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Mazwai offers the most excellent stock footage videos, all for free. It has a team of experienced video experts who select the videos. The licensing is simple and there is even no need for a sign-up. Any user can browse through the free video clips and select any footage they want.


The platform contains hundreds of thousands of footage, each 2 to 3 minutes in length. There is no download limit. A total of fewer than 1,000 free stock clips are available per user.


Mazwai is a platform that aggregates the best of moving images and video clips from different sources and original artists. Users can access this extensive stock footage with ease. A dedicated team selects the very best content so you can be sure of getting first-class content.


Mazwai offers moving images and stock footage, all for free.


The details of the Mazwai service content license are provided for each video on the download page. Two kinds of licenses for the content are available on Mazwai and these are Creative Commons 3.0 and Mazwai License. Creative Commons 3.0 (CC-BY 3.0) applies to content that is free to use, for both commercial and non-commercial applications but the user has to provide credits for the clip author. Detail for the clip author is available on the download page.

As for the Mazwai License, it applies to content that is free to use also for both commercial and non-commercial applications and there is no need for giving credits to the author. However, you are not allowed to redistribute the clips in their original format as stock content

Clips that show individuals or private property can be used for editorial tasks but not for commercial purposes. Also, clips that have sound effects or music should not be assumed to be under the same license. Users need to get permission to utilize the sound effect or music separately from the source.


Mazwai is free and there are no service usage plans.


  • Extensive database of high-quality videos and moving images.
  • Simple licensing platform.
  • Sign-up is not needed before using the platform.
  • Users can also contribute their content by uploading.


  • You need to get permission for music content or recognizable audio separately.
  • You can only submit original content.
  • There is a limit to free stock footage.


Mazwai is truly a database for free and excellent stock footage alongside moving images. The essence of the platform is to allow creators from any part of the globe to have access to stunning stock footage, all with just simple licensing.

A major strong point with Mazwai is that it has professionals who select all the footage in a bid it ensures nothing but first-class quality of all the content. Mazwai also gets the finest content via direct relationships with artists and this gives the user peace of mind when using the content. As it is a constantly-expanding platform, anyone can contribute.

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