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In the wake of the changing past and the changing present and exciting future of affiliate marketing, we have published the latest edition of Performance Partnerships: Managing Partner Relationships. Robert uses his deep industry knowledge to highlight why programs succeed and fail, and what the future holds for true performance partnerships. This experience brings together strategies and tactics that have been clearly broken down into a generational framework that allows you to benchmark your own affiliate programs. We describe the good, the bad, and the ugly and offer you your perspective on the past, present, and future of performance partnerships as well as the best and worst of each.

Improving and streamlining your business and understanding the business activities of your subsidiaries ensure that the complexity and transparency required for service partnerships can be realized.

The partners themselves should have strong and effective leaders who will manage the partnership proactively, due to the above factors. As partnerships develop, your operations team will need to take on this task and will need the support of a strong management team with the right skills and experience. There is a trend in performance reviews for performance partnerships and this depends on staff feeling able to control their own future.

Partnerships today include dynamic new sectors, including, in addition to affiliate marketing. This allows partnerships to be managed more effectively and cost-effectively, while connecting more fluently with partners around the world. The better companies manage individual relationships, the more likely they are to be able to build value – and create partnerships with their partners.

As more brands embrace new types of partnerships to create authentic, scalable relationships that impact the bottom line, performance partnerships will continue to evolve.

Brands will continue to use affiliate marketing to manage and expand business development partnerships and influencer relationships. Performance partnerships cover a wide range of business opportunities for all stakeholders, from brands to influencers to brands. Brands, brands and those who want to get a foothold in the industry will find their value in a performance partnership. Define the offer you are looking for and define the value of the partnership for your brand, company or audience as well as your target market.

How can we help you build strong partnerships within your performance organization and beyond? To learn more about Performance Partnerships, Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Business Development, please download a free copy of our Performance Partnerships Guide and an abridged version from our website.

Robert Glazer is the author of Performance Partnerships: Changing the Present and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing. Robert wants performance partnerships to be the stuff that gives the industry a bad name, and he defines performance development by outlining a methodology that allows brands to sharpen risk – free of marketing and paying off when there are predetermined goals, and only when those goals are measured and met will the partnership’s performance be optimized. In Performance Partnerhips Robert takes a masterful look at the results that partnership-based – brand-oriented – controlled channels can deliver in a cost-effective way.

Partnerships are powerful when they achieve goals and results that are meaningful and cannot be achieved by individual partners alone. Partnerships in which all partners share the same interests and decision-making powers and are equal and interdependent.

Performance Partnerships exquisitely illuminate authentic partnerships that deliver mutually meaningful results, with a ROI that you can take to the bank. Performance Partnerships help even the most experienced marketers understand better how affiliate marketing has become and why the future is delivering on the promises of the past. The future of marketing lies in partnerships in which brands develop each other over time.

The future of affiliate marketing requires collaboration based on mutual agreement – based on performance goals, rather than opaque cooperation against the interests of others. Good governance is the linchpin of successful partnerships, and it is, therefore, crucial that leaders in the partner organization remain involved in overseeing the partnership. Performance partnerships are about knowing and trusting what your partners are doing. They require quality, transparent communication and are an essential part of a successful service partnership and a healthy business model.

You need to talk to your partners regularly, review data and performance together, and consider ways to expand your activities. It can also be useful to see if your brand’s wishlist already includes performance partnerships with other brands. If you find that you are looking for a partner for your new brand, please contact us for more information.

Being behind the curve can cause opportunity costs and reduce your chances of developing a genuine performance partnership. If your partners are just hanging around and reactive, your partnerships will stay flat or stagnant.

I believe that business acumen and skills are the key to an economic partnership, because the language of the economy should be the same as the languages of the economic partnerships. This is particularly true for organisations that need to seek out HPOs, creating partnerships of the highest quality.

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