Pluralsight Review

When you’re looking for a platform that offers you technology-related courses, there are quite a few. However, you cannot experiment with those platforms. You have to choose the best one available.

One name which you will often come across while searching for such a learning platform is Pluralsight. The same is true for Pluralsight as well. You have to 1st, and foremost, find out whether it is up to the mark or not. Only once you do so, you can think about signing up.

Today, our Pluralsight review will help you out with the same. It will go into every detail of the platform. Once you go through this review, making the decision will be easy.

What Is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is a marketplace that lets you opt for courses in software development, IT operations, machine learning, artificial intelligence, security, and more.

In a nutshell, if you want to master any of the latest attack skills, Pluralsight is the platform with which you can certainly go with.

It offers a free trial as well. Due to the same, if you just want to explore the platform, that is certainly possible.

Before we go further, let us help you understand why it is unique.

How Does Pluralsight Stand Out?

Pluralsight is unique because every week, there are newer courses available on the platform as well. Not only that, but the current set of courses have also got stellar reviews. Due to the same, it becomes very easy for you to find the best courses when it comes to Pluralsight.

There are quite a few other features of this platform as well, which help it stand out.

Pluralsight features:

Some of the other features of Pluralsight which make it better than many other platforms include:

  • Certification courses available:

In the tech industry, certification matters a lot. Many companies take into account the core certifications you have.

The good news is that Pluralsight can help you with the same. It has quite a few certification courses available. Thus, not only the knowledge but you get the credentials as well. It will help you in your career.

  • Discussion forums available:

Most other online learning platforms offer very limited options when it comes to discussing as well as interacting with other students. Pluralsight is different in this regard.

It has an online forum through which you can interact with other students. Not only that, with the help of this online forum, you can get your doubts solved as well.

If you’re finding it difficult to master any course or have some doubts about the latest technological skills you need to pick up, the forum can undoubtedly come to your rescue.

The rooms are certainly one of the main features of this platform.

  • Over 7500+ courses:

Most course creators on this platform put in a lot of effort to create new courses. Due to the same, the total number of courses available is over 7500.

With so many different courses available, it is easy for you to find a suitable one.

  • Unlimited access:

Once you take the paid plan, you are free to access all the courses. There is no limitation after that.

In a single paid plan, you will get access to over 7500 courses. There is no other learning platform that provides you with access to such a high number of learning courses in a single plan.

  • Download practice files available:

When it comes to programming, coding, and other skills, practice is what makes it perfect.

The good news is that the platform has plenty of portable practice files available as well. You can download these to your machine and practice as much as you want. That will allow you to eliminate the errors and improve your skills consistently.

  • Frequent new courses added:

Every week, you will find new courses on the platform. Due to the same, even if you aren’t able to find the cause you want, you can check back in a week, and chances are you will be able to find it back in a week.

In most cases, you will find multiple courses for every single skill. That is why the available options are plenty.

  • Mobile viewing available:

If you want to browse the videos from your smartphone, that is certainly possible. The mobile browsing experience means that you will be able to enjoy learning wherever you are. You can utilize your commutation time without any worry as well.

Mobile viewing can certainly make it easy for you to use this platform.

  • Path-based courses:

The courses follow a very specific path. The courses follow a path to ensure that you do not miss out on any essential aspect of the course.

The path based learning also means that you can safely complete the course as well. You will not have to guess around or just hope that you pick up the necessary skills.

With ample features, you cannot go wrong with Pluralsight.

Types of Courses Offered on Pluralsight:

The platform offers courses across various categories like:

  • IT operations
  • Cloud computing
  • Software development
  • Machine learning
  • Information on cybersecurity
  • And so on

If you observe these categories, you will realize that these are industries growing at a rapid pace. Due to the same, finding a job or giving a boost to your career is easy once you complete any of these courses.

How Much Do Pluralsight courses Cost?

The platform offers you a free plan to test things out.

The personal plan starts at $ 29 per month. The professional plan starts at $ 499 for a single user for each month.

The enterprise plan starts at $ 699 per user per month.

As you can see, there is a plan for almost everyone. Due to the same, finding a suitable plan isn’t going to be an issue.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee on Pluralsight?

Pluralsight, unfortunately, does not offer refunds. However, there is a free trial available, which allows you to experience the platform and the courses yourself. You can cancel the subscription anytime you wish during the free trial, and you will not have to pay any charge.


  • A large number of courses available
  • Courses available across growing industries
  • The current edition of courses
  • Online discussion forums available
  • Value for money membership plans
  • Free trial available
  • Certification courses available


  • Lots of options can be confusing

Will Pluralsight Help You In Your Career?

Since the platform offers you courses across only the growing industries, taking these courses can boost your career. Not only that, the fact that they offer certification courses as well can certainly help you in your career.

Pluralsight is one of the largest libraries of online courses available. Since these are available across industries in demand, it is certainly a website you should join if you’re serious about boosting your career and want to work in a technology-related fields.

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