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AdWork Media is an affiliate platform for blog owners, webpage creators, and mobile advertisers. Using the tools that this system provides, both sides will make a profit out of it. Promotion in exchange for a payment.

It highlights several offers that the owners will be able to use, generating big commissions in exchange for offering apps for IOS and Android, surveys, subscriptions, downloads and other types of web offerings.

Once you choose one of the sections you’ll be able to filter by country, remuneration, device, type of campaign and conversion.

Of course, you’ll be able to use detailed statistics of your campaigns, and compare your performance with the general levels of the site. Analyze your conversions, details as the reference URL, the mobile device and its operating system, IP address and tracking IDS, and many other variables.

You’ll be able to easily optimize with the ‘Split Testers’, and other integrated tools.

Adwork media Tools and Features

The best tools to monetize your Adwork media campaign are:

Content Locker:

It’s a widget that blocks content from users until they complete an action. This could be a download, an email submission, a short survey or test a product, for being able to continue. It allows us to change the aspect of the page, and it’s optimized for mobile and other options.

Similar to the previous one, you’ll be able to generate links that the user has to unlock with an action before he can continue.

Product Locker:

It’s a service within the platform that allows you to sell your digital goods through download. These can be books, guides, videos, archives, and others. The user also has to complete some actions to unlock the content.

Offer Wall:

It allows you to create your own set of offers. Users can get credits from those, necessary to keep going through your page.

Postback services:

This service allows you to use more attributes for your URLs. You’ll be able to better control the performance and conversions you’ve got.

It’s an easy way to test how to do landing pages work on the country from which you connect. It’s only made for testing, it doesn’t generate income if users visit it.

This tool is made to create a block, in which you’ll be able to rotate the different banners from the Artwork media campaigns. Then, you only have to paste the code on the space you most prefer of your blog or webpage.

Pixel Manager:

It allows you to add your code to recompile followup information from the cookies, created on the user’s initial click. It is recommended that you use followup cookies if your site doesn’t use them already.

Global Traffic Monetizer:

It’s only one short link that shows an ad, it’s valid for mobile phones. It automatically shows available campaigns for the territory of the visit. For more than 250 countries.

API Campaigns Feed and Reporting:

Adwork media’s API services allow webmasters to access their campaign details and present the reports with a realtime XML and JSON feed.

Apps and Plugins:

Adwork Media for IOS devices, Adwork Media Stats for Android devices and Adwork Media EZ Content Locker for WordPress.

Other tools:

Mobile friendly Platform (if you want to search for new campaigns, to see the platform’s feed and your statistics in a very pleasant way, from your mobile).

Email notifications.

Expired Campaigns API Checker.

One Con of AdWork media is that there are many demanded requirements to publish campaigns:

Before you can use the Product Locker, Link or Content you’ll have to accept a “Gateway agreement” for each one of them.

For example, to begin using the Content Locker we’ll have to accept their agreement, that says:

“The gateways are very profitable and easy to use assets for our affiliates. You can create and administrate your gateways, once you commit to following the following conditions:

Downloads/Content/ Images, Electronic Books, and other rewards blocked by the gateway; must be delivered automatically after the user has opened the gateway.

Webmasters are responsible to ensure they are not misled by their users.

Don’t use the word FREE, because mobile subscription campaigns may charge users.

Don’t spam. Locker ads can only be used in sites where the editor is allowed to advertise. You can’t publish it in forums, websites, social media or blogs without its creator’s permit.

It’s strictly forbidden to reward users with cash or PayPal money. Inadequate content as porn, copyrighting will be blocked.

Don’t use Malware/ Hijacking. It’s strictly forbidden to traffic spyware, malware, hackers, block-out surveys or other similar sources.

Don’t do Facebook LinkJacking, Spam, Viral Traffic on Facebook,

or other forms of abuse related to Facebook.

We have to guarantee these terms compliance, so please make sure that your gateways fulfill these conditions. If you have any questions concerning our politics, please get in touch with your Affiliate Manager or submit a support ticket.”

Once you log in you may have to accept other terms and conditions, because of other changes in their politics.

There are some more requisites for email marketing: All email marketing has to have ways to unsubscribe and meet the 2003 CAN.SPAM law.

Also, you have other guidelines to use the links. Any direct link with the campaigns through social media, email marketing, or other public information sources has to use the service to shorten the links that the platform offers.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to enter Adwork media webpage and consult all the different services that offer, filtered by countries.

Payment methods and minimum for transfers:

You’ll get your payments by check, or by direct deposit to PayPal, ACH, Payoneer, and Payza.

You can also get it by transfer using ACH or Western Union. The price of the transfer will be deduced to your payment.

All webmasters get paid based on a NET-30 (30 days after the conversion is confirmed), and you then can move to NET-15 or even fewer days. The minimum payment is $35.


AdWork is responsible for the maximization of every click and highlighting only your best campaigns. It selects only the campaigns that are generating the most promising results and prepares the tools to show it on your website.

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