ShareASale Review

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing platform based in Chicago, USA. It was founded in 2000. Today, there are about 4000+ sellers and 700000+ affiliates registered at ShareASale.

ShareASale, like any other affiliate network, provides a platform for merchants to find marketers for their products. With shareasale you’re guaranteed with adequate commission payouts.

Can I join ShareASale as an affiliate

There is only one requirement for the promotion of ShareASale offers. You need a site or blog. Even if you plan to promote products through paid promotions, the website is pretty much mandatory.

Features, weaknesses, and advantages of ShareASale

As a new partner who has just registered, you may notice that the Shareasale site is very clumsy and a bit confusing. You cant easily find what you need because the site`s design is just old, it wasn’t upgraded for years. And That’s the only moment where Shareasale is bad. Usually, you see other partner networks very cute and convenient, the Shareasale interface remains a giant upset for all newcomers.

Otherwise, ShareASale offers many advantages to affiliates and merchants. These benefits include time tracking and total control of merchandisers and affiliates. ShareASale additionally guarantees payments on time. Despite all interface clumsiness you can still do a lot of things like deep linking or getting detailed information on your offers and traffic.

Shareasale will offer you a variety of the best affiliate programs to join your respective niche, choose the offers according to your needs and you can start promoting the best offers you need,

You don’t have to go all over the Internet looking for goods to promote. This affiliate network allows you to easily find any products and any sellers in any niche, so you can focus on creating really interesting content for your readers.

Their dashboard serves as a complete monitoring tool. Sales, commissions, etc., all here.

And of course, they offer you many different marketing tools. Including banners, widgets, landing pages, etc.

By the way, they got some articles and even own newspaper, I suggest you head to it as soon as you discover their site


All financial flows in ShareASale are in US dollars. And there are only two ways to withdraw: by check or by transfer to a deposit.

All necessary payment details are indicated during registration, but after gaining access to the personal account, we recommend checking that these parameters are correctly configured (sections “Payment Settings” and “Account Settings”).

ShareASale pays once a month, with a minimum threshold of $50. 

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