review, it will be easier for you to decide whether Skillshare is trustworthy or not.

What Is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a community that has hundreds of courses and various creators across categories. With millions of members, the student pool is pretty huge as well. The hundreds of courses can help you out and also the vast student pool. The student pool can interact with one another. Due to the same, it becomes effortless for you to track others’ progress and find out how they are utilizing the course in the best possible way.

Not only that, the low cost of the courses is expanding its student pool at a rapid pace.

The video-based learning method ensures that students can grasp each and everything quickly.

In a nutshell, it is an online learning platform powered by hundreds of teachers and millions of students.

How Does Skillshare Stand Out?

One of the primary reasons why Skillshare is better than other online learning websites is that it forces the students to undertake practical projects. Many other websites just impart theoretical knowledge. Using Skillshare ensures that you undertake smaller projects which allow you to enhance your knowledge further. Doing so will undoubtedly make it easy for you to learn a new skill.

The video-based learning method and the resources available for download make it one of the best online learning websites available.

Skillshare features:

Let us look at the features of this website to understand more about it.

  • Simple Interface:

The prime advantage of this website is its simple interface. Even if you’re new to online learning websites, you can easily use Skillshare.

The simple interface also means that finding a particular course or a lesson is relatively easy. You need not spend time doing so.

  • Courses across categories:

The courses are available across numerous categories. It can be a life skill like becoming more productive or a business skill like accounting.

Skillshare aims to provide you with those courses that can help you out in your career and your personal life.

With a variety of options available, it is easy for you to find a course that can benefit you.

  • Learning resources available:

Most courses come along with the downloads section as well. The downloads section has resources that you can download.

These resources aim to help you with the courses.

For example, when you’re undertaking a programming course, it can be the program’s syntax.

Similarly, there are numerous other resources available for every course.

The advantage of these learning resources is they push you in the right direction. If, for some reason, you’re not able to do something from scratch, these resources can undoubtedly come to your rescue.

  • Easy interaction with students and teachers:

The comments section of Skillshare allows you to interact with teachers as well as other students.

You can freely ask your queries and doubts to the teachers, making it easy for you to learn.

Not only that, the comment section allows other students to share their work as well. You can easily track and record your progress and the progress of others using this section.

The easy interaction certainly makes it simpler for you to progress through the course.

  • Value for money:

The advantage of Skillshare is that it offers you unlimited access to the premium membership. The cost of premium membership is also on the lower side (Covered below). Due to this very reason, it is one of the most affordable online learning websites available.

With these numerous features available, you cannot go wrong with Skillshare.

Let us now understand what type of courses are on offer on Skillshare.

Types of Courses Offered on Skillshare:

The courses are available across various categories like:

  • Animation
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Lifestyle
  • Photo & Film
  • Business
  • Writing
  • And so on

With the numerous courses available in these categories, finding a suitable one is easy. You can decide the category under which you want to take the course. Then, you can go through the students’ ratings and find out how many students have undertaken those courses well. The comments in the students’ ratings can make it easy for you to choose the right course. Doing so enables you to invest your time in proper fashion.

How Much Do Skillshare courses Cost?

Skillshare free membership. The free membership will give you access only to the free courses and lessons.

If you want unlimited access, you have to pay $ 19 per month or $ 99 per year. That will provide you with access to all the courses available.

In case you’re a business and buying a Skillshare membership for your team, there are team classes available. The cost of them is different.

As you can see, Skillshare is one of the most affordable options available when it comes to online learning.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Skillshare offers you a moneyback guarantee within seven days of paying for the annual plan. Other than that, it does not offer any money-back guarantee for any of the courses.


  • Affordable options available
  • Practical project downloads available
  • Easy to interact with students and teachers
  • Hundreds of courses available
  • Simple interface


  • Not all courses are up to the mark

Will Skillshare Help You In Your Career?

There are numerous courses on Skillshare which can help you in improving your career. Of course, if you need to pick up some life skills, there are courses available on that as well. You need to decide which course you want to take.

So, if you’re in two minds regarding Skillshare, we will recommend you to go for it. The courses on Skillshare up to the mark, and therefore, you should go for the premium membership to benefit from them.

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