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Natifico review

The number of affiliate networks that you can join these days is numerous. However, most of these affiliate networks have very few offers, and lack offers for the global audience. If you sign up with such affiliate networks, you will not be able to earn more.

On the other hand, few affiliate networks provide you the perfect combination of numerous offers, high rates, no hold, and even exclusive relationships with the merchants. One such network is Natifico. Today we will share with you our Natifico review to help you understand more about it.

What is Natifico?

Natifico is an affiliate network that has numerous exclusive offers. Additionally, the rates of the offers are higher than other networks offering the same. Due to this very reason, when you’re going with this affiliate network, you can make a great deal of money. Moreover, the offers are suitable for audiences from a variety of countries. Due to this very reason, monetizing any traffic is easy with this affiliate network.

One pretty sure thing is that with this affiliate network, you can not only find more offers, but you can also increase your earnings.

Why is Natifico the ideal affiliate network?

Natifico believes in providing Webmasters and affiliate marketers a wide variety of offers to monetize the traffic. Therefore, even if you’re not sure currently about the type of offers you’re looking for, this network can help you out with the same.

Moreover, with its consistently expanding arsenal of offers, you will soon enough find new offers as well. Due to this very reason, it is the ideal affiliate network if you’re looking for CPA and other offers to monetize your website. Let us now check this affiliate network’s features.


Natifico advantages
  1. Clean track record:

The network has been around for approximately two years. During this time, it has helped numerous Webmasters monetize that traffic. The track record of the network has been spotless. It has always paid on time. It ensures that when using this network, you will not have to worry about payments or monetization.

  1. Numerous offers:

The network has over 1300 offers. The offers are spread across various niches like:


• Dating

• Mobile subscriptions

• Sweepstakes

• Gambling

• And so on

Natifico offers page

With the offers accepting visitors from all over the world, monetizing any traffic is quite easy for you. Also, the number of offers available is growing every month. It ensures that if you cannot find the perfect offer currently, you will be able to do so pretty soon. The network is consistently focused on forging new relationships with advertisers. That is why; the number of exclusive offers available is also increasing consistently. Keeping all these factors in mind, you cannot afford to miss out on this network.

  1. Low Minimum withdrawal:

Are you wondering about its minimum withdrawal?

The good news is that the threshold for minimum withdrawal is just $ 50. The low minimum withdrawal means that you can get hands on your money quite soon. You need not wait for a significant amount of money to get the payment. The low payment threshold makes it suitable for every Webmaster.

  1. Supports various payment methods:

Another advantage is that it supports multiple payment methods like:

• PayPal

• Webmoney

• Paxum

• Bank transfer

• Capitalist

• Payoneer

• Wire

The advantage of so many different payment methods is that you can find at least one convenient for you. When you’re using a suitable payment method, you can get your hands on your money pretty soon. Also, the overhead costs will be on the lower side when choosing any of these payment methods wisely.

  1. Referral program on offer:
Natifico Dashboard and Referral program

The affiliate network offers a referral program, as well. You can make up to 10% of referral’s revenue using that program. It will undoubtedly boost your earnings further. It is another way to make money using this affiliate network.

  1. Own educational blog

Are you complete newbie in affiliate marketing?

Anyways, plenty of cases and articles with stable updates are waiting for you. Learn new approaches in affiliate marketing and read successfull cases and stories of other webmasters.

Natifico blog

With all these features, it is pretty easy for you to make money using this affiliate network. Moreover, the clean track record ensures that you have nothing to worry about. We will now look at the other details of this affiliate network to help you understand more about it.

Natifico Interface:

If the network needs any additional details, they will contact you on your email. Once you provide those details, you can get approved pretty quickly.

Natifico Main Menu:

Natifico dashboard

Natifico has a simple main interface. Using this interface, you can view the offers, earnings, and contact the support department. The self-explanatory dashboard ensures that once you log into the network, there is no confusion.

Natifico Offers:

Natifico Top offers

Natifico has two different types of offers. These are:



The advantage of both these offers is that they are easy to complete. Thus, when you send traffic to these offers, you can be sure that the monetization process is quick and easy. The earnings per click which you get are also on the higher side with these offers. Since these offers are spread across different verticals, finding a suitable offer for you is quite easy. It does not matter in which niche in which you conduct your business, your site visitors are important. So, you can always find a suitable offer. Moreover, the network accepts visitors from numerous countries all over the world. It is another reason to use this network to monetize your traffic quickly.

Natifico offer card

In a nutshell, the offers available can certainly make it easy for you to monetize your traffic.

Key pros:


Natifico is one of the best affiliate networks to go with if you’re looking for a wide variety of offers, higher payouts, and exclusive relationships with the merchants. Also, the network is growing at a brisk pace. So, the number of offers available is also on the higher side. Moreover, when you couple that with the low payment threshold and offers available across numerous verticals, it is an affiliate network that you cannot miss. It can boost your earnings significantly. Considering all these factors, you can sign up with this affiliate network to monetize your traffic.

Also, this network is very interested in long-term cooperation, that is why they constantly give various bonuses to the affiliates. For example, sometimes they make a payment earlier than net30 (usually on request) or offer exclusive and closed offers with higher rates and much more.

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