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There are a few new tools, which have revolutionized the entire affiliate marketing industry. If you’re searching for an affiliate network to find relevant offers, these are the affiliate networks which you should go with. One such network is Pepperjam. However, before you go with this network, it is essential to research more about it. Only once you do so, choosing the right affiliate network will be possible.

Our Pepperjam review will help you understand what this network has on offer. It will also go into the details of the pros and cons of this affiliate network to provide you with a balanced picture. Rather than searching for other reviews, it is better to go through this post to get a proper understanding of this affiliate network.

About Pepperjam:

Pepperjam has been around for two decades. In the present form, it has been around for more than ten years. In terms of credibility, you won’t find any reason to doubt. When it was launched in its current form, it was one of the very few networks to provide a high level of transparency. That is why; affiliates prefer this network over many others. It has managed to hold onto that level of transparency even today. Due to this reason, you can be sure that when working with this affiliate network, you are working with a credible company.

Pepperjam features:

Let us now check some of the features of this affiliate network to understand more about it.

1. Reputed advertisers:

With such a rich history, you can be sure that it has relationships with most of the reputed advertisers out there. Some of them include:

• Puma

• Legalzoom

• Bookit

• Lendingtree

• AutoZone

• Nordstrom Rack

• And So on

These reputed advertisers work only with networks that are credible enough. That is why; it is a testament to the credibility of this network.

2. Optimization tools available:

Pepper jam goes the extra mile to help you succeed. It offers many different tools that are missing on other affiliate networks. These include:

• Placement marketplace

• Coupon tools

• Banners and other graphics

• Click path details

• Ability to connect with the advertiser

It means that the way you need to use the network is entirely up to you. You can promote offers directly, or you can offer your placements and site ads to the advertisers directly as well. It is one of the most versatile networks which you will ever come across.

3. Transparent mechanism:

As we stated above, this was one of the first affiliate networks to usher in transparency in the affiliate world. The affiliates, as well as the advertisers, get to know information about each other when they are working together. It means that both of them can communicate in a much better way as well. It allows you to chat as well as mail the advertisers or publishers. When you are running campaigns worth hundreds of dollars per day, trust is pretty important. This affiliate network believes in complete transparency and creating trust between various stakeholders, and that is why it is the perfect network to run campaigns worth thousands of dollars.

4. Personalized customer support:

Do you prefer an affiliate network with excellent customer support?

If yes, this affiliate network will not disappoint you in this regard as well. You get a personal support manager. It means that when you have any questions or queries, you can contact them immediately. Also, the quality of support is up to the mark, and you will get a response quite quickly as well. It ensures that you get a knowledgeable response in no time. That is why; excellent customer support is one of the main highlights of this affiliate network.

5. Real-time analytics:

Real-time analytics is provided by most of the bigger networks in the industry. This network does not skip on that. You can monitor your stats in real-time, which will help you make decisions quite quickly as well. It seems like a small feature, but when you’re running a campaign worth hundreds of dollars per day, it is a great feature to have.

6. Over 1500+ offers:

Did you know that Pepperjam has over 1500 different offers?

Yes, you read it right; it has over 1500 offers. It means that when you’re trying to find the relevant offer, you can find it quite easily. Also, with the number of offers growing at a rapid pace, you can be sure that every month there will be new offers available. In terms of offers, this network will not disappoint you.

7. Low payment threshold:

The payment threshold is just $25. It ensures that your payments will not roll over to the next month. You will get payments every month as well.

When you look at these features, it is easy to understand that this one is a credible affiliate network that can be trusted. We will now go into the details of this affiliate network to help you know more about it.

Pepperjam Interface:

One of the best features of this affiliate network is that it is pretty easy to sign up. You can do so within minutes. Also, you need not disclose a lot of details of your traffic. It ensures that you can sign up and start using the offers in no time.

Pepperjam Main Menu:

The main menu allows you to switch between the different types, like reporting, offers, and support seamlessly. The stats which you get are easy to understand as well. However, the main menu lacks a modern look.

Pepperjam Offers:

The types of offers available are plenty like:





• Revshare



• Over 1500 offers

• Reputed network

• Excellent customer support

• Rich history

• Fast approval

• Complete transparency

• Highly versatile


• Main menu needs redesigning


Pepperjam hardly gives you a reason to complain. It is better than most of the other affiliate networks out there. If you’re in 2 minds regarding it, you should sign up on it.

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