Madrivo review – The Affiliate Network with a Cash Performance Bonus!

An affiliate network is only good enough if it has quite a few offers. It means that when you want to change the monetization offer, you will not have to search for another affiliate network. However, it shouldn’t be the only criteria to choose the affiliate network. There are quite a few things to keep in mind.

One network which has quite a few offers is Madrivo. We will today share with you our Madrivo review to help you understand if the affiliate network is actually up to the mark or not.

About Madrivo:

Whether you choose this affiliate network or any other, it is essential to always look at the history of the affiliate network. It will help you to decipher whether the affiliate network is credible or not. Madrivo has been around for more than eight years. It means that the system has a rich history behind it. During this time, it has always paid its affiliates, which means that once you use this network; you won’t have to worry about payments.

With the help of an excellent support team, this network can help you monetize your traffic quite easily.

When you look at the network history, you will not have any complaints.

Madrivo features:

It is also essential to look at the features of this affiliate network before making your decision. Once you go through the features and the pros and cons, it will become easy for you to decide whether this affiliate network is worth signing up for or not.

1. Over 1000 offers:

Madrivo has over 1000 different offers. The number of offers is also growing at a rapid pace. It means that every month, you will be able to access newer offers. With over 1000 proposals, it is easy to match offers with the type of traffic which you have. These offers are spread over different monetization types and different demographics. Due to all of these factors, there is no shortage of monetization options with this affiliate network.

2. Reputed advertisers:

Madrivo has many different advertisers on board. There are quite a few reputed ones as well. The reputed ones include:

• Fidelity

• Liberty mutual


• Airbnb

• And so on

The trusted brands do not have any caps as well, which means that you will be able to scale up your campaign. In addition to that, the long list of reputed advertisers makes it easy to work with a trustworthy merchant.

3. Multiple payment methods:

It is better to choose an affiliate network that has various payment methods. It means that you can get the payments quickly and over a convenient platform. Some of the payment methods which this network supports include:

• PayPal

• Check

• Wire transfer


These payment methods cover a vast population of affiliates globally. It means that irrespective of the country in which you are, there would be at least one among these methods, which would be convenient for you. That is why; you will not have to jump through the loops to get hands-on your money.

4. Direct Offers:

The network has many reputed advertisers on board and has direct relationships with its advertisers. It means that shaving will not be a problem. The affiliate network can provide you with the best payouts as well. When you’re competing with other affiliates to get conversions, higher payouts will undoubtedly help. It will ensure that you have the edge over your competition.

The exclusive and direct offers mean that once you sign up with this network, you need not worry about signing up with any other system.

5. Fast approval:

Worried about its approval process?

Worry not! It is one of the real affiliate networks which contact you within 24 hours of applying. It means that the approval process is pretty fast, as well. As long as you can make your traffic generation methods evident, the approval will be pretty quick as well. It means that you can start using the offers on this affiliate network in no time.

6. Affiliate bonus:

Are you already a successful affiliate marketer?

If yes, you can win a $2000 signup bonus as well. If you can make $ 1000 per week with the first two months, you will be able to get a $2000 cash performance bonus as well. It means that you can make significantly higher when switching over to this affiliate network rather than your current one. It is one of the few affiliate networks that offer such a cash performance bonus.

The incentive of the cash performance bonus, along with over 1000 different offers, makes this affiliate network a perfect choice.

However, without going through the pros and cons and the interface description of the network, it is not advisable to make your decision. We will highlight all of these below.

Madrivo Interface:

The signup process of this affiliate network requires very little information. Along with the personal details, you have to highlight your affiliate marketing experience and the traffic sources. Once you submit this minimal information, your application will be submitted. As we stated above, after that, the network will contact you within 24 hours to initiate the approval process. It means that when it comes to signup, you will face no problems at all.

Madrivo Main Menu:

The main menu of Madrivo is minimalistic. It has a clutter-free interface. Due to this very reason, whether you want to monitor your earnings or find the right offer, both of these things are quite easy. The support department is easy to access, as well. All in all, once you get approved, you won’t need to go through a learning curve to understand how you can access or use the network in a better way.

Madrivo Offers:

Without looking at the type of offers available, it is not a good idea to go with any network. The types of offers available in this network are highlighted below.

• CPA Offers:

CPA offers provide you with conversion when the visitor performs a specific action.

• CPC Offers:

It is one of the rare networks which offers CPC offers as well. In these offers, you are paid on a per-click basis.

• CPL Offers:

The Cost per lead offers requires you to send a valid lead to the advertiser. It is one of the best types of offers available for targeted traffic.

• CPI Offers:

CPI offers pay you when the visitor installs software or an app.

• CPM Offers:

CPM offers from this network or a great choice when you have targeted traffic. They pay you based on per 1000 views which you send to the merchant or the advertiser.

• CPS Offers:

CPS offers pay you when you get a sale for the merchant. They pay you a percentage of the total sale amount.

With so many offer types from this network, it is easy to find the most lucrative offer for the kind of traffic which you have.


• Over 1000 offers

• Affiliate signup bonus on offer

• Different types of offers

• Fast approval process

• Exclusive and direct offers

• Multiple payment options


• Support response could be faster


Madrivo is widely known for the affiliate bonus along with the lower payment threshold. With over 1000 different offers, there is no shortage of choices available. The fast approval process adds to your convenience. Thus, when looking for an easy to use an affiliate network, you shouldn’t ignore Madrivo.

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