lemonads review – The Network with a large number of offers!

It can be downright confusing for any affiliate to choose an affiliate network. The options are so many that it is not easy. Moreover, if you apply for every affiliate network which you come across, you will waste a lot of time. Most of these affiliate networks are not legit. That is why; you have to opt for a few affiliate networks but better ones.

One which you will often come across while searching for an affiliate network is Lemonads. The question which arises is, is this affiliate network really good enough?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for in an affiliate network. Our Lemonads review today will go into the various details of the affiliate network. Once you go through these details, choosing the right affiliate network will be easier for you.

About lemonads:

When you look at the homepage of the network, it clearly states that the offers are available for almost all countries. It means that if you’re looking for a network with more international offers, this one can satisfy that requirement. If you look at the total number of leads that the network generated just last month, the amount is huge. It states that in terms of volumes and number of affiliates, it is one of the largest affiliate networks that you will ever come across.

The traffic that it handles is on the higher side. The advantage of dealing with such a network is that they have plenty of liquidity. They do considerable volumes as well. Considering these advantages, the network is likely to pay you on time. Also, it can provide you with better rates as compared to other networks. That is why; dealing with such a large network is always an advantage.

lemonads features:

Let us now look at the features of this affiliate network to know more about it.

  1. Reputed Merchants:

When you look at the most reputed merchants of this affiliate network, you will realize that there are quite a few of them. Some of these names include:

• Amazon

• Norton

• Mega casino

• Revolut

• And so on

The advantage of having reputed merchants is that the network has to abide by the strictest standards. Moreover, the tracking of the network will be up to the mark as well. Thus, having such reputed merchants on board is an advantage for other advertisers as well as for the affiliates.

  1. Smartlinks offers:

Very few networks offer Smartlinks offers. This one, however, is such offers. It means that if you accidentally send traffic that is not relevant to that offer, the network will automatically redirect it to the best offers. The Smart links consistently change the offers to suit the visitors. You can change the offers based on the maximum revenue which you can make. It means that consistently, campaign optimization will take place.

When that is the case, you have an advantage over your competitors. While running stationary offers, your offers will keep on changing depending on the visitor profile and the amount of money you can make. You will not have to manually think about changing links again. All of that will happen on an automated basis. It is one of the advantages of this affiliate network. However, whether you use the Smart links offer or whether you use the normal one is entirely up to you. If you wish to use normal offers, you can do so as well.

  1. Fast payments:

Did you know that this network offers net7, monthly as well as weekly payments? Initially, you would be put on the net7 basis. As you improve the quality of your traffic, the payment frequency will keep on increasing. It means that once you improve the quality of your traffic, you will not have to worry about your capital requirements. You will get your money quickly, which will, in turn, help you in increasing and scaling up the campaigns as well.

  1. Responsive support:

The network offers you various support channels. You can contact them on messenger, on their website, chat support, and also on social media channels. It means that contacting the network is not going to be a problem.

Not only that, their response time is pretty fast. The fast response time means that during business hours, you can solve your doubts quickly. It is one of the reasons why you should go with this affiliate network rather than any other. The quality of support that you get certainly plays a vital role while choosing the affiliate network.

Also, the affiliate managers in this affiliate network are trained professionals. It means that they can provide you with a concrete solution rather than a normal response.

  1. Exclusive offers:

With over 1500 different offers, you can be sure that they have an excellent relationship with most advertisers. That is why; finding exclusive offers on this affiliate network is not a difficult task. When you browse through the campaigns or offers available, you will realize that quite a few of them are not available on other affiliate networks. If you prefer running exclusive offers as compared to what everyone else is running, this network does not disappoint you.

  1. Higher Payouts:

Due to their direct relationship with the advertisers, they often provide you with a higher payout. It means that when you compare the payouts with other networks, you can make a higher amount of money. It will undoubtedly boost your ROI. Once that happens, scaling up your campaigns is easier than ever.

  1. Compatible with various tracking solutions:

lemonads Works with a variety of tracking solutions. It means that integrating them with your tracking is not going to be a problem. Even though the network uses its in-house proprietary platform, it is always better to have your tracking as well. It can work with various tracking solutions like:

• Voluum

• FunnelFlux

• Thrivetracker

• BeMob

• Binom

• And So on

Tracking your traffic and visitors is very important when running any campaign. Since it is compatible with most reputed trackers out there, doing so is easier than ever.

  1. In-House Platform:

The in-house proprietary platform means that the network has complete control over the tracking. In case of any glitch, it can fix it within a jiffy. Also, if you need any additional data, the network can provide you with that as well. All in all, since it uses its proprietary tracking platform, you can be sure that the quality of the data is up to the mark.

  1. Over 1500 offers:

With over 1500 different offers, you have no shortage of choices when going with this affiliate network. Also, these are spread across many verticals. In a nutshell, irrespective of the vertical or the type of offer you need, you would find it on this network. Also, it is essential to understand that the number of offers is ever increasing.

With these advantages, you simply cannot go wrong with this affiliate network. You have to look at the pros, cons as well as sign up process of this affiliate network to understand more about it.

lemonads Interface:

Lemonads has a simple signup process. You have to submit personal details to submit your application. The network representative will contact you pretty soon. Once that happens, it will be easy for you to get approval. The straightforward signup process is another advantage of this affiliate network.

lemonads Main menu:

The main menu of the affiliate network is pretty self-explanatory. You can look at the daily stats or search for the right offers or contact the support department to look at the earnings reports. There are various Smart links offers that you can access under the campaigns and offers step. So, using the network dashboard is easy.

lemonads Offers:

The types of offers available are:





With so many offer types available, there is no reason to go with any other affiliate network once you sign up on this one.


• In-house platform

• Simple signup process

• Numerous offers available

• Excellent support

• International offers available


• There could be more CPS offers


lemonads is one of the largest affiliate networks available for signup. The easy signup process means that you will have no trouble in going with this network. Considering a large number of offers and excellent support, you should sign up with this affiliate network.

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