Mobidea review – The CPA network which pays Weekly!

Are you looking for an affiliate network that can help you monetize mobile traffic?

If yes, you are in luck today. Mobidea is an affiliate network that provides you with mobile-specific offers. The network consists of numerous CPA offers which help you in monetizing mobile traffic. The question which however remains is, is it credible enough?

While going through our Mobidea review today, you can find the answer to this question. We will also go into the pros and cons of this network to help you understand if it offers you any distinct advantage or not.

About Mobidea:

Mobidea has been around since 2005. The network was launched at a later date in its current form, but the company exists for quite some time. Due to this very reason, you can be sure that in terms of credibility, there are no red flags at all. In the last few years, as mobile traffic has increased, the affiliate network has grown tremendously as well. When you combine these factors, you will realize that when it comes to the reputation of the company, it is flawless.

Mobidea Features:

Whether you should go ahead with the network or not also depends on the offers which they have. So, we will go into the features of this network to help you understand if it is worth it or not.

1. 800+ offers:

When you hear about any affiliate network, the first question which you might have is how many offers does it have?

Mobidea has over 800 offers. These offers are growing at a rapid pace, as well. It means that when you’re looking for a specific offer to monetize your mobile traffic, chances are it is already available on this CPA network. You will not have to contact the CPA network to acquire it for you. It can save you time when you want to start the campaign right away. It is one of the main advantages of this affiliate network that you cannot ignore.

2. Weekly payments:

Most of the other networks can only put you on weekly payments once you prove the traffic. They require you to hit a specific volume to get weekly payments as well. With Mobidea, once you get your account approved, you are already on weekly payments. It can undoubtedly sort cash flow problems for you. You can reduce the amount of money which you need to put into your campaigns. You can scale up faster, as well. The advantages are numerous.

The network, however, goes even a step further. If you can generate sizable volume daily, it can put you on daily payment schedules, especially on every business day. It means that you need not wait for a long time to get your hands on the money that you have made. It can speed up things for you and allow you to scale up at a brisk pace. This feature is unheard of in the affiliate industry.

3. Multiple payment methods:

The network has multiple payment methods on offer. These include:

• PayPal

• Wire transfers

• Firstchoice Pay

• Paxum

• Payza

• ePayments

It means that when you’re looking for the payment method, which is most convenient for you, you can find it quite easily. Not only you can get your payments faster, but you can also get them in your preferred payment mode as well. It will undoubtedly make your life easy when running campaigns and getting hundreds of dollars a day.

4. Proprietary platform:

Many of the other affiliate networks use third-party platforms. The problem with third-party platforms is that if anything goes wrong with these platforms, you might have to wait for a long time. In the meantime, you would have to pause your traffic, or if that is not possible, you will lose money. It is not an ideal outcome for any affiliate.

On the other hand, Mobidea uses its proprietary platform. The advantage of this proprietary platform is that the stats get updated at a faster pace. Moreover, the CPA network will have complete control over this platform. It means that if there is a glitch or if there is any other issue, they can fix it quite quickly as well. You can continue with your campaigns without any delay. It is one of the main reasons why you should go with this affiliate network when you have mobile traffic.

5. Mobile-specific offers:

Have you heard of any network that has only mobile-specific offers?

If not, Mobidea is one such network. It means that you need not figure out which offer accepts mobile traffic and which one doesn’t. You can directly take the offer link and start promoting it to your mobile audience. It can certainly simplify things and make it easier for you to kick start your campaign.

6. High credibility:

The affiliate network has over 100,000 affiliates. The network has got so many affiliates is because it is credible and pays on time. Also, since it has been around for quite some time, you can be sure that even when you’re running heavy campaigns on this affiliate network, there will be no problems at all. In terms of credibility, when going with this affiliate network, you will not have any complaints.

7. 5 language support:

That’s again a feature that is unheard of. Most networks stick to the English language when it comes to supporting. However, Mobidea offers support in 5 different languages. It means that you can speak to an affiliate manager or support executive who understands your native language. While this might not be a must-have feature but it is undoubtedly a positive.

8. 7/7 support:

When it comes to customer support, this network does not disappoint either. The support executives are available for 7 hours each day throughout the week. It means that as long as you plan your query day, you can get the response almost instantaneously. Also, in case you contact them after the business hours, and you will get the answer in less than 24 hours. Fast support is undoubtedly a must-have feature when comparing different affiliate networks.

Mobidea stands out among other affiliate networks due to a lot of features which it has on offer. It is one of the only mobile-specific affiliate networks which has 5-language support and also uses its proprietary platform. It also pays much faster than many other affiliate networks, which makes it such a great option. We will now go into its interface, Main menu, and pros and cons to help you understand if it is easy to use or not.

Mobidea Interface:

The best thing about Mobidea is that they want you to join them. Due to this very reason, the signup process and approval process is pretty swift. The chances of getting rejected are on the lower side as long as you provide details of the promotion methods that you are going to use. It ensures that you need not wait for long to start using offers by this affiliate network.

Mobidea Main Menu:

The main menu of the affiliate network allows you to switch between the offers available, offer wall which they have, support section, earnings section with the help of a single sidebar. Their proprietary platform has a minimalistic interface, which means that there is no learning curve involved when logging into the affiliate network.

Mobidea Offers:

While you are already aware that the affiliate network has CPA offers but does it have any other offerings up its sleeve?

We will go into the details of the offers below.

• CPA:

The network has over 800 offers, and almost all of them are CPA offers. It means that if you require offers that are easy to monetize, the affiliate network will not disappoint you. The offers are spread across different verticals like finance, health, freebies, electronics, and so on.

The offers page also lets you know the top performing offers across verticals right away. You need not tweak the filters to find such offers. It means that you can find the offers in the niche which you want quite easily.

• Offerwall:

A unique feature of this affiliate network is that it has an offer wall also. If you’re into content locking or want to convert at a higher percentage, the offer wall can help you do so. You can add and remove the offers to the offer walls, which will help you gain complete control over the offers that you are promoting.

As the network provides the stats on the top-performing offers as well, you can easily customize the offer wall to display only the highest converting offers. It can make your job easy as an affiliate or publisher.

When you look at the offers available on this network, you will find that there is hardly anything to complain about. Moreover, they bring in newer and newer advertisers and merchants every month, and therefore, the offer list is growing at a rapid pace.

Now, we will highlight the pros and cons of the network to provide you with a holistic picture.


• Mobile-specific CPA offers

• Proprietary platform

• Over 800 offers

• Weekly payments

• Multiple payment methods

• Excellent credibility

• Good support


• Not that suitable for desktop traffic


Mobidea is probably the best network in its niche. When it comes to mobile-specific offers, it is second to none. With the mobile traffic across the web growing at a rapid pace, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for this network. Chances are, once you start promoting its offers, the conversion rate will certainly go up because of the mobile-specific offers which it has. There is no reason to stay away from the CPA network.

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