JVZoo – The network to catch the biggest online Launches!

Do you want to promote the latest and most trending products?

If yes, you need to choose the affiliate network pretty carefully. Not all the affiliate networks have the latest products on offer. One network which has the same goes by the name of JVZoo. JVZoo claims to be an affiliate network that can help you promote new product launches.

However, is it really reliable?

Our JVZoo review will help you understand if this affiliate network is really up to the mark or not. We will not only go into the features of this affiliate network but also its pros and cons to provide you with a balanced view.

About JVZoo:

JVZoo has been around for more than nine years. During this time, it is handled many new product launches as well. Due to this reason, it is easy to find the latest products in the digital marketing space on this affiliate network. Also, it has had an unblemished record during this time. It means that it is safe to use as well.

Also, since the bigger merchants also launch their products on this affiliate network, you can be sure that it is up to the mark. Thus, if you’re catering to the digital marketing space, you cannot miss out on this network.

JVZoo features:

Now that you are aware of the primary offerings of this affiliate network, it is time to look at some features. Once you go through them, you can better decide if this network is suitable for you or not.

  1. Instant earnings:

One of the main reasons why this network has become so popular is because of the instant commissions. When you get a sale, the balance gets added to your JVZoo account. It means that you will not have to wait for a long time to view the updated stats. When you can see the earnings in real-time along with the upsells, it becomes easier for you to tweak your campaigns accordingly.

It will undoubtedly allow you to have the edge over the other advertisers using a slow affiliate network.

  1. Simple Interface:

The interface of this affiliate network is pretty simple. You can view the products available and even search between them. Also, accessing every page of the affiliate network is quite easy. It means that whether you’re looking for future launches or whether you’re looking for the current product launches, finding all of them is undoubtedly easy. You have to keep this factor in mind when trying to decide on this affiliate network.

  1. Real-time stats:

Another advantage of this affiliate network is the real-time location of stats. It means that when you get a conversion, you will know right away whether you’re in the positive or in the negative. The EPC also updates in real-time. It means that making calculations is quite easy.

When you’re dealing in a competitive niche like digital marketing, the real-time stats update is undoubtedly an advantage.

  1. 2 tier earning opportunity:

Did you know that JVZoo offers you 2 tier affiliate commissions?

The first one includes the commissions which you make on selling the products yourself. It is the most apparent form of commissions that you make.

However, you can recruit affiliates under you as well. Whenever the member sells a product, you would get a commission on that as well. It means that you can scale up your earnings when you’re using this affiliate network. It is one of the main advantages of this affiliate network.

  1. Supports list building:

Which other network supports the list building?

JVZoo does. Whether you’re an affiliate or whether you’re a merchant, it allows you to build a list of customers. It means that the next time around, you’re looking to promote a similar product; you can do so quite easily. As a result, you need not start from scratch whenever you’re promoting a new product. You can simply tap into your list first. You can get a handful of conversions from that list. That is why; this network certainly has an advantage over others.

  1. Excellent Support:

This network also provides you with unique and responsive support. It means that if you have any queries or questions, those will get answered right away. It does not matter whether your queries are basic or advanced. The support department will provide you with the answer right away.

When you look at these features, it is easy to understand why this network stands out among others. In the crowded digital marketing space, it has been able to create a name for itself. That is why it is such a great option.

JVZoo Interface:

When you look at the signup process, you will realize that it is a simple 4-step signup process. You have to submit the personal information, verify your account, select the payment method, and decide the tools which you want to use. Once you go through this 4-step process, your account will approve almost right away. It means that promoting the products does not require a lot of time and effort.

Once approved, you will get access to the current as well as future launches as well. It means that finding the right product is not going to be a difficult task.

JVZoo Main menu:

The unique thing about the website of this affiliate network is that it is fully responsive. It means that whether you want to access the main menu from your smartphone or desktop, it is easy to do so. In a single click, you can browse not only the products but also check out the earnings reports as well. Accessing support is not a difficult task, either. The main menu is pretty simplified, which means that you won’t have to worry about any learning curve when using this affiliate network.

JVZoo Offers:

The advantage of this network is that it has a cost per sale offers. It also has many upsells and cross-sells for every product. While it varies from merchant to merchant but in digital marketing space, it is common to have cross-sells and upsells. It means that there are always chances that you might end up earning much more on each conversion. As a result, the ROI which you get is on the higher side. Cost per sale offers are one of the most highly paid offers.

Considering these factors, you can be sure that the ROI which you will get will be much higher than any other affiliate network.


• Excellent support

• Real-time stats update

• Plenty of big merchants

• Allows list building

• Simple interface

• Instant commissions


• Limited to digital marketing space


JVZoo is the network that you should go with when entering digital marketing space. It has many advantages over other affiliate networks. Keeping these advantages is in mind and also the big launches that happen on this affiliate network, you shouldn’t ignore it for any other affiliate network.

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