KMA review – A reliable global affiliate network!

Many affiliates prefer a global affiliate network. It enables them to monetize any kind of traffic. Due to the increased demand, there are quite a few such global affiliate networks available. The problem is that when choosing among so many options, it is not possible to go through trial and error.

The next best thing which you can do is go through our review of various affiliate networks. Once you do so, choosing the right one will be easy. Today, we will share with you our KMA review. The review will highlight not only the features of this affiliate network but also the offers which it has and various other details. The review will make it easy to decide about this affiliate network.

About KMA:

One thing which you will understand about this affiliate network is that it has over 200,000 publishers. The number of offers is over 900. As a result, you have plenty of choices when going with this affiliate network.

It has been around for more than six years. It is why it is such a reliable option. Also, when you look at these numbers, one thing is pretty clear is that it is not a fly by night operator. It means that when signing up with this network, you are dealing with a reliable and reputed affiliate network.

KMA features:

The features of this affiliate network will help you understand why it is such an excellent option.

  1. Plenty of offers:

As we stated above, it has more than 900 offers. Most offers are across the Nutra and Finance verticals. However, in recent times the network has diversified in terms of the offers which it has. It will become effortless for you to find offers across many different verticals. If you just want to deal with a single active ?? rather than signing up with a bunch of them, this one will not disappoint you.

  1. Many exclusive offers:

The Nutra offers that you find on this network are difficult to find on any other network. The exclusive offers have their professional call center in most of the cases. The advantage of the professional call center is that the conversion rate is much higher than a regular offer. It is one of the reasons why you can make more money with this affiliate network rather than going with any other.

  1. Helps you target various geographies:

The affiliate network supports traffic from 75 different geographies. The advantage of this is that you can use it for a global audience as well. You will not have to search for various affiliate networks for different countries. Simply signing up with this affiliate network will be good enough.

  1. Daily payouts:

How about that?

With daily payouts, you can scale up your business quickly. It will help you in investing back into the business. You can think about getting more traffic as well, which will increase your earnings exponentially.

  1. Real-time stats:

Another reason why this network has become so popular is because of the real-time stats on offer. As a result, it becomes easy to make decisions about your campaigns as well. The real-time stats also ensure that you will know the kind of traffic converting and which one isn’t. You can kill the non-converting campaigns as well, which is another reason to go with this network.

  1. Caters to multiple verticals:

The advantage of this network is that, over time, it has diversified into many different verticals. These verticals include:

• Weight loss

• Diet

• Health

• Beauty

• Home improvement

• Accessories

• Dating

• And so on

It means that once you sign up with this network, you will get offers across verticals. It is one of the reasons why it is such a perfect choice.

  1. Accepts various sources of traffic:

Another advantage of this network is that it accepts traffic from many sources as well. The sources include:

• Websites

• Seo

• Banner advertisements

• Social advertising

• Social networks

It ensures that irrespective of the source of your traffic, you will find at least a few offers that will meet your requirements. Thus, monetizing your traffic is easier than ever when using this network.

  1. Award-winning network:

Over the years, this network has won many awards as well. It is because of the stellar support which they provide and the numerous offers that they have. As a result, you’re going with the network, which has not only been around for quite some time but has won many accolades.

It is tough to find these same features in any other network. That is why this one stands out.

KMA Interface:

KMA has a pretty simple signup process. The information which it asks for is pretty limited. So, you can submit your application and get it approved in no time. That certainly adds to the convenience of using this network.

KMA Main Menu:

KMA has the Main menu, which allows you to monitor the conversions easily. Also, the dashboard is self-explanatory. The self-explanatory design means that irrespective of whether you have previous affiliate marketing experience or not, using the network is easy.

KMA Offers:

Without looking at the offers of any network, it is not possible to decide about. The same is true for this network as well. The type of offers include:



With the minimum payout of just $ 40, you can be sure that using these offers, clearing the payment threshold is undoubtedly possible without much of a hassle. The offers available are easy to convert, which ensures that monetizing your traffic using these offers will not be a problem.


• Wide range of offers

• Offers across many different verticals

• Can help you monetize any traffic

• Low payment threshold

• Real-time stats on offer

• Daily payouts


• Support response can be faster.


KMA has everything which you can ask for from a global affiliate network. Also, with the number of offers in the verticals ever-increasing, there is nothing to complain about. With everything going for it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up on this affiliate network.

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