PaySale Affiliate Network: Everything You Should Know!

Type of offersDating, Commodity, Gambling
FeaturesTracking Software, Smartlink
Payment options WebMoney, ePayments,Paxum, PayPal, Wire
PayoutsNET7 with a minimal from 100$ to 500$

PaySale is one of the leading and biggest performance networks that is based out of Scotland. It serves publishers and advertisers or marketers across the globe. PaySale is also known for its many excellent services – such as helping brands and advertisers in generating more money and profit through various affiliate programs. The popularity of PaySale is growing fast and today there are a number of major verticals, which include travel sites, match-making, and dating, e-commerce and many other services. PaySale has more than one thousand affiliates, which offer their customers to choose from the inside networks of PaySale. An advertiser or brand can have any service that can boost up their presence and market in today’s extremely competitive world.

Today, PaySale is identified and respected as one of the major players in the industry. One of the biggest reasons behind PaySale’s immense success their commitment to get a remarkable ROI for their clients. PaySale follows multiple types of commission such as CPS, CPL, and CPA. Furthermore, PaySale also works with mobile as well as display traffic sources. Their customers can get paid via WebMoney, Paxum, or PayPal with a minimum amount or threshold of just $100 in their accounts. In addition to that, PaySale also offers their customers an option called referral system, which lets them earn 2% of the referral income. They have a client list that consists of many big names, such as eDarling, Qatar Airways, Expedia, Flirchi, and AliExpress

How does it work?

PaySale is now a fast and aggressively growing network of performance marketing in today’s highly competitive and dynamic industry. It is centered primarily on growing businesses and brands online, which will enable publishers and help them in optimizing online media. Further, PaySale will also leverage customer acquisition channels to get better results. PaySale provides a wide and full range of expert services. The verticals of PaySale include pin submit, mobile subscriptions, match-making, and dating as well. As mentioned earlier, there are many areas where PaySale has gained its popularity and they continue to rise at a great pace.


As we said earlier, PaySale has many verticals that comprise match-making to mobile subscriptions. Every vertical has its own functionality and features. The idea is to get the best results on respective markets and, therefore, they have their own set of features and benefits. But as a business or an organization, PaySale has some features that are constant for every customer. Let us have a look at them.

Thoughtful support: Customers, today, rely greatly on n customer support and that helps a great deal in building trust. PaySale provides a support system that comprises of expert teams with skilled people who cannot just attend the customers but can also offer a solution to their issue.

1000+ offers: The offers that PaySale has for their customers are quite lucrative. People trusted and continue to trust PaySale because of their ability to get them the best result. In addition to that, PaySale has more than 1000 offers to give to their valued customers.

Presence in 198 countries: PaySale gained its trust and popularity at a very fast pace and today they are present in almost every country. PaySale is present and having their businesses almost in every place on earth! PaySale operates in 198 countries.

Multiple verticals: This is definitely the major point in PaySale’s features. PaySale has many verticals and they are doing well in every one of them. There are teams of skilled people for every vertical. The primary verticals of PaySale are travel, e-commerce, and dating.

Minimum payout: One of the main reasons behind the success of PaySale is the fact that there is a benefit for everyone! Monetarily, PaySale is rewarding and it can be understood looking at the number of countries they are successful. People keep getting profits and they grow, and with them, PaySale grows too. The minimum payout of PaySale is $100!

Monthly payment: Customer convenience and experience are two primary factors that almost every kind of business is paying attention to now. Customers look for payment options that are secure, convenient, and easy. PaySale has flexible monthly payment options. Customers can pay via Webmoney, Epayments, Wire, Paxum, or Paypal. Further, accounts that are verified will get paid thrice every month!

PaySale primarily helps agencies, media buyers, and publishers get the best out of their performances with various advertising campaigns that they conduct. As a brand, PaySale has gained all its clients’ trust with their expertise and result-oriented approach. It is a recognized and trusted industry expert, which is driven by the motive of maximizing the ROI of the clients. PaySale has constant control and managing methods of the hands-on campaign, which are implemented over sources and creatives and that makes it a better and safer choice for marketers comparatively. The marketers or advertisers can grow their brand with almost every vertical. PaySale believes that their business strategies are based on their symbol and idea of trust, respect, tradition, and stability. Their great range of publishers can reach many niches of the audience and are fully capable of pulling in targeted and relevant traffic for the majority of verticals.

PaySale – pros

PaySale prefers working with affiliates who are experienced and can generate leads on their own. In simpler terms, if you believe that you can generate or attract leads on PayScale, then you should join it. The idea behind PaySale is that it will enhance and improve a current business so that it gets maximum return and in order to do that, PaySale offers every necessary and important tool. In addition to that, it also facilitates to every affiliate that they should seek from the affiliate programs. There are many benefits of PaySale that make it stand out in today’s competitive world.

Lots of offers

As mentioned earlier, PaySale provides a lot of offers that help in affiliating and these help in getting multiple options for selecting or choosing the best offer. In addition to that, PaySale even offers many languages based and categorical offers that their client would never find less.

Revenue share

When it comes to revenue sharing, PaySale shares 70 percent of its revenue generated with its affiliates.

Personal account manager

PaySale allocates one personal account manager for every affiliate account. These account managers are available almost all the time to help the affiliates. They remain active on Skype or on other platforms where it is easy for the affiliates to reach them. Therefore, anytime an affiliate feels stuck, he or she can easily speak or chat with the personal account manager.

Simple signup and easy approval process

The signup process is much easier comparatively. Unlike other affiliate programs, you don’t have to endure filling up a painfully lengthy registration form or give telephonic interviews. PaySale kept it simple, you have to fill up a simple and short form and submit the form. Once you have submitted the application, you will get a confirmation email, which will assure that you have successfully created the account and you can log in instantly and get busy with promoting your affiliate offers and links to earn good money.

An advanced system of reporting

Every business would want to know how good or bad they did and for that, they need accurate data and a sound reporting system that gives accurate stats. PaySale offers a stat reporting system that is accurate as well as advanced. Customers can view their daily summary, prelanding stats, by country stats, click reports, and conversion reports. The stats reporting system has all the necessary details such as referral earnings, the day’s profit, total balance, earnings, conversions, eCPM, EPC, CR%, traffic back (WAP and WEB), clicks, date, and much more. They offer every important and necessary stat that a business would need.


So far we have seen how PaySale is delivering great results and has features that are helpful in almost every way. We also saw the benefits of PaySale and what makes them stand out in today’s highly competitive industry. Now that we have a clear idea of how PaySale can help affiliates with their unique features and benefits, let us take a look at a few of its disadvantages.

1. PaySale is only web-based: This is a major drawback, arguably the biggest drawback, especially in today’s time when the whole world has shrunk inside mobile devices. PaySale doesn’t support iOS, Android, and desktop.

2. Pricing system: The pricing system of PaySale is a bit rigid. Although, their client can go for the quote-based option or try the free trial before investing.


An affiliate can join the affiliate network called PaySale and can make good money by advertising and promoting offers and links. PaySale is one of the most popular and trusted affiliate networks for its flexibility, offers, and customer experience. Most offers of PaySale are given for travel, adult dating, dating, and mobile subscriptions. The offer counts are very high and are sufficient for any affiliate marketer to earn money. PaySale is a trusted network that gives its affiliates the flexibility and freedom to choose the best offer for them.

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