Performcb review – A network with a credible track record

Do you prefer an affiliate network that has got various awards?

How about the affiliate network which has been around since 2002?

Performcb meets all of these requirements. It is a pretty well-renowned affiliate network. Also, over the years, it has expanded consistently. There have been a couple of acquisitions of this network by the company as well. However, it is still quite popular and has a stellar track record when it comes to payments.

It is always better to research any affiliate network before you sign up on it. Only once you do so, you can avoid the fly by night operators. Today, we will help you research this network. Our Performcb review will help you understand whether it is safe to join this network or not.

About Performcb:

When you look at the number of awards that this network has got, those are quite a few. Also, throughout its history, it has quite a few awards as well. It has been around since 2002. Due to this reason, it has a vast amount of experience. Also, the network has a stellar track record when it comes to payments as well. It ensures that you will always get paid on time.

Performcb has been leading technological innovation in the affiliate marketing industry since then. Also, it has been increasing its offer count. When signing up on this network, you’re dealing with the network that has a flawless track record. In this regard, you should have no complaints at all.

Performcb features:

Performcb certainly has some features which make it better than other affiliate networks that you can find.

  1. Large team:

Which affiliate network has a team of more than 100 employees?

This one does. The advantage of such a large team is that things would always function smoothly. Whether you refer to the tracking or the offer acquisition or customer support, with such a large team, you can be sure that you will get the attention of the network. At the same point in time, you scale up your campaigns with the larger network rather than a smaller network. You have to keep this factor in mind as well when you’re choosing a network.

If you have the option to go with the largest network available, there is no point in going with the smaller one. You have to remember this and choose this network over others.

  1. Fast Payouts:

The advantage of this network is that as you prove the worth of your traffic, the payouts become faster and faster. Initially, you would be put on a monthly payout. After that, you would be placed on a biweekly payout and then the weekly payout. As you prove the worth of your traffic and also increase the volumes, the payment frequency will undoubtedly increase. The increase in payment frequency makes it easy for you to manage your business and campaigns efficiently.

  1. Multiple payment methods:

Also, the payment methods available are plenty as well. It is another reason why you should go with this affiliate network. The payment methods include:

• Paypal

• Paxum

• Cheque

• Bank Transfer

With so many different payment methods available, getting the payment as per your convenience is an easy task. You can choose not only the most convenient payment method but also one which costs you less. If you want to pay less in fees, you have quite a few options to compare. Thus, you can further increase your earnings by this saving on the payment processing fees.

  1. Caters to different verticals:

Wondering about the niches in which the offers are available?

The network is quite a few verticals which it caters to. These verticals include:

• Apps

• Dating

• Lead generation

• Nutra

• And so on

The advantage of so many verticals is that irrespective of the vertical in which you have a website, you can find relevant offers easily. There will be no need to go with any other network. At the same time, the number of offers available in this network is expanding at a rapid pace. It means that when you opt for this network, there will be hardly any need to go with any other network.

  1. Responsive support:

The network offers multichannel support. You can contact your affiliate managers over the messenger. You can email them through the website. Also, the network is available on various social media platforms. The support is equally responsive and fast on any of these platforms. You can choose the platform which is most convenient for you and contact the network on that platform.

Chances are, you will get a knowledgeable reply, which will resolve your queries. When you take this factor into account, you will realize that monetizing your website using this network is an easy task.

  1. Curated offers:

The network does not list any offer which it comes across. It is actually pretty careful in selecting the right offers. Due to this very reason, it will become easier for you to get highly curated offers. These offers can help you in increasing your earnings per click. At the same point in time, they are likely to be the best performing offers in the industry. No other network has such a robust curation process as this one.

If you want a completely reliable and trustworthy network, you shouldn’t ignore this one. Its long history works in its favor.

Performcb Interface:

The signup process is relatively simple. It can be completed in 2 simple steps. So, you can sign up on the network and start using these offers pretty soon.

Performcb Main Menu:

The main menu of this network is designed after a lot of planning. The design is such that you can access any feature of the network quite easily. It is self-explanatory. Whether you want to filter and find the right offer or contact the network, you can do so through the dashboard of this network.

Performcb Offers:

The types of offers available on this network include:





With different kinds of offers available, monetizing your website becomes easier.


• Long history

• Numerous offers available

• Excellent support

• Timely payments

• Faster payments

• Easy signup process


• Missing CPS offers


Performcb is one of the most credible names when it comes to the affiliate marketing industry. The stellar track record from 2002 ensures that you have nothing to worry about when going with this affiliate network. Also, the highly curated offers ensure that you get only the best offers to promote. These features help this affiliate network stand out.

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