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Pexels is an online marketplace for high-resolution photos and video content. It prides itself as the platform for the most excellent free stock images and videos shared by skilled creators. Pexels assists millions of creators in different parts of the globe to easily create catchy products and designs by making free stock images available.


Pexels boasts of having photographers in 170 countries of the world while the platform itself has 15 million visits and more than four billion image views every month.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the images you use in your marketing or creative activities can talk about your business, or even about you personally. Not everyone has a professional photographer or artist at their disposal to create custom images, so many people turn to photos and videos in stock to fill this gap.

Of course, you want to use only the highest quality photos, but the fees charged by some of the best sites are beyond the budget for many small businesses and solo professional creatives. While there is no argument that large visual content deserves to be compensated, the fee just may not be something you can swing at the moment, but you still need high quality visualization for your project. Free stock photo becomes an option that you go to with pleasure.

Searching for free photos on the stock exchange will give you several options, and Pexels will be among the best results. If you decided to work with Pexels, then, in your opinion, it would be one of the most respected platforms for free stock photography, with a curated collection that has few competitors in the industry.


The platform focuses on the aggregation of free images and videos from various parts of the Internet for use by creators and content producers worldwide. These images and videos can be used on blogs, websites and applications or even presentations, e-commerce platforms, eBooks, newsletters, and so on. Private collections and Follow features are also present on Pexels.

The platform also offers the chance to promote your product with its material. Users can create eye-catching ads, marketing campaigns, and banners using photos from Pexels. It is free to share the videos and photos from Pexels on social media which will increase engagement for your business. The photos can also be utilized for postcards, books, invitations, magazines, flyers, albums, CD covers, and many others.

Overview of the strengths of the Pixel.

  • Pexels offers a curated collection of more than 500 thousand free pictures from the warehouse.
  • Every month artists upload more than 50 thousand new images to the Pexels platform.
  • Pexels uses a powerful search algorithm that allows you to easily and quickly filter and sift through hundreds of thousands of images.
  • The search function includes unique options, for example by color
  • The pixel highlights the top images and displays unique categories
  • The Pexel API allows for seamless integration of their images and videos into websites and other visual products.
  • Pexel image sources include free image sites in stock such as Pixabay, Gratisography and Little Visuals.
  • All images on Pexels are listed under the zero creative commons license, which means that they are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, without the need for attribution.
  • Images on Pexels are of high quality and go beyond the cold, impersonal images that can be found on other free photo websites.
  • If you like the work of a particular participant, you can contact them directly through the platform.
  • Pexels offers “Heroes” program for its best content providers.

Pexel – Large curated collection corresponds to artistic talent

Pexels is a warehouse image site that provides hundreds of thousands of quality, free warehouse images and videos to its users around the world. Compared to some other free stock images of platforms such as Pixabay, Pexels is quite a new company on stage. Founded in 2014 by Bruno and Ingo Joseph, Pexels joined Daniel Cutter in 2015 and has since worked to become a leading resource providing high-quality, free stock images.

Pexels has a mission to empower creators including designers, marketers, artists, programmers and other professional artists by providing them with a resource that is filled with relevant, artistic and ready-to-use images, designs and videos.

All images on the Pexels site are supplied under the Pexels License, which is a creative commons zero license that allows Pexels users to access and use each image on the site for free and without attribution. For creative work with a limited budget, Pexels provides exceptional images with no sharp subscription fee or image usage.

Pexels is also an excellent platform for photographers and digital artists who want to create portfolios and reputations. Images uploaded by artists to Pexels are viewed and the best ones are selected to be available to Pexels users on the site. Authors with a well-deserved reputation can join the Heroes program, which is designed to help further advance the careers of the best Pexels members.


Pexels offers high-quality free stock photos for millions of creators in various parts of the world and it can empower creators. They rely on this platform to create outstanding products and designs using the content made available.

Photos from warehouse

When you browse the Pexels website, you will see that this is great, authentic photos of the stock, which is the basis of this free stock platform. Pexels focuses on stock photography, and this is really what they do best.

One of the ways that Pexels really stands out in the world of free stock photo sites is the many ways that they make it easier for their users to find and discover new images. They offer a normal search string that you will find on almost every other site, but they also offer the opportunity to explore images on topics such as fashion, travel, technology, abstract art and color, to name just a few.

Illustrations and vectors

Illustrations and vectors are part of the Pexels library, although a little digging is required to find them. Other sites, such as Pixabay, make it easy to find these types of stock images using simple navigation. With Pexels you will find illustrations and vectors by entering these specific keywords into the search string function.

Video for business

Pexels publishes an extensive catalog of free videos that were uploaded by content creators and taken from other free access sites. Like all images on the Pexels site, all videos are free to use, without any attribution. A simple drop-down menu will show you the direction of their video collection. Once you click on the one that captures your eye, Pexels improves the user experience by providing a healthy handful of options for similar video content for your personal use.


The content on the website is under the Pexels license. This platform ensures that the hundreds of thousands of free stock photos and the new high-resolution photos added daily are all licensed using the Pexels license.

The Pexels license is designed to be as simple as possible and that explains why all the photos and videos on the platform can be used free of charge. There is no need for any attribution. Giving credit to Pexels or even the photographer is not compulsory but is appreciated when done. Users can modify the videos and photos sourced from Pexels as they like.

However, the license does not allow the sale of unaltered copies, redistribution, and sale of videos or photos on other stock wallpaper or photo platforms.

How can you contribute to the Pexels Library?

It can’t be easier to upload images to Pexels and become a member of their site – provided you upload quality images that meet the requirements and expectations of their users.

When you visit the Pexels website, you will find a green download button in the top right corner. Clicking on it will take you to a page where you can upload images and then publish them. Pexels reserves the right to view all images. After viewing, if your image meets Pexels standards and criteria, the uploaded content will appear in their image and video library.

If you are an artist who wants to make money by downloading his content, Pexels is not the platform that will generate a stable income. However, Pexels does offer incredible opportunities for you to showcase your work, gain industry fame, and possibly earn some income through Pexels users who choose to donate to you through the platform.

The best participants may also be invited to participate in the Heroes of the Pixel program. As a Hero, your uploaded content receives priority placement, which means you get more views and more information. You will also be connected to an extensive network of creative professionals, receive a special profile badge and access additional benefits provided by Pexels.

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There are no usage plans, Pexels is free.


  • The images on Pexels are of the highest quality and are free stock images.
  • The images are well tagged, can be searched and there are also the discover pages that make locating images very easy.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of images and more are added daily so you can be sure of getting precisely what you need.
  • All the pictures are published in high-quality format and are all licensed under the Pexels license.
  • Users do not need to worry about any copyright issues.


  • It does not allow for the sale of unmodified copies.
  • Redistribution on other stock photo platforms is prohibited.


Pexels is a decent and reliable platform for content creators who are looking for the highest-quality images and videos without making any payment or having to sort copyright issues. It is recommended for anyone in this category.

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