MotionPlaces review


Motion Places positions itself as a platform that offers the best of free stock footage to creative content producers all over the globe. It prides itself on excellent quality and a lot of editing, curation, and filming go into the content hosted on the platform.


There are thousands of high-quality clips on the platform for users who want the free or paid versions – it also gets decent traffic based on Alexa ranking.


The platform is easy to use as there is no need for any signup before making use of free or paid resources. It also offers a stress-free way to save all favorite content which can then be referenced later for future use.


Motion Places offer diverse footage of the highest quality. It is also a unique platform in the sense that it collates content from various cities. So anyone looking for content from, for example, Las Vegas or Tokyo or Los Angeles, you are going to get exactly what you want.


The service content license is very detailed. For the quick version, the footage is covered by the royalty-free license while Motion Places retains the copyright and users cannot resell the footage or even make it ready for download. If you are making use of the free videos, you have to give credits to the platform as the source of the clip and also link the URL to the platform. If there is no way for you to give the credit and do the linking, then you will have to buy the footage. The one you buy does not need attribution.


Users on Motion Places are going to face two options. They can rather go for the free high-definition content or pay for the ones in 4K format. In the former group are content classified as free and instant downloads. The free content is also in the high-definition MP4 format and they are royalty-free while they can be utilized for commercial, personal or editorial projects. Attribution is needed and linking back to the platform is needed.

The 4K plans are not free as you have to pay $99 for the instant download option. The content in this category can also be used for editorial, commercial or personal tasks and they are royalty-free too while available in the top-notch 4K ProRes file format and there is no need for any attribution or linking back to the site. In other words, if you want to get the very best out of Motion Places, be ready to shell out some bucks.


  • There are no pesky adverts that will ruin your experience.
  • There are also no annoying affiliate links.
  • There is no need for any signing up before you start using it.
  • You can easily and quickly search for what you need.
  • Footage of different locations and on various subjects is available.


  • The price for some downloads is high – almost $100.
  • Attribution is needed for free material.


Motion Places offers the most excellent stock footage from different parts of the globe. The brand has its in-house team that is focused on getting the very best of content for the benefit of users on the platform.

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