MaxWeb review – The Network to maximize revenue!

Have you ever wondered what you should look for while choosing an affiliate network?

What are the parameters on which you should compare the affiliate networks?

Most affiliates do not think about these parameters. They simply try to sign up for as many affiliate networks as possible. In the process, they might end up signing up for some networks that might not be up to the mark.

The better way is to conduct proper due diligence. When you research different platforms, it becomes easier for you to choose one. One affiliate network which certainly stands out due to some of its features is MaxWeb. However, once again, you should not blindly trust any affiliate network. That is why, once you go through our MaxWeb review, it will become easier for you to decide whether this is a credible affiliate network or not.

About MaxWeb:

MaxWeb has been online for more than three years. The network has paid on time. Over the years, it has snowballed. When it comes to the growth and reputation of the network, there is nothing to worry about.

The motto of the network is to maximize the results for the affiliates and advertisers. When that happens, you will experience higher profits as well. The reputation of the company further adds to its authenticity.

We will now highlight some features of this affiliate network to help you know more about it.

MaxWeb features:

The features of this affiliate network are as follows:

  1. Fast payouts:

One thing which works in its favor is the faster payouts. It pays weekly. There are very few other affiliate networks which trust their affiliates this much. Also, since you will directly be paid every week, it will become easier for you to protect your capital as well. The total amount of capital that you will need to sustain and grow your campaigns will also be on the lower side.

You can increase the revenue to more than $ 15,000 a month, and your payment frequency can increase even more. It means that if you’re a high volume affiliate, then indeed, you can receive your earnings much faster.

The faster payouts ensure that you can run more campaigns with the network.

So, if you’re in a hurry to scale up your business, this network can help you with that.

  1. Multiple payment options:

The payment options available are also plenty. You can opt for:

• Check


• Wire transfer

• Payoneer

It ensures that you get the payment in the mode which you prefer. As a result, getting hands on your money is undoubtedly possible. At the same time, the fees vary from one payment method to another. You can choose the payment method that costs you less.

  1. Over 150 offers:

MaxWeb focuses more on quality and not just on the number of offers. It might have over 150 offers, but most of them are exclusive and high converting. It takes into account the interest of the affiliates while listing offers. Only when the offer is high converting, it goes ahead and lists it on the platform.

At the same point in time, it has exclusive relationships with many merchants as well. It means that you can find exclusive offers. In a nutshell, you will get some of the highest converting offers on this network.

  1. Low payment threshold:

The payment threshold offered by this affiliate network is $ 100. So, you can get paid every week. You need not generate significantly higher volumes for the same.

  1. In-house platform:

Moreover, the network has a proprietary platform. The advantage is the complete control over the tracking. Also, you can request additional data from the network. It will allow you to better optimize your campaigns. Once you can better optimize your campaigns, it will be simpler for you to increase your ROI and earnings per click.

When your earnings per click and the ROI is on the higher side, you can outsmart other competitors. It will allow you to compete with them easily. The in-house proprietary platform means that there will be no glitches. If at all, glitch emerges, it will be fixed quickly.

  1. Exclusive offers:

With many exclusive offers, you can be sure that the quality of offers will be on the higher side. The payouts on these exclusive offers are also high. It will become easier to run offers not available to other affiliates.

When you’re running such offers, they will not be able to compete with you. It is one of the primary advantages you have while using this affiliate network.

  1. Multiple support channels:

The network offers multiple support channels. You can contact them through the website. If you’re an already approved affiliate, you can contact your affiliate manager on the messenger as well. You can use social media channels to gain support as well.

It ensures that in case you have any confusion, it will get sorted out. Maybe! But usually you will get support messages that look like templates and you cant do anything about it.

If you want to go for a network that provides you with high-quality offers rather than just a plethora of options, this one will not disappoint you.

MaxWeb Interface:

The signup process of this affiliate network requires a couple of steps. You have to submit the basic traffic information and some personal information. After that, you can get approved.

MaxWeb Main menu:

One of the advantages of this affiliate network is a simple dashboard. It has features like reports, commissions, customers, settings. Also, you can view the available offers quite easily as well. At the same point in time, when you log in, you will be able to see your stats and the conversion rate. You can easily dig deeper into these conversion rates as well. The point being, the entire dashboard is pretty easy to understand.

That is why, once you get approved, using the affiliate network will not be a problem.

MaxWeb Offers:

The network has quite a few types of offers like:



• Revshare

It ensures that not only can you choose between the different merchants, but you can choose between the different types of offers altogether. That is why, when going with this network, the choices that you have are numerous.


• Higher payouts

• Excellent support

• In-house proprietary platform

• Multichannel support

• High-quality offers

• Weekly payments

• Simple approval process


• CPS offers not available

• Worst approvement system in industry

• Braindead support (also worst in industry)


MaxWeb takes a qualitative approach rather than the quantitative one. If you want to choose between the best offers in any niche, this affiliate network is for you. But with such bad support, you will have problems in using this network and there is nobody who will actually help you.

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