How to monetize a site: big guide.

The creation of a new informational or commercial site should begin with the selection of the best ways to monetize. If you worry about this important step only after the publication of 100-200 articles it is possible to find out that site earns you way much less money than approximate calculations. We have prepared a detailed monetization guide for beginners. Experienced webmasters will maybe remember the common truths and also get something new.

Which site is better monetized

All web resources can be conditionally divided into informational and commercial resources. Info site is created for one purpose – to provide the user with the most relevant answers to his questions. Webmaster knows a lot about his niche – he worked in it for a few years. In his spare time, the webmaster writes useful reviews, makes a selection, polls, and ratings and respond to user comments. In the perfect world of search engines, such a project should be well ranked in search. The owner of the info project can monetize the site. A commercial site is created to sell goods or services. This may be an online store. Commercial projects have their own issues with search engines. For example, the key “what kind of computer to buy” implies that the user has the intention to purchase equipment, but actually he wants to see the rating and key benefits or disadvantages of a particular model. By the way, information articles with commercial requests usually bring more income from context ads, as the price of a click on commercial requests is much higher.

In 2019, competition is present in almost all niches, and it is difficult for a beginner to find promising directions for the development of his first project. Although in the search results for different requests are enough sites with weak design and a terrible structure. So you can easily fight for the top 10 if you have time and some financial resources to publish content. For example, this can be Finance, Tourism, IT or Medicine site, but remember that it is way much better when you really know your niche. In conditions of strict dependence on search engines, it is better to create web resources that will receive additional traffic from other sources: social networks, forums, messengers, etc.

The lowest entry threshold for informational sites or blogs. A lot of free templates for your favorite CMS make your site construction nice and easy.

Possible income from the site depends on the attendance, authority, and quality of the project, as well as the experience of its owner. In one case, a personal blog can bring more profit from direct advertisers than an informational project with several thousand unique visitors a day, earning on Adsense.

The most promising are theme portals and services. For example, you can make an aggregator of specific stores and earn a percentage of each client you drive to them. If there are no funds to cover many regions, it makes sense to develop a project in one particular area or a city. Web-resource of this type earns on direct advertising and selling clients directly to shops.  

It is difficult to develop a service or portal only at the initial stages. In the informational project or blog, you need to constantly add the content, otherwise, over time, attendance will fall. In the case of a catalog of organizations or a service provider, it is possible to hire an administrator who will update the listing or moderate applications from business representatives, so your site will stay pretty fresh and up to date.

The development of the project in the niche with high competition needs much more money than a simple blog. But nothing prevents you from the development of several web resources of different types at the same time. For example, you can create a blog on the theme you really understand and like and run the aggregator on the same topic.

Try to think in advance how your project will earn money. In the article, we consider the white ways of monetization of the site, which are relevant in 2019. This is not all the options, as we focus on quality white projects made with the soul. Adding them to the rental links exchanges or earning on mobile subscriptions is wrong, and in some cases, it can be dangerous and even fatal for your site.

Contextual advertising

Context networks – one of the most popular options for earning money from websites. You act as intermediaries between advertisers and webmasters. Networks of contextual advertising give the owners of sites part of the budget of advertisers for the broadcast ads. The size of this commission is not disclosed, but surely the lion’s share of income goes far from the owner of the portal.

Income from the context depends on:

Geography of visitors. Clicks of users from European countries are the most expensive.

A number of advertisers. If there are a lot of ad sponsors, there will be more competition, impressions and clicks.

Season. After the New Year holidays webmasters observe a serious decline in earnings.

Arrangement of ad blocks.


Google’s contextual advertising system had previously been characterized by strict moderation of partner sites, but since the end of last year, it has become even more closed. You can add your project if site is convenient, good designed, got quality content and a lot of it, then you have to praise that moderator approves your application. Any way you can send your application as many times as you want, even without changing your site. You cant predict the real level of income, but here are some examples:

Tourism website. Adsense brings up to 500$ with attendance of 2300 visitors per day. The medical sites can earn up to 1000$ from the same amount of unique visitors.

Teaser advertising

Webmasters usually install teaser advertising blocks if the project is not yet accepted in the context network or wants to test how much this monetization type will bring. In some cases, teasers bring more than context, especially if the site got a mainly female audience.

The size of income depends on the same parameters as context Ad. Incomes from teaser networks differ way too much, so it is worth to install blocks of several systems to choose the most profitable one for you.


Since the end of 2018, a new way of earning money has appeared – pop-up notifications that work on computers and mobile devices. The principle is simple: the webmaster sets the widget of the partner, the user agrees to send notifications, the owner receives money for each click on advertising from the mailing list.

There are few white PUSH services, the rest of them offer doubtful advertising of folk medicine, betting, casinos, etc. Monetize the project with PUSH-notifications with great care. You should not use pop-up blocks with screen dimming and in the style of “Click yes to continue using the site”. You can only simply collect a base of subscribers to send them notifications about new content. This will increase the number of direct hits and, with the right approach for regular readers.

The amount of revenue depends on the amount of traffic and the percentage of conversion from visitors to subscribers. Don’t expect anything serious, Push revenue is good as an addition to other types of monetization.

Affiliate programs

Many webmasters use Affiliate programs in conjunction with context ads or teasers to increase revenue and reduce risk. Partner programs pay for targeted actions: installation of the application, registration in the system, hotel reservation, payment for a goods.

For each site, you can find a suitable program to test a new way to monetize more money out of search traffic. For example, you can embed a search form for train tickets on the tourist website, or add a quiz at the hotel’s choice. There are a lot of options, you only need to competently integrate advertising on the pages of the site, so that the user does not feel that he or she is being imposed.

The amount of income depends on the quality of traffic, the number of target actions and the amount of commission. This is one of the rare cases when it is not necessary to rock an info-site up to 10-20 thousand visitors per day to get a decent income. For example, the project on credit cards can bring thousands of bucks with the attendance of 100-200 unique visitors per day.

Sale of links

Demand for quality links will always be high. Getting a stable income from the link exchanges can only be obtained if the site has a big authority in the “eyes” of search engines. The young site will not bring up any serious income. SEO optimizers highly appreciate the age, rapid indexation, rapid deployment and good content feed.

A webmaster needs to decide what is more important: fast money or a permanent source of income. Work in a clever mode means placing a small number of links that lead to near-thematic projects. Webmasters who care about the future of their projects, usually put higher prices than exchanger offers.

Sale of articles

The only difference from earning on the sale of links is that the webmaster together with the links also places the content of advertisers. When working in this format, he wins twice: updates the site and receives money.

The most important rule when working with stock exchanges of articles – to place thematic and useful content. Articles with a meaningless set of words and irrelevant links are unlikely to please the audience and cause questions from the assessors.

Direct advertising

One of the most profitable and complex ways of site monetization involves cooperation with direct advertisers. To make money in this way, the project must be recognizable in its niche. High attendance will be an additional plus.

To earn money on a direct advertising young site is not suitable. If there is a 2-3 year old portal in a certain niche, then you can look for advertisers yourself.

In some cases, the constant income from direct advertising depends on the quality of traffic on the site. If the contractor places a banner on the site about the construction of cottages, he wants to get at least a few applications from this source. Otherwise, the budget will go into the pocket of the project owner, and this will not benefit the advertiser.

Lead Generation

This way of monetization implies selling orders (leads) to a partner. The client pays for goods or services, and the webmaster receives a percentage of the check. It is difficult to work in this format, especially for beginners.

Two problems need to be solved in order to make money on a lead generation:

Find reliable partners who will not hide conversions.

Get quality traffic for a certain niche.

Selling access to content

Perhaps the most difficult way to monetize. This is the format of some journals.

In theory, users can buy access to private cases on maneuvering or info products.

Each site is unique, so the ways of monetization in each case may differ. Webmaster should think before creating the site, how it will earn money.

Don’t focus only on context. CPA-networks can bring much more income on certain topics.

Carefully choose partners for cooperation.

When monetizing with links, select thematic resources.

Gather a base of potential partners for direct advertising and make a commercial offer.

Think bigger and test non-standard ways of monetizing.

Remember that users come to the site to solve their problems. If they need to “sneak” to the content through the sea of advertising, then instead of clicks and income will be only bad behavioral factors.

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