Reasons To Start Using A Spy Tool Right Now

As a successful affiliate partner, you need to get insights into the campaign you are running. Since you’ll be spying on others anyway, get a spy tool!

Can I be successful without using a spy tool?

Of course, You can find marketers who get great results without ad spy tools. But in this case, we most likely deal with a really experienced and professional affiliate in a niche.

Anyways, We can’t see any real reason to not use these tools and here`s why:

It provides you with more data than any other tool

In any Spy Tool, you’ll find thousands or even millions of Ads from different publishers in many many countries. Complete ad campaigns in any vertical, ads in any language. You can almost copy and go to the same niche that they are in.

Find a different offer to promote.

You can easily use the tool to see what others are promoting right now. You can sort any ad by country, language, and even more. You will see ads that has been running for, and that is what you really should look in to.

Spy on your competition in a few minutes.

You need to find the same or very similar offer, then take a picture of the ad title, various texts, and images. This will take you just up to fifteen minutes. And that is just for one ad. The more time you spend on this manual work, the more money you give to your competitors! Spy tool ensures that you will find many or at least several ads for an offer in one place, like in 5 minutes.

Copy converting landing pages.

Some Spy services nowadays offer an easy way to download the landing page completely. You have a great option. Edit and upgrade the ripped landing page within the platform (as WYSIWYG editor) and launch on your server.

There is no need to translate ads.

If you are into international offers that means you have to spend a lot of time for ad translation. Google translate works better every day, but if you want your ad sound right and understandable to your target group, you will need to have a lot of translated text. With a spy tool, there’s no real need to do it. You can just take the best performing ad for your offer, and you’re already ok.

Don’t just copy & paste good campaigns of your competitors. Most likely this strategy won’t bring you any profit, ad campaign easily can be very exhausted. Get all these insights and plan your own promotion. Always keep in mind this: your competitors are always looking at your ads. You need to stay ahead of your pursuers. Getting a spy tool will help you for sure.

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