LinkConnector review – A network with a long history!

There are very few networks that have been around for more than 15 years. When looking for an affiliate network, it is better to go with such an affiliate network. It will allow you to trust the network. That is why; it will be easy to operate.

However, which network should you go with?

LinkConnector is one such network that has been around for that much time. We will today go into the details of this network. Once you take into account the history of the network and its pros and cons, it will become easy to decide about this network.

About LinkConnector:

LinkConnector has been around since 2004. During this time, it has paid on time. Moreover, it is continually adding more and more offers to its network. As a result, these days, when you look at the number of offers available, you would find them across a wide variety of niches. At the same point in time, there are many marquee name merchants available on the network as well.

Whichever parameter you judge it on, its track record certainly works in its favor. Also, plenty of times, it has received accolades from various industry bodies as well. When you take these into account, you will understand that the reputation of the network is credible.

LinkConnector features:

LinkConnector has a few features that help it stand out. We will today go into the details of these features to help you understand why you should opt for this affiliate network.

  1. Innovative features:

There are quite a few features that this network incorporates. Some of them include:

• Auto application:

Instead of applying to every offer manually, you can choose the auto application feature. It would mean that as long as the campaign matches your criteria, it would be applied and then approved for you. Also, the next time around, you’re looking for a newer offer; you would have them ready rather than having to apply for it and then waiting for the approval.

• Private coupons:

Another advantage is that the network can provide you with private coupon codes as well. Whenever someone signs up our purchases with that coupon code, you can get a credit. Moreover, the coupon codes can make it easy for you to gain a higher conversion as well. It will ensure that you can convert better than your competitors. When you’re competing with hundreds of other affiliates, these advantages are certainly a benefit.

• Shareable offers:

Do you know of any other affiliate networks with shareable offers?

This one does. The shareable offers ensure that people can send links to other potential customers. It will help you scale up your business quite easily.

With these innovative features, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this affiliate network.

  1. Detailed Reporting:

One of the main advantages of this network is that it provides you with comprehensive reporting. The reporting is much detailed than any other affiliate network that you would find. Whether you need to dig deeper into the earning per share or the type of conversion which you are getting, the network can provide you with all of that and more. The advantage is that it becomes easier for you to make your campaign optimization decision.

At the same time, such detailed reporting will also help you discover more opportunities. It can help you scale up your campaigns.

  1. Marque Name merchants:

There are quite a few marquee name merchants on the network. Over the years, they have cultivated a relationship with them. That is why; it is easier for you to work with some of the biggest advertisers like:

• Hurricane Golf

• SDBullion

• Smartforlife


• And So on

The network has marquee name advertisers across various categories. Chances are, you can find a reputed advertiser in the vertical which you are looking to operate in. When dealing with a reputed advertiser, you can be sure about the conversions, and there will be no shaving. That is why so many marquee name advertisers can work in your favor as an affiliate.

  1. Numerous accolades:

The affiliate network has won many different accolades. Due to this reason, it is easy to trust the network. It is constantly featured among the top 10 Best affiliate networks. At the same time, it is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks. A network which is 15 years old, it certainly speaks volumes about the quality of the network.

It is possible due to the efforts put in by the management of the network. Instead of working with the affiliate network that has not made a name for itself, you should opt for this one.

  1. Fast Support:

Even after the growth in the number of affiliates, the quality of the support hasn’t deteriorated. Even today, when you contact the support department, you will get a knowledgeable and quick reply. If you face any problem, you will get a reliable solution quite easily.

With so many features to its advantage, there is hardly any reason to ignore this network.

LinkConnector Interface:

One thing which works in favor of affiliates when it comes to this affiliate network is that the signup process is pretty simple. It is a one-step signup process. If you decide to sign up today, you have to submit minimal information. Someone from the network will get in touch with you pretty soon. Also, the network scans the pending applications regularly. Therefore, gaining approval isn’t going to be a difficult task if you decide to use this affiliate network.

LinkConnector Main Menu:

One of the main advantages of this affiliate network is that the main menu is pretty self-explanatory. Whether you’re looking to contact the support department or browse through the campaigns, you can do so easily. It is the primary reason why affiliates can look at the right offer easily by using this network.

LinkConnector Offers:

LinkConnector has all types of offers like CPS, CPA, CPL, and so on. The number of offers available is expanding at a rapid pace.

Not only that, but the offers are available across many different verticals. It ensures that whether you’re looking for finance offers or business offers or any other offers, you can find it on the network quite easily. That is why; it is a perfect choice when looking for a network with an excellent track record.


• Excellent track record

• Numerous offers

• Fast support

• Conversion optimization tools available

• Easy signup process


• Support channels could be more


LinkConnector is well known for its credibility. Along with that, it has an excellent track record as well. When you combine both of these things, there is no reason not to sign up with this affiliate network. The marquee name merchants certainly make the network even more lucrative.

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